Yaniv sued for defamation by feminist activist, fundraiser launched

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On Monday, January 13th, Jessica Yaniv appeared in the Surrey provincial courthouse on multiple charges of prohibited weapons possession. These charges stem from an August livestream appearance on Blaire White’s YouTube channel in which the trans activist brandished and activated an illegal taser, prompting viewers to call into the RCMP. A subsequent RCMP investigation found additional prohibited weapons in Yaniv’s Langley-based residence. 

But Yaniv’s court appearance characteristically led to additional drama. 

Amy Eileen Hamm, who was reporting from the courthouse on behalf of The Post Millennial, was the first to raise concerns. Writing shortly after the hearing concluded, Hamm advised readers that Yaniv accused her of taking photos of him in the courthouse bathroom during a short recess, demanding RCMP and court sheriffs search her phone. Allowing her device to be scrutinized, she was quickly cleared of any wrongdoing. 

Shortly after, Keean Bexte of Rebel News posted dramatic footage of him being violently assaulted by Yaniv outside of the courthouse. Bexte, who was banned from covering the hearing after Yaniv complained about his presence, is seen asking Yaniv a question from a sizable distance, at which point Yaniv lumbers towards him rapidly before seeming to strike him over the head repeatedly. Bexte reported that he spoke to RCMP, and that they have launched an assault investigation into Yaniv. 

Now Yaniv has a new legal problem to worry about. 

On January 15th, Yaniv tweeted that Amy Eileen Hamm, a seasoned feminist activist, had sexually assaulted him inside the restroom of the Surrey Courthouse – the same restroom he had previously alleged she had taken photos of him inside. Yaniv filed a report with the RCMP for the alleged sexual assault.

Shortly after, Yaniv claimed to have utilized the services of a rape crisis shelter to “deal with the vicious sexual assault” he claimed to be the victim of. 

As of January 16th, Hamm has retained the services of Jay Cameron of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) to pursue Jessica Yaniv for defamation of character. Cameron will be working independently of the JCCF, with the assistance of another lawyer based in British Columbia.

In response, a fundraiser has been launched to assist Hamm’s legal team financially as they advance her case. Both lawyers have taken on the tremendous legal battle at no cost to Hamm. The fundraiser states that any unused funds will be donated to the JCCF, a pro-bono firm that is currently defending aestheticians being sued by Jessica Yaniv for declining to wax Yaniv’s male genitalia.

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