What’s Current: Save Women’s Sports launch petition demanding the IOC suspend transgender guidelines

  • A number of women’s groups and organizations from around the world have signed on to a petition requesting the International Olympics Committee suspend the 2015 transgender guidelines, allowing males to compete against women in sport, for Tokyo 2020 (now to be held in 2021). Individuals may now also sign on at SaveWomensSports.com.
  • UK parents have gotten Warwickshire county council to rescind gender identity guidance that allowed students to use washrooms and dormitories according to preference, rather than according to sex.
  • As more prison officials are considering letting prisoners go over fears that coronavirus will spread in prison, a released detainee in Brooklyn has been rearrested for sexually assaulting and attempting to rape a woman. Meanwhile, Washington State’s Supreme Court has denied a suit that would have issued blanket amnesty for state prisoners on health and age grounds, including Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway, who murdered dozens of prostituted women.
  • Nova Scotia feminists are asking the government to recognize a “pandemic of femicide” underlying last week’s deadly shooting, which started with the mass murderer attacking his then-girlfriend.
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.