What’s Current: Utah bans transitioning of minors with surgery and hormones

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  • On Saturday, Utah Gov. Spencer Cox (R) signed a bill that will ban “sex reassignment surgeries” and hormone treatments for minors who have not been diagnosed with “gender dysphoria.” SB 16 was introduced by state Sen. Michael Kennedy (R-Alpine), a family physician. Shannon Minter, legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, says she is preparing a lawsuit to ask courts to block the legislation, telling Reuters, “We’re working with the ACLU of Utah on putting a challenge together as soon as possible.”
  • Trans activists are petitioning the Canadian government to allow trans-identified people to claim asylum in Canada, claiming “trans people are fleeing the US [and the] UK” on account of “anti-trans legislation.”
  • The estranged wife of a UK sex offender who began identifying as a woman while awaiting trial has accused him of “bulls***ing” authorities, explaining:

“Never once did he say anything to me about feeling he was in the wrong body or anything… His gender transition is a sham for attention and an easier life in prison.”

Adam Graham, 31, now going by the name “Isla Bryson,” was convicted of sexually assaulting two women with what court documents described as “her penis.” It was initially reported that he would be held in the all-female Cornton Vale prison ahead of sentencing until Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon walked back the decision, announcing an urgent review of the policies surrounding the housing of transgender inmates.

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