Vancouver Women’s March becomes opportunity for misogynist threats against women

A woman holding a sign criticizing gender identity ideology at the Vancouver Women’s March has been targeted online.

A little over a week before the Women’s March was to take place in Vancouver, BC, March On (the organization that put on the event this year) announced one of the speakers would be “Hailey Heartless” (legal name Lisa Kreut), a male dominatrix. Women everywhere expressed shock and anger at this choice — this was, after all, a march for women, initially stemmed by Donald Trump’s presidency, intended to build solidarity among women, support our reproductive and human rights, and challenge misogyny and male violence against women. Why on earth, then, would it be appropriate to have a male promote prostitution and sexualized violence at the event?

March On Vancouver promptly blocked all of those questioning this decision on Twitter, making very clear that not only was this not up for debate or discussion, but that women troubled by their choice of speakers were not welcome at the march.

Needless to say, I did not attend the march on Saturday. But many other women did, including one carrying a sign that read, on one side:

“Transwomen are men. Truth is not hate. Don’t believe the hype — trans ideology is misogyny and homophobic. Woman is not a ‘feeling,’ a costume, or a performance of a stereotype. Woman is a biological reality. There is no ethical or moral reason to lie to soothe the male ego.”

The other side read:

“Do not cis-gender me. Stop the stereotypes. I am neither conforming nor non-conforming. My preferred prefix is neither cis nor trans. I am a female. Resist Orwellian Newspeak.”

I first became aware of the sign because one woman named Meaghan Jackson-Doucet took it upon herself to post a photograph of the woman with her sign publicly* on Facebook, accusing her of “transphobic hate.” She wrote:

“First I saw a man holding his children and openly weeping and my heart was hopeful. Then these hateful women stood in front of us and booed the entire time a trans sex worker was speaking. We still have a lot of work to do.

I shared this because I am a parent to a super rad kid who identifies as trans. And research shows that if we just let kids be kids and not make a big deal about their gender, our kiddo will live a *much* happier life. They are free to be who they are.

I saw this woman at the March today and I cried. Yelling at her (like I wanted to) wouldn’t have changed her beliefs. She was there to find a fight. It would have only exposed the kids surrounding us to an ugliness they don’t need to learn about quite yet.

I shared this because we need to shine a light on all of our ugly dark bits in order to overcome. Like it or not, this woman EXISTS. And she’s MAD. Really, REALLY MAD. So mad, she came to a protest about equal rights to put down other humans. To put down people like my kid.

So I’m shining a light on her, and people like her. I see you. My child sees you.

Can we all please just try to figure out how we can all live together on this planet peacefully, and stop trying to build ourselves up by putting others down.”

The post and image went viral. Currently, Jackson-Doucet’s post has almost 2000 comments on it, many of which I read. The vitriol and hatred in many of the comments is astounding. Numerous people called to dox the woman and many more overtly threatened her with violence. Others said her sign should have been destroyed and that she should have been removed from the march.


I spoke with the woman holding the sign, who has asked to remain anonymous, and she told me that Jackson-Doucet took the photo secretly, from waist level, during a speech. No attempt was made on the part of Jackson-Doucet to speak with the woman she was photographing.

Morgane Oger, Vice President of the BC NDP and Trans Alliance Society chair, also posted the image publicly on his Facebook page, asking the public to identify the woman holding the sign, saying, “This is hate speech.” Oger went on to say he planned to file a human rights complaint against the woman, but needed to identify her in order to do so.

To be clear, a woman is being threatened with violence and legal repercussions for stating, at a march for women, that women are female, and for challenging an ideology that claims gender is internal and biological rather than imposed by a patriarchal society. Not only have women been told they may not center their female bodies at the numerous women’s marches across the world, but when they dare to challenge the idea that trans-identified men should be centered at these marches, they are being pushed out and targeted.

The woman holding the sign told me that many people booed and groaned during the speech by Kreut, who pushed forward a policy to blacklist and defund Vancouver Rape Relief at the 2016 BC Federation of Labour convention. In the speech, Kreut advocated to decriminalize pimps, brothel owners, and men who pay for sex (currently, in Canada, our laws decriminalize those who sell sex, and criminalize those who pay for it, as well as pimps and brothel-owners). He also attacked rape crisis centers and feminists who support the Nordic model. Kreut said, oddly, that “sex workers” like himself were valuable because they could teach women make up tricks and how to do their nails. He added:

“When you welcome us into your spaces, and allow us to be open and honest, you’ll find that we have so much knowledge to bring you, and not just about how to have amazing sex.

We can teach you life skills, like how to take amazing selfies, how to use bitcoin, how to build a following on social media.

We can teach you lessons about yourself, like how to practice excellent hygiene, how to do amazing contouring for low light venues, or how to practice radical self care.”

Promoting prostitution as a job like any other or an empowered choice is an incredibly inappropriate position to advocate at a feminist protest. A male lecturing women about how to do their nails and “take amazing selfies” at such an event should be interpreted as parody, but is apparently the new normal, as far as March On organizers are concerned.

What we are witnessing is not a new wave, but a backlash. We must not allow our movement to be hijacked by men who promote misogynist ideas and industries, such as the sex trade. The Women’s March is for women. Take it back.

*EDITOR’S NOTE — 23/01/2018: The public Facebook post has since been removed. The text above has been edited to include Jackson-Doucet’s commentary attached to the image posted.

Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy

Founder & Editor

Meghan Murphy is a freelance writer and journalist. She has been podcasting and writing about feminism since 2010 and has published work in numerous national and international publications, including New Statesman, Vice, Al Jazeera, The Globe and Mail, I-D, Truthdig, and more. Meghan completed a Masters degree in the department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University in 2012 and lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her dog.

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  • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    From the FB post: “…she came to a protest about equal rights …” uh, no she didn’t. She came to a march about women.

    • lk

      Yes, I noticed that too..she was not at a humanist march or a march for the people..she was at a women’s march…how dare she come to a march about women and hold up a sign that supports women.

      “I shared this because we need to shine a light on all of our ugly dark bits in order to overcome. Like it or not, this woman EXISTS. And she’s MAD. Really, REALLY MAD. So mad, she came to a protest about equal rights to put down other humans.”

      Who exactly did she put down? Her sign does not call anybody names nor does she use insults or derogatory language.

      Her sign simply states facts.

  • Meaghan Jackson-Doucet

    Just to clear something up: I made direct eye contact with the woman as I was taking the photograph. I held my phone up to show her what I was doing. She positioned the sign so I could see it better.

    Please: No more hatred. No more violence. We do not need to put others down to build ourselves up. We *can* be on the same team. Meet hatred with love, greet intolerance with acceptance. I know you are hurting. We are all hurting.

    I am just a mother of a trans child who is trying to shine some light on all of this darkness.

    • Meghan Murphy

      That’s not what she told me.

      Who is being “hateful,” here? What is “hateful” about her sign? The only hate I’ve witness is on your post, where many are threatening violence against this woman and calling her misogynist names.

      • Jennifer Melia

        It is clear to even the casual observer that this woman knew she was being photographed: she is staring right at the camera! Are you contending that she is blind?

        What is “hateful” about her sign is that it denies the existence of trans women as women. Imagine if somebody walked up to you, your child, or some woman you loved and showed them a sign that read “you are not a valid woman.” This woman clearly has an intense, passionate dislike of trans women; intense, passionate dislike being the very definition of hate, she and her sign are hateful.

        • Meghan Murphy

          Her words:

          “The pic that went ‘viral’ was a sneak attack pic taken from waist level during a speech. I knew she was upset as she bolted as soon as I turned to look. No eye contact.”

          Transwomen are not women. They are male. That is not hateful and denies no one’s existence. No one is saying trans identified males “are not valid women,” we are saying they are not women. Because they are not female. Women are adult human females. This is a fact and has nothing to do with disliking anyone as an individual.

          • CatherineTGWShark

            So she post here that woman with the sign ‘wanted it / knew what she was getting into’ knew she was being photographed but also says “pic that went ‘viral’ was a sneak attack pic taken from waist level
            during a speech. I knew she was upset as she bolted as soon as I turned
            to look. No eye contact.”?

            I’m shocked to see that yet another TA is a gas-lightning liar. Shocked just shocked. /s

        • Cassandra

          Trans “women” are male. Males aren’t “valid” women. Only females are “valid” women. We don’t have a “dislike” of trans women; we simply will not be bulldozed into denying reality.

        • pyrite00

          “trans women” are men. That is just reality.
          If some fool told me “you are not a valid woman” I would laugh and stay away from them – I am an adult human female and that is all there is to being a woman.
          The fact that MEN who claim to be women NEED to impose their identity nonsense on everybody is hateful.

        • CatherineTGWShark

          It is clear to even the casual observer that this woman knew she was being photographed: she is staring right at the camera!

          Are you aware how much like a rape-y dudebro you sound?
          “She looked at me so she wanted it!”, “She knew what she was getting into so she consented!”, “This is totally not a violation ‘cos ________ (insert bs justification)!”

