What’s Current: Aberystwyth University bans drag-themed parties to avoid offending ‘transwomen’

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  • Aberystwyth University in Wales bans students from having drag socials, because men dressing in women’s clothes might offend trans-identified males.
  • A British Columbia father may go to jail over objecting to his child’s gender transition.
  • The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s survey of sexual assault data indicate that girls and young women between the ages of 15 and 19 are at their greatest lifetime risk of sexual violence, and the perpetrators are most often their male peers.
  • Women in Indonesia face routine sexual harassment and groping on public transit.
  • Nonconsensual “deepfake” porn is becoming common, and profitable, in the absence of a government policy response.
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.