Open Letter to the BC NDP regarding the conduct of BC NDP Vice President Morgane Oger

Over 100 Canadians have signed on to a letter demanding the BC NDP condemn and address the behaviour of its Vice President, Morgane Oger.

This letter was sent to all addressees, via email, on February 2nd. A response was requested within seven days. To date, we have not received a response.

ATTN: The New Democratic Party of British Columbia (BC NDP);
The BC NDP Provincial Council;
Premier John Horgan;
Craig Keating, President, BC NDP;
Erin Arnold, Outreach Director, BC NDP Women’s Rights Committee;
Sheila Malcolmson, NDP Critic for the Status of Women;
Sheri Benson, NDP Deputy Critic for LGBTQ2+ Issues

Dear Sirs and Madams,

We — the undersigned — are Canadians deeply concerned with recent public statements and behaviour on the part of Morgane Oger, Vice President of the BC NDP.

On January 20th, Women’s Marches took place across North America. Initially fuelled by anger over Donald Trump’s election and boasts of sexual misconduct, this year the #Metoo campaign galvanized women around the world towards solidarity and action. No longer can we deny that women and girls everywhere continue to suffer abuse and harassment in every arena of life, at the hands of men.

In Vancouver, one woman who attended the march carried a sign reading:

“Transwomen are men. Truth is not hate. Don’t believe the hype — trans ideology is misogyny and homophobic. Woman is not a ‘feeling,’ a costume, or a performance of a stereotype. Woman is a biological reality. There is no ethical or moral reason to lie to soothe the male ego.

Do not cis-gender me. Stop the stereotypes. I am neither conforming nor non-conforming. My preferred prefix is neither cis nor trans. I am a female. Resist Orwellian Newspeak.”

After being posted to social media, a photo of the woman holding this sign went viral. She was subjected to numerous threats of violence and death as a result.

Oger shared the image online as well, publicly requesting the identity and address of the woman, stating intention to file a human rights complaint against her. On Facebook, Oger wrote:

“Apparently not everyone at the Vancouver Women’s March was equally enlightened about why trans women are women… A concerned citizen passed this photo on to me. This is hate speech. Anyone know who this person is? I’d like to speak to her.

… That person in the photo is free to have beliefs and to express those beliefs without breaking the law. I feel that she has overstepped. What this person has done is take things to the next step, like publishing it in a newspaper or distributing it in mailouts. I believe that what she has done is prohibited in BC. She is invited to contact me for a chat or email my office at”

In a comment on the same post, Oger wrote:

“Who is a woman in Canada and British Columbia is not based on their plumbing but on our gender identity. Women are women because we say we are. Attributes usually associated with women are protected for all women, whether they possess them or not, like plumbing or biological function. We have six months for somebody to file a complaint against this woman on the basis of gender identity. But to do this, who she is needs to be known. If somebody knows who she is please email me the information at

These comments equate to a public threat and defamation, and have led to further harassment of the woman in the photo. Oger has knowingly continued to fuel these threats and this harassment through ongoing, numerous posts on social media. We wonder why the BC NDP has yet to take action on this behaviour? In this case, the statements are particularly disturbing, as they have put an individual woman’s life and livelihood in danger.

Oger has referenced a “team of lawyers” on social media numerous times. One tweet read:

“The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld human rights tribunal rulings about hate speech twice. My legal team is confident that the act of publishing hateful material is the only test in this case and the material on that sign matches the hate test.”

In another, Oger stated:

“There are laws put in place to protect transgender people from transphobia. One such law bans the publishing of hate in public. I expect Canada’s laws to be applied.”

We are curious to know who this “team of lawyers” is and how they are being financed. Either Oger is in a financial position to hire a “team of lawyers” to bully and silence women who cannot afford such a luxury, or the lawyers in reference are the BC NDP’s legal team. Is the BC NDP using its government resources to persecute and harass citizens who disagree with their representatives? Does the BC NDP support Oger’s intention to potentially impoverish a woman by forcing her to hire “a team of lawyers” to defend her right to hold a sign Oger does not like at a women’s protest march?