          *snort* Seriously, you sound the same as every rape apologist ever.
          To you this women (maybe) knew she was being photographed and she didn’t march right over and start bashing the women taking her picture (the was “awesome trans gals” would have done) so she was totally consenting to being witch-hunted.

          Also, if that sing is “hateful” and shows “intense, passionate dislike”? What would you call people wanting to hit a woman with a truck? And calling for actual violence against her?

    • Cassandra

      Reality is not hateful. Telling women to shut up about their FEMALE experiences is hateful. Trans ideology is hateful of female people and incredibly hateful of lesbians. It’s absolutely awful.

    • JingFei

      You have unleashed a veritable fire storm of hatred, harassment, abuse, vitriol,and threats upon this woman for a sign, that stated her belief, and it angered you because it wasn’t in line with what you personally believe. It doesn’t even come close to qualifying as hate speech legally.

      The type of angry mob you sent her way, are the type that destroy lives. Online randoms, who all believe themselves to be armchair “activists”, who will stop at nothing to go to people’s employers and get them fired. They are vicious, and lose NO sleep over it.

      And Morgane Oger regularly targets everyone possible to sue them, or hurt them for “Wrong Think”, because they are vengeful.

      I realize you didn’t like the sign. It’s normal to even be angry! But to ruin someone’s life? Idk, I’m not buying this whole thing where you want no hate or violence. I believe you wanted this woman to suffer.
      If you had any conscience at all, you would take your post down and encourage the drooling horde to get over it and leave this poor woman alone.

    • Omzig Online

      While you’re shining a light on all this darkness, would you mind shining a light on the threats of violence, rape, and death threats coming from trans activists? We sure would appreciate it.

      I am so sorry to hear that your child was indoctrinated into the trans cult. As a fellow mother, I imagine it would be frightening and embarrassing to be associated with these people, especially after seeing the way they treat women that dare to disagree with them.

      This is not a “takes two to tango” kind of a situation. One side is stating facts, and the other responds with threats of violence. History will not judge these people kindly, and I think the sooner you distance yourself and your child from them, the better.

      I will leave you with this essay, written by a gender non-conforming trans-identified male. It describes the cult-like practices of transgender ideology, and its effects on children.

  • Po21

    Well, I shouldn’t be surprised but this still frustrates me. I heard Montreal gave more place to transwomen because they were more vulnerable ( strange how they are so vulnerable but we didn’t see them during the whole Metoo) but this is just ridiculous. A dominatrix to represent women? Lipstick and sex tips? How can people still see transactivism as something progressive? How can someone say it’s bad to center reproductive right at the center of the women’s movement – when it impacts so many women – and not be called for their misogynist bs?? This is just surreal. Clearly at some point people will wake up? I mean, people will realize they are crazy at some point? And the facebook comments… they are mad. How can they post so many violent threat online and cry hate speech for a simple fact: men are men. I am really starting to believe it’s a cult. They are lost in tumblr, living in their parallel reality where men are whoever they want and biology is fake. I feel they dont even understand the real world around them. It could almost be funny, if it wasnt so novice.

    • Boom

      It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  • thebewilderness

    More than anything else the violent hatred for women expressed by trans identified males is giving not only peak trans to women who have not been paying attention but starting to worry the politicians who have used to trans rights movement to undermine women’s rights without having to admit what they were doing.

    • Marla

      Exactly. Either see it our way and only our way or you don’t get to march.

    • Cassandra

      God I hope you’re right.

  • northernTNT

    So so disturbing

  • He actually said that in his speech? Thanks, I really needed the laugh. Also, dude, I think “nothing about us, without us” is originally from the civil rights movement, then later appropriated by disability activists.

    I went to the Edmonton rally again this year, only this year I had a pink pussy hat and I made a point of speaking to a few other women in pink pussy hats, including one who was giving them away. I also spoke to an artist who had a beautiful goddess image for her sign. I really really really want to join an in-person support group, female only, but have no idea how to go about finding people. I know the original consciousness-raising groups were moderated by activists rather than just springing up spontaneously. The women’s circle I was in in the late ’80s was started by an activist who wanted to recruit new women to the scene. Anyone know of anyone in Edmonton who could help out?

    We had a different trans speaker this year. Last year’s trans speaker was very tall with a deep voice. This year’s speaker was very tall with a deep voice and much heavier. (Why do they keep choosing really big MtTs?) And he was less politically astute, too, though not as funny as this guy. At least Panas tried to be diplomatic in order to be accepted more.

  • Marla

    “We can teach you life skills, like how to take amazing selfies, how to use bitcoin, how to build a following on social media.”

    So these our the choices anymore:

    1.) Be an amazing selfie-taking handmaiden


    2.) A TERF-hating bitch

    There’s nothing like being complaint or a facing threats of violence when it comes to equality is there? And all this emptiness I’ve been feeling lately stems from not knowing now to use Bitcoin or how to whore my existence on social media. Who knew? Also, who is this “we?” Other male dominatrix’s who have all this down time to study personal hygiene between having their boots licked? I guess that’s a third choice in a way.

    This was bound to happen sooner or later that woman need all sorts of mansplaining on how to march or use their iPhone or face a implied brutal punch to the face or worse, be the lowest “creature” on the totem pole of trans-misogyny. Some value, indeed.

  • lk

    “We can teach you lessons about yourself, like how to practice excellent hygiene, how to do amazing contouring for low light venues, or how to practice radical self care.”


    What the hell is radical self-care? And I don’t need a biological male who thinks he is a woman to teach me a damn thing about hygiene. What is he implying that us awful ciswoman don’t know how to cleanse ourselves?

    “he planned to file a human rights complaint against the woman.”

    LMAO again…someone holding up a sign at a march is now a violation of human rights…..oh my god, I really cant do anything except for laugh. Just when I think transactivism can’t get more ridiculous…it does.

    Meghan, Since you have spoken to the women who is holding the sign..I hope you will pass on some words of support to her: Your sign is the fucking truth! Thank you for being brave enough to publicy state what we all know that being female is about biology. While many trans supporters will call you vile names and send you threats for simply holding up a sign that states facts, I will call you what you are: brave, honest, sister, ally, woman. WE SUPPORT YOU!

    I know these TRA’s are going to be relentless in going after her (though I personally think their time would be better spent going after the men who kill/abuse transpeople..but I’m just dumb cis terf, so what do I know?!). I hope that FC will let us know if there is anything we can do to help her.

  • Cassandra

    I feel like crying but I will resist. These motherfucking misogynists can go fuck themselves. You hear that, transgender zombie female haters? GO FUCK YOURSELF. We will NEVER give in to this hateful ideology. NEVER NEVER NEVER.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I haven’t expressed hurt… I’ve simply stated basic facts. Happy to find common ground, though, of course.

    Here is where my sisters and I are coming from:

    Women are oppressed as a class because they were born female. This is because of women’s reproductive capacity. Feminism is a movement by and for women (females) to liberate women from patriarchy/male supremacy. If we deny that women exist, we deny patriarchy exists, and we cannot, therefore, fight it. If we deny women exist and are oppressed due to their sex, we can no longer defend women’s sex based rights and protections.

    Do you agree with this? If so, we have common ground.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I am quoting the woman holding the poster. i.e. I am relaying what she said to me directly.

    Can you tell me what was ‘phobic’ about her poster? Do you believe she deserves violence for stating basic facts?

    Womanhood is not ‘granted’, it is simply a material reality. Saying that males are not female does not deny the existence of anyone. I once felt it was not important to speak out about this. I was wrong. My position has come with much deliberation. I highly recommend thinking more deeply about this issue and the repercussions of this discourse, legislation, dogma, and ideology. There is hope for you, too. All you need to do is tell the truth. Which is an incredibly liberating thing to do.

  • Alienigena

    Are you really this clueless? You targeted a woman at a woman’s march because she didn’t agree that males can become females. You targeted her for acknowledging biology, for acknowledging scientific fact not the fiction promoted by trans activists and their allies. If you wanted to attend a men’s rights march maybe you should have done that rather than putting a target on the sign carrying woman’s back.

  • angry tardis

    And nary a doxing threat in sight.

  • angry tardis


  • Meghan Murphy
  • Meghan Murphy

    “This piece comes across as pretty ignorant. First, BDSM has nothing to do with ‘sexualized violence.'”

    BDSM literally sexualizes domination, subordination, and violence. Many of the practices in BDSM are rooted in slavery. Many of the torture mechanisms we see in BDSM mimic those used on black slaves and women tried as ‘witches.’

    “But more importantly, creating some sort of physiological criteria for womanhood is completely arbitrary!”

    lol it’s anything but arbitrary, but that’s rich coming from someone who literally believes ‘woman’ means both anything and nothing.

    Women are female. ie. the members of the species capable of giving birth. There is no such thing as a ‘female brain’. What an ignorant, regressive thing to say.

    • Veronica Viramontes

      There’s a “female brain” but not “female genitalia” or “sex organs” lol wut? these people are so confused..

  • Meghan Murphy

    Indeed. It’s such a sexist way to respond to women’s political arguments/analysis. No different than the men who say, “Oh dear, calm down! You’re getting so emotional!”

