What’s Current: New bill proposes to legalize buying sex in New York

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  • A new bill introduced on Monday would make it legal to both sell and buy sex in New York. Rebecca Zipkin and Alexi Meyers of Sanctuary for Families, a non-profit advocating for sex trafficking victims, told CBS:

“Fully decriminalizing prostitution doesn’t make conditions safer for workers — it has the adverse effect. Most often it increases sex trafficking. If you legalize, you are condoning brothels to become businesses and pimps to become business managers. That’s what we’ve seen around the world. The argument about safety is false.”

  • Hundreds of women protested across Japan in response to court acquittals of sex crimes, including a father found not guilty of raping his daughter on the grounds that she could have resisted if she wanted.
  • A recent report on Oxfam’s widespread sexual abuse reveals that victims who spoke out were sent back into war zones.
  • A report from the International Rescue Committee reveals that funding for gender based violence services accounts for just 0.12 per cent of the 41.5 billion allocated for humanitarian funding, with women are girls at risk receiving less than $2 in services each.
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