What’s Current: Trans-identified male swimmer Lia Thomas wins NCAA women’s 500-yard freestyle

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  • Trans-identified male swimmer, Lia Thomas, won an NCAA national championship race in the 500-yard freestyle on Thursday. Teammates have expressed concerns over fairness, pointing out Thomas increased his rankings “from #462 as male, to #1 as female.”
  • A former U.K. police officer who was jailed last year for the rape and murder of Sarah Everard, has been charged with four new counts of indecent assault that took place just weeks earlier.
  • A hospital in England allegedly denied an incident of rape in their single-sex ward insisting the rape “could not have happened” as there was “no male in the hospital.” Nearly a year later, the hospital admits the assault was carried out by a trans-identified male. The case has lead to an investigation of the NHS’s single-sex wards.