What’s Current: Police called to Ottawa school board meeting after father speaks against boys accessing girls’ washrooms

  • The police were called to a meeting of Ottawa’s public school board after acting chair and trustee Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth cut off a Manotick father of four who was speaking about his concerns about boys being allowed to access girls’ washrooms. Kaplan-Myrth cut Morabito’s talk short “on the grounds that this creates an unsafe environment for people who identify as gender diverse.” After some expressed upset at Morabito being cut short (after 35 seconds, though he had been given four minutes), the police were called. Trustee Donna Blackburn said,

“I didn’t see anything in what that gentleman was saying to be hateful or offensive. I think he was just trying to share his concern. I think, at the end of the day, if he would have just been allowed to finish what he had to say, any of my colleagues could have asked him questions for clarification — it probably would have been over and it wouldn’t have been a big hoopla. But, when you cut somebody off — I did hear some people from the gallery shouting. I think people were legitimately upset.”

  • TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney complains that people don’t want to date him as a “girl” after his transition.
  • Trans-identified female and Yale senior Iszac Henig gave up a chance to compete in the 2022 NCAA DI Swimming championship in order to transition. Referencing Lia Thomas, a male swimmer who won an NCAA national championship race in the 500-yard freestyle last year, Henig says, “Trans women have it a lot worse than trans men.”
Meghan Murphy

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