What’s Current: Teenage girl granted High Court review over Oxfordshire trans policy

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  • A 13-year-old girl is granted permission by the High Court to challenge an Oxfordshire guidance that allows trans-identified male pupils to access girls’ spaces in schools
  • A man who was sentenced for stabbing his wife has been arrested by Turkish police for murdering his nine-year-old daughter while released due to COVID-19 prison measures.
  • Sexual assault survivors in Tasmania are allowed to publicly speak using their real names for the first time, after the #LetHerSpeak campaign succeeded in reforming a gag law that criminalized victims who self-identified in the media.
  • Irish trade unions discover an anomaly in the COVID-19 Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme that renders women returning from maternity leave ineligible to receive government support.
  • South Korea’s first feminist party will launch a political school to train aspiring female candidates, promising to continue fighting after failing to win parliamentary seats.
Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.