We are concerned by these tactics and an expressed desire to silence those whose opinions conflict with those held by the Vice President of the BC NDP. We are concerned that many people have refrained from commenting on Oger’s behaviour or addressing it for fear of retribution, in large part due to the way Oger has responded with regard to this particular woman and her sign. Oger is leveraging political power in a deeply troubling way, with intention to intimidate fellow NDP members and constituents into fear and silence.

Politicians should expect that people will disagree with them — that is par for the course. But politicians should be gracious and deferential to their critics when those critics are just members of the public. Potential voters are being insulted, demeaned, bullied, and smeared by a representative of the NDP. This is not how Canadian politicians should handle conflict and disagreement. Instead of engaging in meaningful, principled debate, Oger invites and escalates conflict, is unable to negotiate or reach consensus with a large portion of voters, defames and insults them, targets individuals with relentless harassment and smear campaigns, and advocates that real, material harm be inflicted on them (i.e. loss of job, reputation, criminal charges, financial ruin, etc.). We would ask whether the BC NDP believes that this behaviour is reflective of the Party’s values, and the values of its constituents.

The woman who is being intimidated by Oger was expressing ideas and sentiments that are important and meaningful to her and to many other members of the Canadian public. All Canadians should feel comfortable expressing ideas that are meaningful and important to them, free from intimidation, bullying, and harassment.

“Gender identity” itself remains vaguely defined. It rests on an ideology that claims gender is innate, when in fact gender roles are socially imposed, based on biological sex, as a means to normalize the hierarchy that exists between men and women under patriarchy. Women’s sex-based rights, on the other hand, rest on material reality: we know that women in our society are discriminated against and subjected to male violence on account only of having been born female. We have judgments protecting women from discrimination based on things like pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, and breastfeeding, on the explicit reasoning that only one sex gives birth and only one sex breastfeeds. The notion that males can actually be female if they “feel” it or if they emulate feminine stereotypes conflicts with women’s sex-based rights as it not only reduces “woman” to something intangible and undefinable, but claims women’s oppression is rooted in “feeling” or personal identity rather than on biological sex. Challenges to the concept of “gender identity” should be not only acceptable but encouraged.

We expect the BC NDP to condemn their Vice President’s actions and behaviour and request that Oger cease and desist. In Canada, we expect our political representatives not to engage in the public bullying of women or in coordinated harassment campaigns against those they disagree with, and we expect them to refrain from threatening constituents. The BC NDP should let its Vice President know — and women in general — that bullying and censorship are not party values.

To add your name to the list of signees please click here.

