PODCAST: Daphna Morell and Luba Fein on the feminist movement in Israel

The global women’s movement is a force to be reckoned with. The fight against the sex trade has been particularly successful in Israel, where feminists united to pass The Prohibition of Consumption of Prostitution Services Act, a law that imposes fines for consuming prostitution or attempting to pay for it. The law began being enforced in July, making Israel the tenth country to adopt the Nordic model.

To learn more about the feminist movement in Israel, I spoke with two Israeli activists, Daphna Morell and Luba Fein. Daphna is a libertarian and feminist from Tel Aviv, currently living in Portland. Luba is an anti-sex trade activist living in Israel. She is a member of the Women’s Organization Coalition against Prostitution and Trafficking in Israel, and has worked with various NGOs to implement the Nordic model in Israel. Luba is currently working on a book analyzing the history of the Sex Buyer Law in Israel from the perspective of sex trade survivors.

PODCAST: Daphna Morell and Luba Fein on the feminist movement in Israel
Meghan Murphy

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