  • Meghan Murphy

    Thank you, Margaret! <3

  • Meghan Murphy

    Yes, I’m quoting her words/the interview I did with her.

    Explain to me how understanding that transwomen are male ‘discriminates’ against anyone. Understanding that males exist is not ‘prejudice’. There is nothing wrong with being born male. They can’t help it.

    “Black Women, Native women, poor women, immigrant women, disabled women, Muslim women, and lesbian women” are all women. Stop trying to manipulate people by using women who face various forms of discrimination and oppression on top of the sex based oppression they face as tokens in your nonsensical demands women center males in feminism.

  • FierceMild

    I am #spartacus

  • pyrite00

    A good reason for reality respecting women to leave California and come to Arizona, sounds like. Arizona has open carry laws and it is easy to get a permit to carry concealed. I have noticed that the most outrageous physical assaults against real women by TIMs and trans activists have been in UK and Canada where gun laws almost guarantee that women will be unarmed.

    If trans activists tried to get violent in Arizona, they would run the risk of getting shot.

  • FierceMild


  • FierceMild

    What is a man?

    • Hekate Jayne

      Man is human.

      Woman is non man. A costume for males to wear or a feeling a male gets that makes him want to make sandwiches, paint his toenails, or do up his hair, all lady style.

      • Wren

        I have yet to see a trans-identified man make a sandwich. Have you?

        • Hekate Jayne

          I have not.

          But I have heard that he can and does actually buy a sandwich via bitcoin.

          I heard that somewhere.

          • will


  • pyrite00

    Yes, some of us have been replying to the Oger man and advising him that we are the woman in the picture or at least we “identify” as the woman in the picture and that is as good as being her if we go by “trans activist rules” 🙂

  • pyrite00

    REALLY? That man actually called his handmaidens too stupid to understand Bitcoin without help from men and then suggested they had personal hygiene problems and those women cheered him?
    Can’t they tell when they are being mocked, insulted and laughed at?

  • FierceMild

    What is the difference between ‘not all men’ and ‘not all transwomen’? My inability to answer that question Helped me clarify my position.

    Also if we look at the content of her sign, which is all factually correct, and then look at the content of the response to it, which is full of the word “hate” and various threats/wishes that she suffer violence, the picture of where the hate comes from is very clear.

    • stella

      Well, I think there is a difference between being like “fuck men” and singling out a subset of men who do face social discrimination, even if it’s not the same that women face. Like, I wouldn’t want to encourage discrimination against, say, gay men or black men either. Obviously there are no easy answers here, but I want to treat trans people with respect even though I disagree with most of the current trans activism.

      • corvid

        Do you really think that somehow getting all women to agree with the (biologically impossible) idea that a male can become female is going to stop male violence against transwomen?

        • Hekate Jayne

          If only women would do X, then males would stop the oppression!!

          That is totally new and we have never heard that before! Wowie!

        • Cassandra

          It’s just so unbelievably stupid, this idea that not agreeing that a penis is female is what’s LITERALLY KILLING trans”women.” Homophobic MALES abuse trans”women” because said males KNOW trans “women” are male. Betcha not a one of them would know what “TERF” even stands for even though they’re the ultimate terfy bigots.

          The stupid truly hurts.

      • will

        Trans”women” are under threat of violence from men, not women. It is men who kill trans”women”, not women. So why is all the focus on bullying women into towing a sick, twisted lie about their own existence rather than confronting violent men? I have to wonder if the supposed “threat” to trans”women” is a reality, given that I see NO evidence of the trans lobby working to reduce male violence. Add this to the list of facts about the trans movement that is totally incoherent.

      • Hekate Jayne

        If you are so concerned about the welfare of males or the discrimination of males, go somewhere and do something for them, then.

        Feminism is not about protecting males from other males.

        There is an easy answer here. But that would mean treating women as human beings that have as much worth, dignity and autonomy as males do.

        Liberating women is not difficult. Males get the same amount of respect from me that they give to me. Which is zero.

      • FierceMild

        Trans people deserve respect. They don’t deserve their own set of facts, especially if those ‘facts’ put women in an even more vulnerable position. Protections for trans people can be written into law without costing women the few legal protections we have. The trans community doesn’t want this; ask yourself why that is.

  • pyrite00

    “trans women” ARE men.
    Reality and fantasy cannot coexist here.

  • FierceMild

    Exactly. Being a man isn’t a moral position it’s a physical fact.

    It continually surprises me that this movement gets away with believing that it isn’t okay for men to wear makeup or be soft spoken bakers.

    • DeColonise

      Yeah, I even started to see transgender activists police other men who do wear makeup and what this culture sees as “feminine clothing” and claim if they don’t abide to be transgender (but still just call themselves men who likes to express themselves in non-stereotypical ways) they are mocking or appropriating transgender women.
      They police the way we men are supposed to dress and look more than the “real man” club who protects the patriarchal notion that we men shall have short hair, massive biceps, six pack stomachs and the whole ten yards.
      So now we men who don’t fall in line with the sexed stereotype of how to look are getting shitcomments from two groups; transgenderists and the “real men” club.

  • pyrite00

    Some of the more narcissistic and violent TIMs are going to nut up big time as they age and the “sexay laday” fantasy comes crashing down. What I worry about it that the women they may hurt or kill will be the very handmaidens who are foolish enough to be around men like this.

  • CatherineTGWShark

    Wow, look t those screencapped comments!
    Such outpouring of hate and desire for violence. They also love to dehumanize (b****, creature, thing) women.

    And those men want to hit a peacefully protesting woman with a fucking truck???
    The way that Nazi guy did in Charleston?
    Did they give up on pretending to be progressive and liberal? Or did they decide to be super “progressive and liberal” and reclaim Nazi tactics and violence?

  • JingFei

    I’m going Progressive Conservative. I’ve never voted this way in my life. But the supposed Left is authoritarian and regressive. I think the people can protest or influence a PC government if they try anything truly ridiculous. I also don’t see them changing the current prostitution law (that’s a variation on the Nordic Model).
    I don’t trust the Liberals at all. In Ontario, they have screwed us over so much. Under the Wynne government , they’re allowing Trans activists to filter into elementary schools, and teach children there are 32 genders, and I believe it’s only a matter of time before Trudeau suddenly starts spewing “Sexwork is work!”. I don’t trust anything that comes out of that man’s mouth.

    • Meghan Murphy

      I don’t wanna vote for any of ’em 🙁

      • Leonie Zurakowsky

        I’d vote for you!

        • Meghan Murphy

          Ha. I have zero desire to go into politics, but thanks 🙂

  • Hekate Jayne

    Males are not included in feminism. Males are the oppressors in a patriarchy.

    You may appreciate a male throwing on a dress and making a speech to you about how he is going to teach you about amazing sex, bitcoin, selfies, and personal hygiene.

    That is how males do feminism.

    Being WOMEN, we will be over here, advocating for equal pay, reproductive freedom, stopping male (humans with penis) sexual violence, etc. You know, things that affect us and are imposed onto us by males (humans with penis).

    Maybe he will provide you with free cosmetics for his make up tutorial. Or maybe free douche when he teaches you all about hygiene. But in all of that, don’t mention the transphobic words like vagina or uterus. Pretty sure you won’t get a refund on all of the “dude teaches women to lady FEMINISM” if he spontaneously commits suicide because of you mentioning your reproductive system.

  • JingFei

    Oger blocked me because I told him only a narcissist would go after a solitary woman at a Woman’s March, pluck her out of thousands of people, to exact revenge for Wrong Think. A mentally healthy person could look at something they don’t agree with, or find offensive, and just walk away.
    Sorry not sorry.

    • Hekate Jayne

      I tweeted right at him. Like a BOSS.

      At least I am pretty sure that I did.

      When he blocked you, is your tweet still visible? Because he is getting quite a bit of pushback. I would hate it if those disappear.

      Also, can you say fuck on there? Do you know?

      I think that I might be proud to be blocked by that ass. Especially if it was for the only twit I ever twittked.

      • OldPolarBear

        I just did too! I am also an old and don’t “get” teh Twitter. I signed up for an account to follow the Occupy Wall Street Library, and when that was scooped up and dumpstered by the fascist Bloomberg, I kept it around. Tried to use it a bit and follow a few people, but anything more than reading one or two twits turns into a stream on incomprehensible gibberish to me. I finally deleted the account in disgust. But I just re-signed up again to do that! You have inspired me!

        Especially if it was for the only twit I ever twittked.


        • Hekate Jayne

          Yes!!!!! I am so proud of us!!! Lol

          You know the man who has it all? I am following her, and learning the tweet is worth it just for that.

          I am generally against apps because I just am. Takes up room on my phone and why should i have to do that when I can see through the regular window thing.

          I had the same problem as you, where i would be looking at a stream or feed or whatever it’s called. But then, polar bear, I got the app.

          It was like angels started singing and all was revealed, lol. The app cleaned up the page and makes it understandable!

          They have EVERYTHING on there! I know how stupid I sound, but I had no idea, lol. And I already have lots of people doing friendly tweeting things at me. At this rate, I will be queen of all of the Twitter by this time next week.