                1. Colleen Glynn, Richmond, BC
                2. Meghan Murphy, Vancouver, BC
                3. Mary Syrett, Kingston, ON
                4. Hayley McPhail, Halifax, NS
                5. Monika Beatty, Winnipeg, MB
                6. Orla Hegarty,  St. Vincent’s, NL
                7. Janice Gougeon, Eganville, ON
                8. Annette Lengyel, Calgary, AB
                9. Laura Strang, Calgary, AB
                10. Leah Harwood, Toronto, ON
                11. Elizabeth Pickett, Ottawa, ON
                12. Sherri Ingrey, Edmonton, AB
                13. Kimberly Everett, Morden, NS
                14. Kate Tagseth, Victoria Harbour, ON
                15. Veronica Penfold, Windsor, ON
                16. Courtney Nicholson, Calgary, AB
                17. UVic Womyn, Victoria, BC
                18. S.L. Bondarchuk, Edmonton, AB
                19. Tracy Allard, Whitehorse, YT
                20. Kitty Barber, Flin Flon, MB
                21. Paulette Turcotte, Victoria, BC
                22. Kate Hansen, Courtenay, BC
                23. Julian Vigo, Montreal, QC
                24. Jennifer White, London, ON
                25. Jessica MacFadzen-Reid, Summerside, PE
                26. Line des Rosiers, Edmonton, AB
                27. Amanda Clydesdale, Oakville, ON
                28. Sarah Maslen, London, ON
                29. Erin Tinsley, Ottawa, ON
                30. Jessica Gardner, Stouffville, ON
                31. Maggie Lucas, Halifax, NS
                32. Emily Bourdeau, Toronto, ON
                33. Martin Dufresne, Montreal, QC
                34. Jeanette Nicholson, Calgary, AB
                35. Katrina Stone, Nanaimo, BC
                36. Diane Guilbault, Montréal, QC
                37. Yun Mui Tsen, Vancouver, BC
                38. Maureen O’Driscoll, Victoria, BC
                39. Jeff Watson, Toronto, ON
                40. Erin Graham, PhD. Vancouver BC
                41. Elizabeth Burns, Toronto, ON
                42. Yvet Janzen, Nelson, BC
                43. Madeleine Suzanne Bowman, Toronto, ON
                44. Lisa Niven, Victoria, BC
                45. Lyne Jubinville, Laval, Québec
                46. Kayley Reed, Montreal, Quebec
                47. Joan Janzen, Vancouver, BC
                48. Genevyève Delorme, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC
                49. Brandi Cowtan, Hilton Beach, ON
                50. Kylee Nixon, Camrose, AB
                51. Sonia Zawitkowski, Georgetown, ON
                52. Elaine Grisé, Montréal, QC
                53. Mary Woodward, Philadelphia, PA
                54. Karla Lindquist, Salem, OR
                55. Trisha Wilson-Singer Mississauga, ON
                56. Danielle Cormier, Vancouver, BC
                57. Andrea Stumpf, Vancouver, BC
                58. Sarah Berry, Kingston, ON
                59. David DePoe, Toronto, ON
                60. Tamarack Verrall, Montreal, QC
                61. Louise Fleming, Gabriola island, BC
                62. Ella Josten, Winnipeg, MB
                63. Zoë Lafantaisie, ON
                64. Nicole Fortier, BC
                65. Sibyl Frei, Gabriola Island, BC
                66. Brianne Curry, London, ON
                67. Susan Breeze, Barriere, BC
                68. Nicole Beauvais, Montréal, QC
                69. Cheryl Bergen, Prince Albert, SK
                70. Sarah Richardson, ON
                71. Jessica Lamb-Brown, BC
                72. Jennifer Bilek, BC
                73. Krista Simon, Halifax NS
                74. MC Surette, ON
                75. Suzanne Jay, Vancouver, BC
                76. Drena McCormack, Powell River, BC
                77. Trish Oliver, Victoria, BC.
                78. Sarah M Mah, Montreal QC
                79. Alison Murray, ON
                80. Erin Wallace, Victoria, BC
                81. Jaclyn Chang, Vancouver BC
