What’s Current: Twitter rolls back policy against ‘misgendering’ and ‘deadnaming’

  • Twitter has rolled back a policy banning “misgendering” and “deadnaming” from the platform. The rule was initially announced on Pink News on November 23, 2018, just after I was permanently suspended from the platform. On Monday, Twitter announced it will only put warning labels on tweets “potentially” in violation of its rules against hateful conduct. Previously, users were forced to remove the tweets.
  • Reduxx reports that a man who had been accessing girls’ changing rooms in Nanaimo is a convicted pedophile, writing:

“Parents and concerned citizens had been sounding the alarm about the man, who some say they had caught watching their young daughters undress, but were told he had a right to use the facilities as a ‘transgender woman.'”

In 2019, Jeremy Melvin Carlson (who now goes by Rylie Otter) was sentenced to 14 months in jail and 24 months probation for molesting an eight-year-old girl.

  • Sociologist Dr Laura Favaro had been collecting data on the “gender wars” as part of her research at City, University of London. After publishing an article at Times Higher Education called, “Researchers are wounded in academia’s gender wars,” the university received complaints and suspended her research in response. Favaro says:

“Those with a responsibility to support me have frustrated my ability to progress with the research or denied expected support via actions as well as omissions to act. This includes being ignored, ostracised, bullied, harassed — ending with a dismissal and confiscation of my data.”

You can support her legal case at CrowdJustice.

Meghan Murphy

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