          Can you find me and twit at me? I will do something back! I am pretty sure I could find you, but I understand if you don’t want to post your twitting handle.

          • OldPolarBear

            It is KaosNDiscord

            I had to play around with the spelling combo because that is apparently popular, but that seems to be it. I also think it sort of tricked me into providing my cell no., but that should stay hidden? I am sort of afraid of getting doxed, but I dunno, fukit

          • Hekate Jayne

            I do wonder why I had to give my Mobil number. I signed up using email to avoid it, and then had to give it, anyway.

            I am not worried about getting doxxed to any great extent. I worry about it as much as I have worried about other male violence, which is to say as little as possible. Males are going to do whatever they are going to do, I refuse to limit my movements because of males.

            Besides, I will not have the joy that is known as Twitter taken away from me by anyone! Share the joy with me and the other tweeters!

      • DeColonise

        You can write pretty much any word you like on twitter as long as it’s not obviously racist and so on but even then chances are that nothing happens unless people start reporting your tweet.

        • Hekate Jayne


          Now I can twit and Trump. That would be incredibly hard for me to do without that word.

    • Melanie

      It just demonstrates the utter entitlement and cluelessness of these males. They wouldn’t last five minutes if they had to put up with what girls and women have to put up with in this world. I have no doubt there were many women who felt unsafe at that march or unable to go at all thanks to the misogyny on display, such as males with dick and TERF signs, males lecturing women about who and what we are, or promoting the sex industry which trades on misogyny, racism and male violence. But no, a single sign stating simple facts is a great human rights violation against the poor, fragile petals. It’s just laughable.

  • CatherineTGWShark

    *snort* Let me see if I can translate that toxic BS:

    “When you welcome us into your spaces,”
    Women should be browbeaten and frightened enough to be silent about tw violating our safe spaces.

    “and allow us to be open and honest,”
    Women should be powerless to stop tw from doing whatever they want.

    you’ll find that we have so much knowledge to bring you,
    Women are stupid and can only be given “knowledge” by men.

    and not just about how to have amazing sex.
    Women need to be taught how to better sexually service men have sex by men.

    We can teach you life skills,
    Women are stupid children who need to be taught “life skills”.

    like how to take amazing selfies,
    Women are stupid and frivolous and only exist to look beautiful.

    how to use bitcoin,
    Women are stupid and can’t STEM. They need techbros to teach them things.

    how to build a following on social media.
    Women are stupid and frivolous and only interested in popularity and being admired for their beauty.

    We can teach you lessons about yourself,
    Women are stupid and need men to guide them to self-actualisation and self-realization.

    like how to practice excellent hygiene,
    Patriarchal religions are right. And women are inherently icky and dirty.

    how to do amazing contouring for low light venues,
    Women need to perform femininity at all times and put serious effort in always being pretty for men.

    or how to practice radical self care.”
    Women need to have plastic surgeries to better perform femininity.

    Yeah, I think that’s about it. Such a wonderful speech t have at a women’s march. /s

    • lk

      Lol, your translation is dead on.

      One common thread I’ve noticed between the prosex work and protrans rhetoric is this idea of teaching us something we don’t know, giving us new knowledge.

      There seems to be this idea that we are basically just backward idiots who don’t understand.

      It always makes me laugh that people who believe IMPOSSIBLE things like a man can actually be a woman are going to teach me anything…you don’t even understand basic human biology…what are you going to teach me?!

      • Hekate Jayne


      • Michelle

        They’re going to teach you how to draw on your cheek bones, and how to look super sexy in your IG selfies, all the really important stuff women Need to be taught. Lol. It’s absolutely mind boggling that he thought this is the kind of speech women want to hear at a women’s event :/

  • CatherineTGWShark

    There was a TIM posting and whining (and being supported by other TIMs and TAs) about seeing a “walking trigger warning”.
    The “walking trigger warning” being a pregnant woman who had a audacity to; be a women, be pregnant, get out of her home and walk around where delicate ladymen can see her.

    So yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was a movement to ban anything that could “trigger” them.

    • Cassandra

      I often go to the root of where this could go and it would be stripping women of all rights, including the right to be in public. Seriously. This is the worst thing that’s happened to women in a long, long, long time. Maybe since the advent of religion.

  • Evets

    If someone’s grasp on reality is really that tenuous that every sign they see that challenges their limited world view makes them want to kill themselves then they need some serious mental health care ASAP. And if they’re kids it’s the parents responsibility to make sure they get that help, not to coddle their every little whim. The suicide rate for trans-identified people, attempted or otherwise, is somewhere around 40%. This rate does not decrease very much after they’ve completed transitioning, that’s a statistically backed up fact. Contrast this with the suicide rate of the general population, which is somewhere around 5%, and it’s clear that many so-called transgender people desperately need psychological help. Instead, thanks to the support of overly permissive liberals such as yourself who are so afraid of appearing intolerant that they willfully ignore these facts, those that suffer from body dysmorphia are far more likely to opt for surgical and pharmacological mutilation. The only people truly benefiting from these options is the for-profit medical industry and Big Pharma. Your “support” is setting the body dysmorphic up for a lifelong reliance on hormone supplements and needless and dangerous surgeries. If that’s really the type of “help” you think these people need then perhaps YOU’RE the one who needs to check their privilege.

  • CatherineTGWShark

    If the whole “Women are icky are dirty” mindset didn’t have such a high body-count; the whole tw teaching women “hygiene” thing would be hilarious.

    And “radical self-care” is just plain baffling. The way some TIMs practis “radical self-care” is by dangerous meds, hormones and radical surgeries. Is that what women should be doing too?
    Or is it just another way to say “Don’t let yourself go” and “Perform stereotypical femininity at all times”?

  • CatherineTGWShark

    Not only it’s gross and inappropriate as hell; it’s all mind-boggling how out of touch they are with women’s reality and concerns.
    Abortion right are restricted in many parts of the world (hell, many women are striped of their right to chose their sex partners at all) and Trump wants to ban it in USA too.
    But the way to help and combat that is to have more sex???
    How blatantly male can they get? It easy for that dude to talk about better/more sex when he never has to worry about getting pregnant!

    I can’t believe women applauded that shit. 🙁

  • CatherineTGWShark

    It’s the same old shine-a-light-on-the-darkness by setting a witch on fire.
    Definitively a echo of old religious bs and witch-hunts.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Dudes threatening women with their dick. How original, amirite.

    Too bad knitting isn’t in the pamphlet known as trannie life skills. Drawing a dick is something that any old male can do. Apparently, none of them can knit a penis hat.

    Frankly, that is a little disappointing. I am just not dazzled by their tired old misogyny, anymore. Even their violence is boring, unimaginative and not even a little bit creative.

    • OldPolarBear

      Too bad knitting isn’t in the pamphlet known as trannie life skills.

      But it totally is!

      (Go to about 4:30 in, and leave the sound muted unless you want to hear Milo. Julie Bindel’s portion, of course, is well worth listening to)

  • Veronica Viramontes

    “When you welcome us into your spaces, and allow us to be open and honest, you’ll find that we have so much knowledge to bring you, and not just about how to have amazing sex….We can teach you life skills, like how to take amazing selfies, how to use bitcoin, how to build a following on social media. We can teach you lessons about yourself, like how to practice excellent hygiene, how to do amazing contouring for low light venues, or how to practice radical self care.” BARF that was so degrading. First of all why do you think you know more about those things than women?? Bitcoin really??wtf do only men know of bitcoin?Iknow many females investing in it….Hygiene??We’re females not 2 year olds -_- Also I don’t want to know how to contour my face because I don’t conform to societies ridiculous beauty standards for females. Trans men are the most misogynist people who hold up gender stereotypes and oversexualize women more than cis-males do. I was a science major, don’t wear makeup and don’t like taking selfies, guess I’m a man….Oh wait I had a baby so no.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I think that you are exactly right.

    Males grooming women into “sex work”.

    At a women’s march.

    • Wren


  • Veronica Viramontes

    This comment is amazing….I love the last paragraph, they want the part of being female that looks good and is glamorous…wearing high end dresses doing make up getting nails done…but would they bleed for 7 days straight and go through cramping? Would they push out a baby?? Would they deal with men being abusive to them and work crazy jobs for much less pay? No. They have every privilege that comes with being male but just like the idea of “looking beautiful” they have the best of both worlds

  • CatherineTGWShark

    It this comment trolling or are you really this clueless, preachy, and condescending?

  • Heidi

    if she is found and a civil rights case is made against her, I will donate to her legal fund as much as I can. I hope it would set a precedent.

    • Deb Thompson

      Same same , there will be lots of people who will… :)))

  • CatherineTGWShark

    There is hope for you Meghan.

    Wtf? How belittling and patronizing can you get?
    I’m sure Ms. Murphy is oh so very relived to know that you think “there’s hope” for her would volunteer for the gender reeducation camps.

    *eye roll*

    • Meghan Murphy

      She hopes I stop thinking, start lying, and join their cult, I suppose. Hoping for a person to get stupider is pretty sad, I’d say!