                82. Cassandra Birch, Halifax NS
                83. Alice Lee, Vancouver, BC
                84. Sarah Harrison, BC
                85. Lara Forsberg. Nobleford AB
                86. Linda Beacham, Kenora, ON
                87. Susan Smyth, RN, Vancouver BC
                88. Julio Garcia, Kamloops, BC
                89. Cheryl Tainsh, New Westminster, BC
                90. Yoko Oikawa, Gibsons,BC
                91. Karla Gjini, Edmonton, AB
                92. Hamish Anderson, NS
                93. Rachel Goodine, Victoria, BC
                94. Catherine Beck, Surrey, BC
                95. Kelly Ann Stewart, Dartmouth NS
                96. Deirdre Marsh, Camrose AB
                97. Shirley Addams, Kelowna, B.C.
                98. Jessica McLean, Surrey, B.C
                99. Edmund Lumsden, Vancouver, BC.
                100. Holly Stamer, BC
                101. Scott Stilling, Parksville, BC
                102. Charlie Stewart, Chilliwack, BC
                103. Kailey Evans, Kelowna, BC
                104. Christine Solosky, Newmarket, ON
                105. Bec Wonders, Vancouver, B.C.
                106. Rhéa Jean, PhD. Québec, QC.
                107. Lou Lamontagne, Montréal, QC
                108. Sabina Colantonio, Toronto, ON
                109. Maria Lagunes, Vancouver, BC
                110. Natalie Wlock, Vancouver, BC
                111. Fionnuala Hogan, Saanich,BC
                112. Sarah Albertson, Nelson, BC
                113. Maple Belliveau, Dieppe, NB
                114. Gabriela Gonzalez, ON
                115. Margaret McCarroll, London, ON
                116. Jan Christopher Nunn, Halifax, NS
                117. Shannon LeBlanc, Victoria, BC
                118. Eva Garvey, Toronto, ON
                119. Anne Cameron, Tahsis, BC
                120. Melissa Evenson, Calgary, AB
                121. Sandra Law, Edmonton, AB
                122. Anemone Cerridwen, Edmonton, AB
                123. Laura Mills, Port Coquitlam, BC
                124. Amanda Kelly, BC
                125. Rosemary Niechcial, Kitchener, ON
                126. Maureen Peterson, Waterloo, ON
                127. Anne Raby, Vancouver, BC
                128. Tanya Lebar, Vancouver BC
                129. Shannon Shoemaker, ON
                130. Bonny Lees, Calgary, AB
                131. Meaghan McGraw, Vancouver, BC
                132. Julie Selinger, Calgary, AB
                133. Genevieve Hetu, Terrace, BC
                134. Marcia Thibodeau, Kingston, ON
                135. Linda Barnes, Prairie Grove, AR USA
                136. Rev. Gordon Hill, Guelph, Ontario
                137. Rob Wakarchuk, Edmonton, AB
                138. Michelle Connolly, Prince George, BC
                139. Neal Duford, Salmon Arm, BC
                140. Ginette Hupé, ON
                141. Faroe Des Roches, Hornby Island, BC
                142. Kathleen Lowrey, Edmonton, AB
                143. Patricia Glover, Toronto, ON
                144. John Carpay, Calgary, AB
                145. Dawn Emery, Vancouver, BC
                146. Karin Litzcke, Vancouver, BC
                147. Megan Malach, Edmonton, AB
                148. Brian Cross, Vancouver, BC
                149. Cate Orr, Burnaby, BC
                150. Dot Atomos Blog, Edmonton, AB
                151. Chris Armstrong, Toronto, ON
                152. Robin Vermeiren, Toronto, ON
                153. Carmen Dobie, ON
                154. Ann Troop, Moncton, NB
                155. Troy Nowaselski, Edmonton, AB
                156. Pauline Dussault, Winnipeg, MB.
                157. Lori Shantz, Kitchener, ON
                158. Don Sullivan, Belair, MB.
                159. Lois Catlin, Vernon. BC
                160. Sally Issenman, Edmonton, AB
                161. Jay Andrew, Richmond, BC
                162. Justin McConkey, Toronto, ON
                163. Vic Jones, Toronto, ON
