What’s Current: Ladies only pool in Australia under fire for rejecting males without sex change surgery

  • A swimming area in Australia came under fire for a policy barring men. Operators of Coogee’s women-only baths in Sydney were criticized for stating, “Only transgender women who’ve undergone a gender reassignment surgery are allowed entry.”
  • Advice to pregnant women from the Seoul city government included ways to avoid looking “dishevelled” after birthing, tips on losing weight, and the suggestion that women should prepare a surplus of meals and clean laundry for their husbands well in advance, as men are “unaccustomed to cooking.”
  • Women in South Asia lose more than 349,000 pregnancies each year as a direct result of health conditions linked to excessive air pollution, according to a study published in The Lancet Planetary Health Journal.
  • The US economy lost over 140,000 jobs in December, all of which were held by women, whereas men gained 16,000 jobs. Black and Latina women were disproportionately impacted.
  • Increasing numbers of UK women are being economically coerced into the sex industry due to “desperate poverty” as a result of economic hardships during the coronavirus outbreak.
Genevieve Gluck

Genevieve Gluck is a writer and advocate for women's sex-based rights and creator of Women's Voices, an audio library dedicated to bringing awareness to feminist texts and speeches.