  • M. Zoidberg

    If nobody here can budge you on trans ideology, may I at the very least implore you to read Prostitution Narratives: Stories of Survival in the Sex Trade by Rachel Moran. “Sex worker” is not “just another job,” and prostituted women don’t need “more rights,” they need help getting away from the pimps and johns who use and abuse their bodies.

    Unsurprising, the trans / sex-worker lobbies are linked.

  • Jodie Elcarim Farm

    This was the part that struck me the most too. That men who perform femininity can teach women how to be clean. Shaming women for our natural bodies while taking advantage of those same bodies really feels to me like deep, multilayered woman-hating. I’ve read and heard some nasty misogyny, but that comment that washed over so many in the crowd like no big deal, really hit me in the guts when I read it. How dare he.

  • Jodie Elcarim Farm

    So many excellent comments below from many astute commenters. I just want to mention the irony and hypocrisy of trans-identified males who shout out of one side of their mouths that they are ‘real women’ and goad their supporters into doing the same, but also clearly identify as something other than women in the way they speak. Lots of ‘us’ and ‘you’ (we can teach you, if you welcome us into your spaces, etc) in their language. They other themselves in their own argument for their status as ‘real women’, and then turn around and incite violence against women who merely state that a male is a male and not a female. The way TRAs and trans-identified males speak of ‘transwomen’ explicitly excludes them from womanhood, yet they blame radical women for this? If they really wanted to be women, they would quietly stand beside us and want the same things we want. But what they actually want is to silence and subjugate women while maintaining their own power.

    • Rachael

      Brilliant comment!

  • Mint Tea

    Literally no man believes that about school shootings. There are tons of ways to criticize males that don’t involve saying ridiculous shit like this.

    • Hekate Jayne

      Marla’s point is that the only area where males excel is violence. She didn’t say males “believes” anything about school shootings.

      And males are better at school shootings. Since women don’t mass murder people every few months with guns.

      Males love violence. That is a correct observation. Nothing she said was ridiculous.

      And even if it was, she is allowed to say whatever she wants.

  • Ser

    I have not had the opportunity to read the previous comments yet and so this may have already been said, but did you get permission to post this image? I worry for her safety and wonder if it would be better to blur her face.

    • Meghan Murphy

      I did ask her if she was ok with me include the image in the article, yes.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I don’t for a second believe Gloria thinks transwomen are women, in any case. She was pushed and pressured to make a statement and knew if she criticized trans dogma she’d be done for. imo. She was telling the truth when she addressed all this back in the 70s and she knows it.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Agreed. I think most people agree.

    I would LOVE IT if males performed “feminine” gender roles (or parts of it) and embraced it as a human preference. THAT is progress, not shoving “girl” into *this* box and “boy” into *that* box.

    Trans attach “feminine” to female, and act like that doesn’t keep women in the lower class. They reinforce gender roles by insisting they are women because “feminine” behaviors is how they define women. Which is just bullshit.

    They know what they are doing, too.

    I feel for them and I understand that they are miserable. But the male way of doing life is that if males feel bad/sad/mad, instead of looking at the issue logically and rationally, and attempting to solve it, males look outside of themselves for someone to blame, torture, and bully. That solves nothing, it just spreads their misery and gives them a focus outside of themselves.

    And round and round they go, dragging everyone and everything in their path of ragey tantruming.

    • Topazthecat

      What you said is *so totally true*,especially about the artificially socially constructed ”feminine” and ”masculine” categories and how transgenderism both reflects and reinforces this!

  • Hekate Jayne

    Shit. And hair.

    I think that I blacked out the rest.

    I mean, it is a wound. What sane person anywhere would purposely keep a wound open and call it good?

    Males willfully ignore our entire reproductive system. They don’t see how it works or functions. They see a hole that they are entitled to stick their dick in.

    Trannies don’t actually want a female reproductive system, they don’t even want us talking about it. Trannies want a hole for dudes to stick their dick into.

    That is how males see us. Sad, but true.

    • lk

      “Shit. And hair.”

      Yet they frequently refer to women’s vaginas as “nasty, dirty” etc….

      “What sane person anywhere would purposely keep a wound open and call it good?”

      What sane person would refer to this kind of surgery as life-saving and medically necessary?! I’ve seen numerous pro-trans articles that refer to bottom/top surgery as medically necessary and something that medical insurance should be required to cover…

  • Hekate Jayne

    “When males are talking, we make women listen. With threats and actual violence.”

    Fixed it for dudebro.

    What a fuckhead.

  • Morag999

    Well, they are “at-risk” of not being able to 100% control women’s speech …

  • Hekate Jayne

    That gif! My husband and I say “no” like that to each other, lol.

    Anyhow, yes and ick.

    I don’t know if I have just been lucky, or what, but the males that I have been intimately involved with for any length of time have all been very clean.

    But I am SHOCKED at some of the stuff that I hear married or partnered women say about the “hygiene” habits of males.

    From the women that I know, a frightening amount of them complain about males literally not wiping their ass. This is apparently a pretty pervasive thing with a LOT of males, as I have seen women talking about it on the internet, too.

    I have heard about shit in male clothing, on bedsheets, about women having to ask their male partner to clean up before sex.

    No. Just nope. You are ok with literally sleeping in your own filth and attempting to initiate sex with an asscrack full of shit, you ain’t living in my house. Bro.

    Ick. Trannies need to teach other males how to practice good hygiene. But seeing as they are male, I am guessing their standards for each other’s hygiene is non existent.

    Besides, it is just another area that they can bully us. Which they love to do.

  • lk

    “Likely, there’s much more madness and violence to come before this cultic thing finall

    Unfortunately, I think you’re right…and we know its going to be women/girls who bare the brunt of the violence that will inevitably come with allowing men into female-only spaces.

    I hate to say this, but I don’t think Transideology will fall out of favor until it starts negatively impacting men.

    And so far, its seems like much of transactivism has focused on targeting women (mtf’s becoming part of women’s sports, lesbians being encouraged to date MTF, MTF’s in women’s prisons and etc.)

  • Hekate Jayne

    I understand.

    We should try to find each other on there. It is a strange new world.

    I don’t even know what the fuck I am looking at on there. Not letting that stop me, though!

  • Tinfoil the Hat

    A healthy vagina is a self-cleaning body part. There’s no need to clean it.

    • lk

      Right. And vaginas also don’t need anything inserted in them to stay open!!

      But there is absolutely no difference between a female vagina and a surgically created hole….ooops, I mean “neovagina.”

  • OldPolarBear

    … without offending some reactionary cock in a dress.

    LOL like James “Jennifer” Pritzker and the rest of his clan!

  • Reiko Asiko

    I am please of 235 comments I have read, all have nothing against boys nor men who put on a dress who let their hair grow or who get a feminine hair cut who thin themselves out and (for some) who somehow lower their testosterone level in their body who want to look like a kawaii gracile boy-men manga caracter (in Naruto ‘Prunus girls’ ‘No bra’ and in a hundred of other manga)

    • Cassandra

      No, we don’t care what males wear; they’re still males. They can polish their nails and take selfies until the cows come home and we don’t care. If they did it *as males* we’d be more than happy for them; THAT would be gender non-conformity!

    • Jane Bruhn

      We are gender critical, we believe that gender should be abolish. That’s why we don’t see a problem with men wearing dresses. The problem is not men wearing dresses or being ”feminine”. The problem is men thinking that they are women just because they like feminine-coded things.

  • thebewilderness

    I read this morning several claims by trans identified males that they were afraid to go to the women’s march. There were quite a few men at some of the women’s marches and none of them were bothered so far as I know. When the sex ratio is reversed there is always a great deal of groping and abuse of women by men. It struck me that the DARVO is unrelenting with the abusive males who self identify as women.

  • Meghan Murphy

    “Why Liberal feminists fall for this is beyond me. It’s like they have abandoned critical thinking skills, statistics, reality and fallen for the ultimate victim narrative.”

    My theories include: cowardice, a lack of knowledge re: the history of the women’s movement, no radical analysis, fear of ostracization/losing their jobs (it seems to me that particularly in the US, ‘feminism’ is run by huge NGOs/non-profits, and that there isn’t much in the way of grassroots organizing?), too much focus on young women/no feminist elders to lead the way, the erasure of radical feminist literature from the canon. Interested to hear the thoughts of others.

    • shy virago

      You are spot on. I see this every single time I am with activist women and women from the anti-war movement. Fear, lack of radical analysis, ignorance of the great works of 2nd Wave feminsts (nobody has read Andrea Dworkin, much less Sheila Jeffries or Julie Bindel),
      confusion from addiction to technology, and the constant bombardment of what passes as news. Why is it so scary to stop and think? I get much more frustrated listening to National Public Radio if I’m stuck in traffic than I ever do from reading Dworkin, or Mary Daly or Catharine MacKinnon – even the hard and stuff.
      It helps to remind me why things are so bad accompanies me in the next step forward.