                164. Polly Guetta, BC
                165. Brad Belchamber, ON
                166. Kathleen Sears, ON
                167. Renae Regehr, BC
                168. Heather Maahs, Chilliwack, BC
                169. Nicole Buckley, Surrey BC
                170. Diana Boston, Vancouver BC
                171. Danaca Ackerson Vancouver, BC
                172. Thora Broughton, Ottawa, ON
                173. Mary-Lee Bouma, Vancouver, BC
                174. David Vincent, Drummondville, QC
                175. Chantale Caron, St-Roch-de-Richelieu, QC
                176. Lucie Boulianne, Les EScoumins, QC
                177. Olivier Kaestlé, Trois-Rivières, QC
                178. Pierre Lefebvre, Delson, QC
                179. Lori Boleyn, Mission, BC
                180. Hélène Morin, QC
                181. Geneviève Morin-Dupont, QC
                182. Jonathan Riopel
                183. Michelle Pilon, Hamilton, ON
                184. Anne-Marie Bilodeau
                185. Sarah Casey, Brantford, ON
                186. Linda Dawson, Mission, BC
                187. Isabelle Narayana, QC
                188. E Claudette Collins, Langley BC
                189. Anders Turgeon, Montréal, QC
                190. Nadia El-Mabrouk, Montréal, QC
                191. Bonnie L Ayotte, Abbotsford BC
                192. Frances O’Connell, Toronto, ON
                193. Esther Grapengeter, Langley, BC
                194. Catharine Daalton, Vancouver, BC
                195. Raine McLeod, Calgary, AB
                196. Cher Edwards, Peterborough, ON
                197. Ken Hill, Surrey, BC
                198. Susan Hill, Surrey, BC
                199. Andrew Richards, AB
                200. Michael Saunders, BC
                201. Maria Brookes, Surrey, BC
                202. Karen Palmberg, Kelowna, BC
                203. Pearl Rodie, Huntsville, ON
                204. Jacob Russell, BC
                205. Jeni Hildebrandt Surrey BC
                206. Gwen Dreger, Surrey BC
                207. Julie Desjardins, Thompson, MB
                208. Mailiis Higgins, Surrey, BC
                209. Chris Warn, Campbell River BC
                210. Sue Garrett, Toronto, ON
                211. Judith Brown, Maple Ridge, BC
                212. Sharlyss Beattie, Brantford, ON
                213. Vanessa Beattie, Brantford, ON
                214. Jennifer Elward, Vernon, BC
                215. Holly Cowan, BC
                216. Keel Miller, Yukon
                217. Carol Duncan, Coquitlam, BC
                218. Nancy Powell, Victoria, BC
                219. Liam Iverson, SK
                220. Allan Bose, Langley, BC
                221. Michele Faryna, Kamloops, BC
                222. W.M.Peterson, Fairview, AB
                223. Ron Knorr, Maple Ridge, BC
                224. Chris Flaman-Haley, Red Deer, AB
                225. Kurtis Kryzanowski, Red Deer, AB
                226. Courtney Stang, Saskatoon, SK
                227. Jenn Smith, Abbotsford, BC
                228. Tina Chamberlain, Abbotsford, BC
                229. Joel Schwabe, Victoria, BC
                230. Rebecca Christiansen, Maple Ridge, BC
                231. Erin Hunt, Coquitlam, BC
                232. Michael Cambridge, Squamish, BC
                233. Katherine Pospisil, AB
                234. Jody Vassallo, Port Moody, BC
                235. Eric Anderson, Coldstream BC
                236. Andrew Niven, Victoria, BC
                237. Darcy Gray, Edmonton, AB
                238. Kari Wright, Ottawa, ON
                239. Lori Fredericks, Wakefield, QC
                240. Kathy McPhillips Vancouver, BC
                241. Ellen Kay, Chilliwack, BC
                242. Brenda Brooks, Saltspring, BC
                243. Lori Friesen, Calgary, AB
                244. Darcy Gray, Calgary
                245. Diane Piedmont, Montreal, QC

