What’s Current: Antifa activists defend ‘kid-friendly’ drag show with assault weapons

  • Antifa activists armed with AR-15 rifles showed up to guard an event advertised as a “kid-friendly” drag show in North Texas.
  • Posters aiming to raise awareness surrounding proposed gender self-ID laws in the Netherlands were defaced and removed after being deemed “undesirable” by the billboard company. Gendertwijfel (Gender Doubt) — a Dutch coalition of Christians, non-Christians, and feminists — launched the billboard campaign to support a manifesto against a new gender self-ID bill to be debated in Dutch parliament.
  • A judge in Ireland has ordered the arrest of an I secondary school teacher for alleged contempt of court after he refused to address a student with the pronoun “they.”
  • An Afghan woman who accused a senior official of rape has been arrested by the Taliban.