    • JingFei

      Well, if the Lindsay Shephard debacle taught us anything, it’s how young students are indoctrinated into all this ultra PC, Gender-soaked nonsense. They’re getting these kids as teens, and telling them their way is the only “right” way, and to question it makes you a Nazi.
      I also think the internet has played a huge hand. Sub-cultures have been born, and evolved on sites like Tumblr, keeping young minds in this cerebral vacuum. Queer/Trans theory has mutated into lunacy, and kids grow up witnessing what happens to those who deviate from group-think (i.e: That poor fan artist who “drew a character too thin = fat-shaming who was bullied into a serious suicide attempt).

      I agree with you. Fear, lack of knowledge, lack of research + the failure of schools to teach critical thought, teach how and why proof is important, how to ensure your source is reputable and not some blog.
      Ugh. It’s a mess.

    • Wren

      It’s so interesting that the trans phenomenon is happening at the same time as #metoo (although trans ideology was peaking long before). It appears women en masse CAN think critically about rape culture and about systemic male abuse, but they’re dragging on seeing through to the actual intention of trans ideology. Do you think that the fresh public discourse about sexual coercion and violence could be the beginning of the end of trans politics? I mean, how is it that women are more aware in one way (I refrain from saying “woke”, haha) but remain stupidly thick-headed in another?

      (Maybe it’s just my perspective, but I do feel the tide is turning away from the popularity of trans-mania, at least here in the states. In Canada, it sounds much, much worse. OMG do I have Trump to thank for this?? Maybe, lol).

    • Hekate Jayne

      It is all of those things.

      But the biggest one that I saw when I was libfem was wanting male approval.

      That takes different forms. But the one that annoyed me the most was the hatred of the second wave. How can any woman hate the second wave?

      They were not perfect, ok. But they gave us DV legislation, sexual harassment laws, roe v. Wade. They worked tirelessly to have us constitutionally recognized human beings.

      And they took care of each other with groups like JANE and they started shelters and rape crisis centers for women.

      They did all of that and much, much more, and were harassed and threatened because of it.

      But most of the libfems I knew HATED those hairy, angry, fat and ugly women from the second wave. I would ask them, how can you hate the women that gave us so fucking much?

      To which, they would say that no, they hadn’t actually read them, but they had “heard” that the second wave hated males.

      Want to guess who they heard it from?

      They just blindly took the word of males.

      I am not a smart woman. But I have read a lot of Dworkin, McKinnon, Greer, and as many second wave books as I can get my hands on. And I am able to talk about what I read, and I really like to talk about it. And there were many libfems that were interested in finding out about those women when me and 2 or 3 other women would chat about them.

      And then, the trannie thing happened. Perfect timing! I never read anything about trans or radical feminism, I just thought it was fucking common sense that males are male.

      At that point, I was a bigot. A terf. And women that I had been interacting with online for years discarded anything I thought or said because BIGOTY VIOLENCE.

      Pyrite00 said the other day around here that (paraphrasing, sorry, pyrite) that women are just so fucking FREE (lol) that males can’t stand it, so they invented trans to keep a burden on our backs. That has been rattling around my brain ever since she said that. Because I think that she is right.

      So I kind of think that libfems don’t fall for this fuckshit as much as they seek male approval. And most of them don’t really have a true malice for other women (some do, but not all), they are counting on the male lie that there is safety and privilege in siding with and protecting the oppressors.

      I am sure that they would deny that is what they are doing, and maybe they don’t have even enough critical thinking skills to analyze their own behavior. But the seeking male approval is the base for all of the rest of the examples that you listed.

      And now, we have males in our women only spaces, to give and withhold approval and to punish dissenters. We can’t escape them. And they won’t accept anything except complete capitulation. And we see what happens when women disagree with trannies.

      Just my take. Very long take, lol.

      • Rachael

        Definitely wanting male approval. But I think part of it is so subtle and interwoven into our lives from the day we are born as girls, that if you asked most libfems they wouldn’t understand that it is about male approval. We are taught to pander to the whims of our fathers from an early age/the God(s) of our families, then later our usually male bosses. Our traditions are all patriarchal. And our mothers generally reinforce it through their own behaviour (that the primary female worth is in appearance and sexual availability).

        We are surrounded by it. I’m in Italy at the moment and it’s everywhere in art too, across all the ages. Female representation is primarily in two camps: mother (so caregiver, provider to males) or as sexual object (primarily to the presumed male audience, the viewer of the art, as opposed to the other figures in the art).

        I think the second reason is libfems are terrified of being seen as bigoted. They are meant to be seen as agreeable and reasonable. And the natural reaction to being screamed at that you are a bigot is to shy away from the topic and agree (especially as females – we are socialised into being agreeable). I think it takes bravery to stand up to your peers.

        • Hekate Jayne

          Exactly, I agree.

          But it seems as time passes, males are almost bored with how submitted we are to them. So they come up with new ways to keep us subservient to them.

          And this trans thing is so uncomfortable and unsafe for us, so they largely ignore it if they don’t outright just support it. Because when we are unsafe, it is part of the protection racket.

          If the majority of males agree that males shouldn’t be in our private spaces, then where are they? Where they at? We all know. If we are unsafe when just a few males are violent, then ALL males are benefiting how that fosters our dependence on them. THIS works the exact same way.

          And the protection racket is being pushed, and it seems to me like it is getting bigger, between the trans and “me, too”. Males are beginning to say with some frequent regularity that women are like children and need male protection. Of course, they never say the violence comes from them.

          Anyway, at some point, trans will push their female supporters too far. And their anger will take over their fear of whatever male punishment is being handed out by males. Everyone has their breaking point.

          And you are right that it takes bravery to stand up to your peers. It can be scary. But allow yourself to get angry at the injustice and the violence, the fear recedes. It is really just a matter of time.

        • Wren

          “I think the second reason is libfems are terrified of being seen as bigoted. They are meant to be seen as agreeable and reasonable. And the natural reaction to being screamed at that you are a bigot is to shy away from the topic and agree (especially as females – we are socialised into being agreeable).”

          I think this is a big part of it, although I don’t necessarily think it’s coming exclusively from libfems; I think it comes from anyone who was socialized to be *nice*, so that covers most women. I think it takes a women who has been radicalized to abandon societal expectations of niceness. Therefore, it is mostly radical feminists who criticize trans ideology (other than religious conservative women).

  • Meghan Murphy


  • Meghan Murphy

    Yes fair enough. It’s so tough because I still want to vote for the party that will support affordable housing, raise the welfare rates, raise minimum wage, etc… It is completely unfair that our ‘leftist’ party is so misogynistic. My local NDP MP is LUCKILY great and is very educated about and supports the Nordic model, so I was happy to vote for him. Most people in Canada are not so lucky.

    • Cass9376 .

      Who is your local NDP MP, Meghan? Are there any leftist parties in Canada that are clearly anti-prostitution? I live in Europe, not in Canada; therefore, I’m not so well informed about Canadian politics.

      • Meghan Murphy

        Don Davies. And no, there are no leftist parties in Canada that are anti-prostitution…

        • Cass9376 .

          That’s very sad and disappointing – here in Europe, there are a number of leftist parties and politicians that oppose the system of prostitution and support the Nordic Model (Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Ireland).

          • Meghan Murphy

            It sure is!

  • Cassandra

    Yup, all this bullshit about “triggering” is the same thing as “women don’t talk about your offensive bodies” from the past (and men in general). How anyone can’t see it is beyond my comprehension.

  • Cassandra


  • Erik Victory

    Transwomen call women (females) “menstruators”, “uterus bearers”, “uterus’d persons”, et al, and yet they take umbrage with being called…”men”. Were the radical feminist community as petulant as they are, transwomen/men would be called “sperm churners” or “dangly dick & balls maley males” but I have yet see to such a coordinated effort (justifiable as it’d be at this point).

    • Wren

      Lol, I vote for “sperm spewers”

    • la scapigliata

      I just call them “wankers’ tbh.

    • FierceMild

      I think just plain ol’ “men” is most accurate.

    • Julia

      “Dangly dick” ha ha!

  • shy virago

    I think it’s the latter.

  • shy virago

    thank you!

  • Michelle

    First, we don’t need tips on how to contour our faces. Men draw on cheekbones, contour their jawline, forehead and nose, to look more feminine. Women don’t need a man to show us how to feminise our faces, Thanks. Geez, it’s honestly shocking a women’s event would have this person as a speaker. And it is insanity for people to consider it hate speech when a woman says a man is a man. And no women wants to be called a ‘Cis’.. What this trans movement is doing to women honestly scares me.

    • Rachael

      It scares me too. I feel like we are in the Twilighlight Zone!

  • Wren


  • The Flaming Carrot

    Who are “they” and “these people?” Do you mean the people whose posts were featured in this article? Yes, the comments are pretty foul and hateful, for the most part. But none of them said “mother,” “clitoris,” or “pregnancy” were “violence against women.” So you’re bringing your own personal shite into the equation.

    I’m having a hard time seeing any of the trans women I know in this mob. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the author, like most journalists, culled the comments that supported her agenda. The ones that didn’t call for violence simply weren’t interesting to her. The author’s suggestion that trans women are agents of the patriarchy is completely laughable.