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  • Meghan Murphy

    It sure does!

  • Meghan Murphy

    It was determined that because the letter was directed towards a Canadian party, it made more sense for the signees to be constituents… I do wish everyone could sign on, of course! We’d have thousands.

  • Meghan Murphy

    For sure. That language grosses me out, too.

  • OldPolarBear

    Just listened to this. Very interesting. I’m not heretofor familiar with either Laura Lynn Thompson or Jenn Smith, and I suspect there are many of their respective views I would not be too much in agreement with. To put it mildly. Apparently, she is a host on the 700 Club Canada! Unfortunately, it seems like the more secular, mainstream, “liberal” elements in both Canada and the USA still on board the trans agenda train. I have a feeling that sooner or later, the whole issue is going to blow up, really big time, against what’s remaining of leftist politics in the USA. maybe it already has, to some extent. It ironically might have made Trump even more attractive to some on the right.

  • martindufresne
  • Germaine

    Isn’t that ‘hate speech’ ?

  • Meghan Murphy


  • Cassandra

    You know, when analyzed vis a vis the religious/conservative hatred that still grips so much of this world, I sometimes *almost* see why transactivists/pomo queer theorists and their libfem handmaidens think that getting rid of biological sex would make everything all better, but it’s just so NAIVE.

  • Cassandra

    “The idea of the government punishing “hate speech” sounds great, except for the little problem of who gets to define it.”

    Therein always lies the rub.

  • Denise Denning

    Hi, Meghan! This letter can’t be signed by any more women because it’s already been sent, right?

    • Meghan Murphy

      We can still add more signees to the open version!

  • Meghan Murphy

    Pretty sure Germaine was joking…?

  • Meghan Murphy

    Any Canadian can sign.

  • Pröksié SteelyDanzig Shürvaar

    On one hand, 3rd Wavers have been doxxing gamers and MGTOWs and MRAs for years now. I understand the obvious distinction with some angry beavers on their computers and the Government. I get that. But the complaint this writer of this open letter has with the actions of M/r/s Oger (Abuse of Office notwithstanding) is the very same complaint that MRAs and Conservatives have been leveling for years. Which is that many 3rd Wave Feminists have been employing these tactics. Saul Alinsky would have been proud. So that’s my first point: Feminists are getting the business end of the same stick they’ve been swinging of their own volition for years. It’s not right what is happening. But is interesting to watch.

    My second thought is that even in this plaintive call for sense and reason, the writer decides the problem isn’t anything more than an extension of the Original Sinners themselves, The Patriarchy! This bogeyman is no more believable a canard than say, The Dark Side or The Borg. But you Feminists keep doing you.

    I’ll finish with a parable… one time while my folks were away, my little sister had a party. Things got broken. When they arrived home again, she told my parents that they’d been burgled. She even broke a window to complete the tableau. Police were called. Fingerprints were dusted for. Photographs taken. And when all was said and done, the police told my parents and rather cryptically at that, that they should consider ‘looking within’ for the culprit as the glass from the broken window was on the outside of the window. Suffice it to say, Feminism has a well-earned history of employing questionable methods and irrational ideologies. Of demonizing their detractors and stifling discussions that don’t go their way. They can’t be seen talking with anyone outside of the rigid orthodoxy and ideology and its framework, so end the discussion with the outsider.

    I suspect that the Alinskyite Left will ultimately eat itself. All the groups seeking to destroy anything remotely traditional are guilty of the same underhanded, cowardly tactics: the shaming, the othering, the segregationist proposals and the ubiquitous ‘waving the bloody rag’. Children are held up as the end-all, be-all when it comes to any discussion of the sexes. Oh the children! Or to be more specific, ‘Oh the poor girls!’ Evocative, yes. But as the meme ages, that bright, shiny pony has evolved into an old nag in a straw hat.

    This has all been done before. Feminists just don’t remember having been party to it is all.

    • Meghan Murphy

      We aren’t third wave feminists, though. Much of my work consists of critiques of the third wave.

    • Alienigena

      You are a real jewel of a human aren’t you.

