What’s Current: Female prisoner launches High Court action, alleging sexual assault by trans-identified male prisoner

  • A female prisoner in the UK who was allegedly sexually assaulted in jail by a trans-identified male inmate has launched a High Court action for a judicial review of government policy. She says her assailant, serving a sentence for raping a woman, groped her breasts in the toilets.
  • Simon Fanshawe, a gay rights activist and co-founder of the LGBT charity Stonewall, speaks out against Stonewall’s stance on gender identity and the organization’s failure to condemn violent threats against women and lesbians. Fanshawe told Hollyrood:

“You can’t self-ID out of female genital mutilation – that happens because you are a woman. Your access to abortion and getting pregnant – that happens because you are a woman. Stonewall has confused legal and biological questions with social identity and when you do that, you start to make bad law.”

Fanshawe continued:

“I have never seen a feminist placard that says, ‘Death to trans people’ but I have seen many placards that say, ‘Death to Terfs’ [trans-exclusionary radical feminists] or ‘Punch a Terf’. The violence coming towards lesbians is completely staggering.”

  • Center Parcs, a UK-based holiday company, upholds their single-sex policy for changing and restroom facilities unless transgender individuals have “fully transitioned.”
  • Missouri’s top health official testified at a state hearing that his department kept a spreadsheet tracking the periods of women who visited the state’s last remaining Planned Parenthood clinic providing abortions.
  • Campaigners call for an end to prison strip searches, calling the practice inhumane and costly, citing the estimated $300 million in damages that taxpayers have spent on payouts.