What’s Current: Campaigners fight to overturn policy allowing males to swim at the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond

  • Grassroots feminist activists organize to reestablish Hampstead Heath’s Ladies Pond in London as female-only, three years after the City of London Corporation determined men who identify as women be allowed to use the pond and dressing area. Recently, 150 women protested in the park to “let women swim”.
  • Members of a university feminist society in Wales say they were forced out by trans activists after publicly supporting gender critical university professor Kathleen Stock. Swansea University Feminist Society leader Abby Claron the society was “purged” after trans activists smeared the group as “transphobic” and shut down their email accounts.
  • Human rights groups say a Saudi app that allows citizens to report criminal behavior to authorities is aiding the kingdom’s crackdown on women’s social media posts, including two young women who face over 30 years behind bars for “using the internet to tear the [Saudi] social fabric.”
  • Skin whitening cosmetics containing toxic levels of mercury continue to be sold on global e-commerce sites to an estimated 80 per cent female consumer base.


Meghan McCarty

Meghan McCarty is an undergraduate student and aspiring journalist living in the United States.