What’s Current: Swimmer and women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines is assaulted at SFSU

  • Swimmer and women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines was assaulted by trans activists during a Turning Point USA event at San Francisco State University (SFSU) on Thursday. She told the Post Millennial, “As police escorted me out of the event space to my current location, I was hit, physically, twice by what I presume was a male individual.” Jamillah Moore, Ed.D. Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management at SFSU sent an email in response, saying:

Thank you to our students who participated peacefully in Thursday evening’s event. It took tremendous bravery to stand in a challenging space. I am proud of the moments where we listened and asked insightful questions. I am also proud of the moments when our students demonstrated the value of free speech and the right to protest peacefully. These issues do not go away, and these values are very much at our core.”

Gaines says she will be pursuing legal action.

  • The Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability (CFOJA) released its annual report, showing a surge in violent deaths of women and girls at the hands of men between 2018 and 2022. CTV News reports that 850 women and girls have been killed in the last five years, equating to a rate of one every 48 hours.
  • The Texas Senate has passed two bills restricting drag performances around children. SB12 passed the Senate on Wednesday and amends the Texas Penal Code to define “sexually oriented performances” in the state as performances that feature nudity, a male performer exhibiting as a female or a female performer exhibiting as a male or “appealing to the prurient interest in sex.” SB1601 bans Drag Queen Story Hour performances at municipal libraries, and specifically bans any library event attended by minors where “the person being dressed as the opposite gender is a primary component of the entertainment.”
Meghan Murphy

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