    Although I abhor the proposed violence against its carrier, I will say that the sign is offensive to me. If the woman was (rightfully) angry that the Vancouver Women’s March selected an opportunistic, unsympathetic, probably phony “trans dominatrix” to give a lecture mansplaining about how to pleasure men, she had a funny way of expressing that. Instead, she used it as an excuse to beat down legitimate trans women who bear no resemblance to this Hailey creature.

    • Meghan Murphy

      I have dozens and dozens more. Stop gaslighting. Stop dismissing male violence against women. Stop telling us that the things that are literally happening are not happening. That’s what abusers do.

    • DeColonise

      It takes about 20 seconds of googling to see what the transgender movement is all about. What it aims to do on a political level as well as the usage of the “extremists” who have a free-for all online harassing people, mostly homosexual females, who don’t simply obey transgender theology because someone snaps with their fingers.

    • Omzig Online

      Re: “legitimate trans women”

      That’s hilarious! What is a ‘legitimate trans woman,’ pray tell? How exactly is it measured? Is it quantified by how much contouring makeup they use? How many dresses they own? How much money they’ve wasted on surgery?

      See what happens when you reduce the definition of a woman to a ‘feeling’ or an ethereal ‘identity’? Consequently, it means you can’t make a distinction between a ‘real trans woman’ and some perverted man in a dress. They’ll both tell you that they identify as women, and you are now ideologically forced to believe them.

      So do me a favor, ok? Please don’t #notallmen this discussion. Because that argument sounds even more sad and ludicrous when those men put on a dress and insist on special treatment.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I should have been clear — I was talking about the federal NDP. Oger is VP of the BC NDP. I’m also, for the record, not suggesting we support the NDP as a party. They are clearly awful. But as far as voting for my local representatives, I will vote for the candidate who represents my interests and I was just lucky to have a good option.

  • The Flaming Carrot

    What are you talking about? This sign was pretty much the opposite of trans-supportive.

    • corvid

      She’s likening the author of the “trans-supportive” critique of Bloodroot to the woman who took and disseminated the picture of the sign-holding activist.

    • FierceMild

      The fact that this sign was not trans-supportive was enough to cause transwomen (who are men) to call for violence – you know, the actual kind, like with a truck running over a protestor. Not the kind of “violence” that consists of someone recognizing biological reality in their own fucking minds and words. That should wake a few women up and cause them to ask themselves exactly what it is they’re supporting when they stand up for transwomen.

      If that’s not clear enough let me say it this way:
      Transwomen are men, feminism is a movement with the purpose of freeing women from the domination and violence of men (including transwomen), transwomen do not belong in organizations, actions, or movements for women. They most especially do not belong dictating the language and behavior of women.

  • Reiko Asiko

    evidently I believe physically feminine men are still men

    western boys have been brainwashed by most western men and by all western SF-fantasy novels comic books and films to think ‘boys can not and are not allowed to physically look like girls’ and the western pork-beef diet super-masculinizes their body which acceberate their anxiety

    they want to be officialize ‘women’ and ‘human females’ because for some ‘they do not want to be maim nor kill by machos’ or for some ‘they absolutely want to be real women they are in a state of delirium’ or for some ‘they want to piss off women by imposing their presence’

  • skilletblonde

    Well, more than anything those violent sick threats toward the woman with the sign–confirmed what we already know. Transwomen are men. The most infuriating thing for me is the sycophantic faux feminists that support them. I heard one today on a so called progressive podcast. It was the Majority Report with Sam Seder. Jamie Peck is the female host out of 4 males. She is also a continuing contributor for the Guardian. She made a statement about the Women’s March that left me incensed. I can’t quote her verbatim. But, essentially, she asserted that the pink pussy hats were a problem. Why? Well, they are discriminatory toward Transwomen. This reminded me of the other false narrative Trans Activists are trying to propagate. That being, the hats were also racist. Well, I’m calling this utter nonsense! Peck, also on 1/23 while critiquing an Alt/Right party, compared their rhetoric to that found on Terf Forums.

    The Majority Report with Sam Seder, the Young Turks, Secular Talk, Dave Pakman Show, The Thom Hartmann Show, etc., are the top progressive podcasts in the age of the Internet. As you can see, they are all dominated by men. Brogressives, as I have heard some feminists call them. All, support porn, prostitution, and Transwomen. I know your’re surprised. The women hired on these shows are there to protect these pathologies of male sexuality–not challenge them. The Young Turks, is the largest online news show in the world. Cenk Uyger, the founder and host, used to be a Conservative Republican. Someone has found some of his old blog posts about women. They are not good. When you get some free time, please check them out?

    Lastly, it is important that we not shrug from voicing our disapproval to women like Jamie Peck. They are doing some serious damage. To declare women as bigots because they refuse to deny the the biology of their own bodies is misogyny. Participating in some man’s fetish of womanhood at the expense of your own rights is, lunacy.

    By the way, at the Alt/Right Party I mentioned above, transwoman, parolee, Chelsea Manning was in attendance. Here she is with Gavin McInnes Alt/Right troll, and MRA. This is not the first time she has partied with a bunch of racists and misogynists. Anyone surprised?

    • Evets

      It doesn’t surprise me that Chelsea Tranning hangs out with MRA brats as he once physically assaulted a female superior officer when he was still in the military. And to think that he’s now running for a senate seat. I hope he gets creamed in the election.

  • Meghan Murphy

    What?!? I have no idea who you are. Don’t put words in my mouth or thoughts in my brain. If you don’t wish to have a real conversation about real things that are happening in the real world, that is your prerogative. But guess who appears ‘off the rails’ in that case?

  • Hekate Jayne

    You just dismissed male violence, bro.

    You just accused Meghan of going through tweets and picking out only the violent ones.

    Those tweets are fucking violent. And they are not rare. Ever heard of Google? Have a look. Go to

    But you ignore that reality. Just like you ignore the reality of biological sex.

    And of COURSE the sign is offensive to you. Women disagreeing with males is offensive to males and their handmaidens. Women stating factual reality is always offensive to males because males lack the ability to handle either facts or reality. Telling a dude in a dress that it is gross misogyny to reduce women to a costume to wear or a mystical feeling also offends males.

    Pretty much anytime we assert ourselves as human beings, males say that they are “offended”. But what they really are is entitled, infantile and trying to keep us submitted to their oppression.

    Of course that sign “offends” you.

    I am offended at the trannies that have bullied their way into our private spaces and raped or beat women. I am offended that when trannies commit crimes, they are now included as women, when they are male. I am offended that a trannie offered sex and hygiene tips at a women’s march.

    Males offend me pretty much daily. So you can fuck off with being offended. No one here is going to care.

    • Bouddie

      I have to come here just to get a bit of sanity. Thank goodness this place exists.

    • FierceMild

      Lets see if the Carrot can stick the flounce. My bet is no, any takers?

  • Bleeps3

    I am all for some other class of people becoming the sex class and letting women off the hook. That sounds great. Why they want that life is their problem, I guess, since they won’t listen when women say it’s dangerous, oppressive, and soul-crushing. But why do they need feminists to conform to their warped bullshit? Why, if makeup and blowjobs are the ticket to a wonderful life, don’t they just go ahead and leave women who want something else alone?

    Oh right, misogyny.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I am not sure that I am doing this right, but look at this…..

    Check out @MorganeOgerNDP’s Tweet:

  • will


    At work, yes.

  • will

    Yes. She consciously unleashes violence on this woman and then whitters on about “love and acceptance”. Gross.

  • will
  • will

    I can see you are struggling with this, so let me help you, sister to sister (there IS hope for you Jennifer!)

  • will

    FFS, Jennifer, read the article. Meghan wrote: “I spoke with the woman holding the sign, who has asked to remain anonymous”

    Then she patiently explained to you “I am quoting the woman holding the poster. i.e. I am relaying what she said to me directly.”

    Seriously, it is difficult to tell if you are being deliberately obtuse (classic manipulative tactic usually employed by men to stall discussions of women’s rights) or if you are just lazy as per YOUR apparent privilege. Either way, here’s another resource for you:

    In response to you telling Meghan Murphy to check her privilege, I’d also post a link to “psychological projection”, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.

  • Mitochondrial Lilith

    Female genitalia is offensive now? So first step is MtF transsexual with surgery and hormone therapy, OK. Second step is transgender with no surgery is needed, OK. Third step is screaming I am who I am, transition is individual, female brain stuff, female anatomy is offensive, pregnancy is violence…What next? Male physiognomy will be the only regular one? Oh, wait, this happened before…this is old school misogyny. Trans activists feel like non-men so they do their projection and press women to be non-men, too. How trans people I know as peaceful group came from internalized misandry (I have soft spot for) to open hostile misogyny? And how many of them follow this?

  • Tinfoil the Hat

    “Why do so few seem to know this?”

    Hmm. What could be the reason for girls not to be taught anything about their own bodies? I can’t quite imagine – unless (gasp!) society actually HATES women and girls?

