What’s Current: British teen convicted on false rape claim, despite saying she was pressured by police

  • A 19-year-old British woman has been convicted of lying to police in Cyprus over reporting a gang rape by 12 male tourists from Israel, after the judge refused to consider evidence that she’d been raped and coerced by police into retracting her allegations.
  • Over a third of domestic violence victims in the UK continue to be tied to their abusers through financial coercion or debt. A recent report revealed that domestic violence claims 15 times as many victims in Britain as terrorism.
  • Indigenous women with the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) are convening their “Second International Meeting of Women Who Fight,” hosting around 3,200 women from around the world to strategize about resistance to male violence against women.
  • An average of eight Kenyan women were murdered every month in 2019, with nearly half killed by someone known to them.
  • The Chinese government has passed reforms that will end the practice of sending prostituted women to forced labour and re-education camps.
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.