What’s Current: B.C. considers paid leave for victims of domestic and sexual violence

  • British Columbia considers paid leave for victims of sexual or domestic violence, which would bring their policies in line with the majority of other Canadian provinces. Mitzi Dean, B.C.’s Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equity, states:

“I think there’s a benefit here for employers to make sure that we have productive and safe workers in our workforce. We’re behind other jurisdictions in Canada, and that impacts our ability to retain staff, to offer a safe, protected environments.”

  • Katie Scottow, a UK mother arrested in front of her children for referring to a trans-identified male as a man on Twitter, will be tried in court for malicious communications.
  • Manhattan’s lead prosecutor stated in a letter to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo that rapists who target drunk women cannot be charged with a sex crime because of a loophole stipulating that someone who becomes voluntarily intoxicated is not considered “mentally incapacitated” for the purposes of consent.
  • Nepali police arrested four Chinese nationals for allegedly operating an international bride trafficking ring that aimed to ‘train’ impoverished Nepali girls and women to be brides for Chinese men.
  • The Council of Europe is pressing Finland to add lack of consent to its rape statutes, which currently only recognize physically violent coercion.
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.