  • Tinfoil the Hat

    I have been fortunate to never know a man who just pissed in a vessel and left it lying around. Though it doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • Rich Garcia

    @lascapigliata8:disqus I have always wondered if cross-dressing and gender-bending were things inherent to Anglo/Eurocentic culture. And this is excluding people of color who live within a predominantly white culture and engage in this sort of behavior.

  • Harridan

    Not all women wear makeup, so discussion of makeup excludes me and should be banned.

    Not all women are sex workers, so discussion of sex work excludes me and should be banned.

    Isn’t that how this works?

    • Cassandra

      So true!

  • notyourenemy

    A trans woman saying “women are women because we say we are” is unfathomably absurd.

  • Cassandra

    Awesome comment.

  • Omzig Online

    All of the women you mentioned are female, except “trans women.”

    Cue the music!

  • Melanie

    So disrespectful to the actual mother of those children who carried, gave birth to and is no doubt doing the lion’s share of caring for and raising them.

  • cieran58

    “Who is a woman in Canada and British Columbia is not based on their plumbing but on our gender identity. Women are women because we say we are.” Delusion. I can say(and believe) that I am a 200 year old Dragon, but that makes me a potential mental patient, not a fire breathing reptile. Monty Python illustrated this perfectly, thirty years ago…

  • FierceMild

    Not granting your halo for being St. Trans Supporter isn’t the same as going “legitimately off the rails” you sound unbalanced.

  • Meghan Murphy
  • Meghan Murphy

    How so?

  • Meghan Murphy

    Yes, there are so many awesome radical feminists on twitter!

    • Hekate Jayne

      And radwonka found me!!!!

      She is doing well. I told her how much we miss her.

      Hope @lk sees this. Radwonka saw my goddess eye avatar and tweeted at me, asking if it was me.

      • Cassandra

        Thanks for sharing about Radwonka.

  • Rich Garcia

    Yes, it does offend the male ego. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Hekate Jayne

    It is really horrifying.

    But unsuprising.

  • Hekate Jayne

    I still have dudes leaving me shit at my blog, threatening to rape and murder me, calling me horrible names, telling me that women will eventually be “put in their rightful place”. And much more.

    And I am not special. Every woman that I know has had this treatment from males, either online or in real life.

    Male law does not protect us, up until the point of us being murdered by males.

    But male law is going to protect male feefees by using force of male law to make us chant “ladydick” and “transwomen are women”.

    This Morgane person is a male in a dress and is trying to find the woman holding the poster to force her to say whatever he decides she should be saying. Half of his constituents are female. I am glad that he is protecting and defending women, amirite.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Males are allowed preferences. Women are not.

  • cieran58

    Identifying as anything that cannot be biologically verified is absurdity and leads to insanity like this man who molested several small girls and now, caught, claims he is not responsible because he is a 9 year old boy trapped in a man’s body—
    I don’t care who anyone chooses to have sex with, (as long as it is consensual, and person is of legal age), nor do I care how you dress and present your selves, though some presentations will cause people to snicker,but there are only two genders, clearly differentiated by DNA and easily noted physical attributes. (except for the vanishingly small percentage who truly are “intersex”–born with both sets of genitalia).

  • cieran58

    Do you really think men have been drawing dicks to “Intimidate” women? Do the participants of the march wear the the pink kitty cat hats, or say the women who literally dress as giant vulvas and dance around do so to frighten and intimidate men? Although….if you gave them teeth…vagina dentata is a recognized phobia.

    • Cassandra

      Yes. I really do think one of the reasons men draw pictures of dicks is to intimidate women. And “intimidate” is a euphemism. It’s actually a form of psychological terrorism. It’s infortunate that you seem disbelieving of something that is relatively common knowledge.

    • Melanie

      So why do men draw pictures of their dicks all over the place then? On public buildings, in grafitti, in train carriages and buses, in public bathrooms, on school furniture, on their own belongings etc. What’s that all about?

  • Cassandra

    What does “transphobic” mean?

  • skilletblonde

    You opened a brand new Disqus Account to post that?

    • DeColonise

      hah, You if you knew how often people do this kind of stuff on facebook, twitter, discuss wherever to just troll some stuff….

  • Topazthecat

    As feminist Psychology professor Dr. Christopher Kilmartin said in a 2001 speech to college women and men against sexual assault,Never say the ”opposite” sex,say the other sex.I emailed Dr.Kilmartin many years ago and he emailed me back supportive nice emails.He’s an author of several books dealing with men’s socialization,sexism and violence against women One is called,The Masculine Self,Another is called,Men’s Violence Against Women

    And Sexual Assault In Context:Teaching College Men About Gender


    and he’s also a stand up comedian.

    Because we aren’t ”opposites,not biologically or psychologically,the sexes are actually more alike.


    In this excellent book by psychology professor Vicki Helgeson The Psychology of Gender 4th edition shows the sexes are more alike than different which tons of decades worth of psychological studies by all different psychologists has found.She also very rightfully points out that transgendering children stems from gender stereotypes that change over time and vary in different cultures,she discusses the androgynous societies like Tahiti and a few others,where the sexes are encouraged to be and are more alike in personality and behaviors.She never says the ”opposite sex”,she always rightfully says the other sex too.

    She says she hates the color pink and dislikes dresses and her daughter born in 1998 went through a phase of loving pink at age 4,but then hated it too.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I’ve voted NDP in every election (provincial and federal) since I was 18. We need a women’s party!

  • Melanie

    They give themselves away every time. They can’t help themselves.

  • Liberals for sanity

    I am currently blogging on these issues. I have problems with today’s feminism AND today gender theories. People have reconstructed gender and sex so much that we have started to contradict ourselves. This woman is not transphobic. she has a valid point of view. That point of view: our experience as women is tied to our biology. trans people have a different, valid experience, but it is NOT the same as mine. I am a woman by SEX, by BIOLOGICAL SEX, not by gender. Trans people are trans people, a mix of male and female facing different oppressions and a different journey. please support my blogging about this, find me through blogger or twitter
    Liberals for sanity and Ester for Sanity.

  • Alienigena

    “Men managed to hijack/trivialize radical feminism by reducing it to bra-burning…”

    But in actuality no bras were burned at the Ms. America pageant which was supposedly where the ‘crime against undergarments’ occurred. Can we assume some puerile male journalists connected the non-existent dots to come up with this piece of fiction? In my experience radical feminism is the only type of feminism that proposes a clear criteria for determining the source of women’s oppression and whether a society has made progress or is backtracking.

    “Bras were just one of the items protestors were encouraged to bring that day that signified how the male-dominated culture was keeping women locked into rigid ideas of beauty, but they weren’t burned. Starting a fire on the boardwalk was illegal, so protestors opted to Playboy magazines and other items in a Freedom Trash Can.”

  • Evets

    Yo, Dona coisa! Kind of a logic-phobic comment, hum?

  • thebewilderness

    I am a painter of silk and I find your color bigotry appalling.

    • Heidi Hall

      color bigotry? So I’m to be labeled a “GERF” and threatened with a baseball bat unless I use the ugly green in my painting? I can’t tell if you are joking or if you are incapable of making sense but if you are indeed calling me a bigot because I detest Phthalo Green you may want to review the definition of the word opinion.

  • lk


    Its strange to me that people think a vagina is just a hole for men to put their penises in or that plastic surgery can come anywhere close to creating a neovagina that has anything in common with the function of a female vagina.

  • Carole

    Yes, Cambridge and Yale regularly grant ASNs. You certainly chose a gender-bending profession. And you found the one man in the entire universe who wasn’t a rapist. What a genius.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Hi there

    Just went through the spam folder and found this one in there. Apologies — I am not able to get in there every day.

  • joy starr

    Which is more macho, a school bus or a light bulb? Is Racheal Maddows more of a man than I am because she is more experienced with firearms? Is my wife less of a woman because she had a surgery and lost one of her ovaries? She does not identify as feminist because she was bullied by a women’s studies professor. I identify as a feminist because I recognize women’s right to vote. These are really ugly times and the less we attack each other and focus on issues like healthcare, money and housing, the better off we all are.

  • Zoe Alusa

    People who don’t have friends don’t have anxiety over pleasing friends. Your position is fascistic. If you don’t want to get married, then don’t. But quit telling other people what to do.

    • Meghan Murphy

      Why is it important or necessary to hang on to marriage?

    • marv

      Who is really the autocrat? Marriage is a domineering fixture in the world. It hides women’s group subordination to men by putting them into private camps. As well, other relationships like nonsexual friendships take a back seat to the supremacy of wedlock.

      Tell society to quit telling people what to do by driving them toward marriage rule. Why are you defensive of the status quo? Can’t you think outside of prescribed boundaries?

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    I don’t claim to know all the men in the world. Not by a long shot. But I have been around quite a few in my time. The number who would just piss in a cup unless there is no other choice, much less leave it laying around at work? Zero.

  • JeffersonSpinningInGrave

    Having lived with a number of women over the years, now a wife and two daughters, it’s been my experience that EVERYONE is disgusting in some way. Usually more than one way.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Why do you think the sign is ‘hateful’?