      1) Not a site that celebrates third wave feminism. If you look at the stories and the comments you will see mention made of radical feminism (getting to root of problem).
      2) Your claim that third wavers doxxed gamers, MGTOWs, and MRAs needs some proof. Please provide it. I don’t think most biological females are really interested in engaging in any way with men who have such beliefs. Maybe you were thinking of some TIMs who spout sex and porn positive nonsense that characterizes liberal feminism.
      3) Patriarchy as the bogeyman. No, it is a reality. I struggled with the concept because I hadn’t done a lot of self-reflection and had been trained in the sciences and later social sciences to use a different analytical framework (kin relations in small scale society, e.g. patrilineality).Still I discovered the work of anthropologists like Sarah Blaffer Hrdy who documented how male anthropologists didn’t (or couldn’t due to restricted male access to women) study women in small scale societies. Male primatologists just seemed to have no interest in studying female primates.
      4) My older sister once had an unsanctioned, alcohol fueled party when I was fourteen. No vandalism occurred and she was soon discovered when all the empties from my parents liquor cabinet were found on the back step. My brother was the only one who brought the police to our door when he stole from a teacher … on a dare. Talk about a lack of self-control, maturity and agency (he let himself be influenced by the words of others).
      5). I can think of a number of irrational ideologies that men have come up with. Libertarianism, Utilitarianism, Nihilism, Pornism, Male supremancy/white sumpremacy, Hollywoodism (girls no matter their age are up for it, e.g. see the discussion of how Shirley Temple was depicted in the 1930s in concert with various adult men is quite sickening)
      6) The only rigidity happening here is likely the angry clenching of your anal sphincter as you read anything with the term feminism in it. Radical feminism is a consistent analytical frame.
      7) Your snide remark about ‘poor girls’ is really proof of one thing, your misogyny. Cease and desist with the testicularity, just calm down. Sex-selective abortion (based on genitalia seen on an ultrasound or a test for sex chromosomes (XX) not on which gender the non-communicative fetus identifies with) has lead to trafficking of young girls into China from places like Vietnam. Girls are so advantaged by the predation of men. Not.

      The government is always out to get libertarians but apparently corporations are neutral actors in society. Go figure.

    • will

      Here’s a tip, Pröksié SteelyDanzig Shürvaar: when you make incorrect assumptions about who it is you are having a conversation with, and you go on and on and on in a direction completely irrelevant to what is actually going on, you only make yourself look like a dumb arsehole.

      You’re welcome.

  • will

    I like that Smith connects the rise of autogynephilia with the rise of porn culture. Thanks for the link.

  • will

    Peterson has repeatedly denied that white men hold privilege and argues that the sex-class hierarchy is natural and inevitable. How is it that he is not a male supremacist?

  • Meghan Murphy

    Solidarity, sister!

  • Yisheng Qingwa

    LOL, mkay

  • Meghan Murphy

    Feminists have been the ONLY ONES speaking up about this FOR DECADES. (See: Janice Raymond). No one listened. Including, apparently, yourself. I testified against Bill C-16 last year:

    I’ve also been blackballed by countless media platforms because of my position, and numerous women around the world have been no-platformed for speaking about this. (See: Julie Bindel)

    God, how dare you accuse us of standing by, when we have for so long been the only ones speaking up, only to be silenced, ignored, and vilified.

  • JingFei

    Was there ever any response to this? On Twitter, Oger is just getting more and more vile. Today tweeting about defending the word “Terf” because “Terfs” aren’t REAL women.

    He’s a sociopath.

    • Meghan Murphy

      Nope. It was completely ignored.

      • JingFei

        Infuriating. The Ontario provincial election is tomorrow, and I cannot in good conscience vote NDP because it’s clear they will let this Trans insanity stomp all over real women’s rights ( and support a narcissistic man constantly attacking a rape shelter!).

        The Liberals are the same, and so hated there is no way they will win a majority (or many seats at all).

        I voted PC. I had to. I don’t particularly like Doug Ford- but I had to vote for the party that might shut this shit down or knock it back somewhat. We’re in a political nightmare here.

        • Meghan Murphy

          Indeed, there is no party for women… It’s depressing.

  • yrba

    Oger is saying that speaking such thoughts is ok, but how dare these thoughts be written and transmitted by newsletter, etc. Really? Maybe as an American, I don’t understand free speech laws in Canada, but in the US, free speech includes written speech, spread by any medium: online, newsletters, state on tv or radio, etc.

  • yrba

    It’s wonderful to see so many brave signatories.