Trans activism is excusing & advocating violence against women, and it’s time to speak up

Threats of violence against women branded as “TERFs” are increasing — will liberals and progressives speak out before it’s too late?

In January, a woman was photographed holding a sign at the Vancouver Women’s March that included the words, “Trans ideology is misogyny.” This might be viewed as a hyperbolic message for those who consider themselves good, liberal people and who care about a group they have been informed are in extreme danger, and particularly marginalized. And perhaps, if you were unfamiliar with the way women and feminists are addressed by trans activists, you might wonder what statements like this are rooted in. A few years ago, I might have questioned this as well, thinking, “well that’s a bit much, isn’t it.” But as trans activism has gained ground and as I myself — as well as many other women — have begun questioning and speaking out about the aims, ideology, and policies supported in the name of “trans rights,” it has become impossible to deny what is being supported through trans activism: violence against women.

Last week, photographs of an exhibit currently on display at the San Fransisco Public Library emerged online, depicting bloody shirts with the words, “I punch TERFs,” alongside baseball bats and axes, painted pink and blue to reference the gender ideology being touted, some covered in barbed wire, in order to amplify the grotesqueness of the threatened beating. The exhibit was set up by “Scout Tran,” a trans-identified male and founding member of the Degenderettes, a group that now has chapters throughout the United States. The group attends queer and feminist events, including the Dyke March, the Pride parade, and the Women’s March, carrying these weapons, which they claim as defensible activism, but is undeniably a visible threat and incitement to violence against women.

Mya Byrne wearing a bloody shirt like those on display at the San Fransisco Public Library at last year’s Pride parade in San Fransisco.

The threats attached to slogans like “I punch TERFs” are not theoretical. Earlier this month, a trans-identified male who goes by the name “Tara Wolf” was convicted of assault after beating 60-year-old Maria MacLauchlan, who had gathered with other women in Hyde Park to attend a meeting discussing gender identity ideology and legislation. Wolf had posted on Facebook about his desire to attend this gathering in order to “fuck up some TERFs.” In what other circumstance would anyone — self-identified progressives, in particular — defend viable threats of violence against women? Sadly, lots.

Liberals and the left have broadly defended violence against women as “art” or “sex,” though perhaps in a less overt way than they have outright threats of violence to feminists who wish to question or discuss the notion of gender identity. Pornography, for example, is one area where violence and abuse is consistently defended on account of it being “sex,” “fantasy,” or “free speech.” The ability of men and their allies to avoid viewing a woman being choked, hit, or gang-raped as “real violence” because it is connected to men’s desire and masturbation is without bounds. Similarly, the notion that a man offering a women financial compensation in exchange for permission to abuse her is framed time and time again as “consent,” regardless of the impact on that woman and the broader message this practice sends to all men and women, everywhere.

What is unique about the approach we’ve seen in the trans movement is that it doesn’t attempt to disguise the incitements to violence against women with rhetoric around “consent” and “empowerment.” The claim is not that this is not “literal” violence, because women like it, or because they consented to it, or because it’s “just fantasy.” Rather the violence advocated for by trans activists is said to be justified on account of opinions, associations, language, or the sharing of articles or links determined to be “wrong” — all of which is dishonestly framed as “violence” (ironic considering where the literal threats and violence are evidenced to be coming from).

The threats of violence against women, on account of having been branded “TERFs,” are frightening not only because we must fear for our physical safety or because of the way these threats act as a silencing mechanism, but because this violence is not being condemned, by and large, by most. Being forced to defend ourselves, alone, with few resources, media platforms, or influential public allies, due to the blacklisting that has occurred en masse in relation to this debate, is challenging, because our voices, interests, and well-being have already been dismissed as we are the baddies who deserve to die.

And indeed, this is where the connection between liberals’ and the left’s treatment of pornography, prostitution, and trans activism coalesce. The way that “TERF” has served to dehumanize women (Bad Women — women who speak unsayable truths and ask questions one is not meant to ask) in order to justify the gruesome violence they are threatened with operates in the same way women are dehumanized in pornography in order to pretend as though they aren’t truly being hurt or abused and, of course, in the same way women were branded witches in order to claim their torture was deserved, on account of their being wicked and dangerous.

Disagreement is not violence. This should not have to be said, yet apparently we must. Violence is violence. And when a group of people are actively advocating for and defending violence against another group of people — particularly an oppressed group of people, like women — there is no defense. At this point, those who accommodate this movement, as it is currently operating, are culpable of something very dangerous indeed.

While the San Fransisco Public Library removed the bloody shirt, they did not remove the exhibit entirely, nor do we know why anyone imagined such a display would be appropriate in the first place. One wonders if they would display bloody shirts with the words, “Kill bitches” or “I beat Muslims” next to a display of baseball bats and axes.

Will liberals and progressives stand up before this gets worse? I fear not.

Meghan Murphy
Meghan Murphy

Founder & Editor

Meghan Murphy is a freelance writer and journalist. She has been podcasting and writing about feminism since 2010 and has published work in numerous national and international publications, including New Statesman, Vice, Al Jazeera, The Globe and Mail, I-D, Truthdig, and more. Meghan completed a Masters degree in the department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University in 2012 and lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her dog.

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  • Yes, in both trans and porn, women are viewed as objects. Their purpose is to serve male freedoms. All men are in on the demand, no matter what form it takes.

    Any resistance to this from radical feminists is viewed as infringement of speech, of pleasure, of sexual expression. And is even viewed as “victimizing” to the men (who claim female identity) which is truly an inversion and perversion of the highest order.

    Women defending their space, identity and culture in words is viewed as Nazi-ism and terror, while the murder of a mtfs by men is passed over as nothing more than grist for the martyr mongers. The male agency goes scot free.

  • Purple Barnacle

    I think we’re starting to see people join the dots, and with the Toronto attack the focus on violent misogyny online has been getting a bit more attention. I doubt it’s enough to change things or get a broader discussion going. The liberal media have been very silent on all these matters. Very quick to suggest Tara had been attacked first, and very little condemnation, or any, when he was found guilty. Plus ça change. Their cowardice and misogyny are not going unnoticed though.

    So we find ourselves in a situation where we are told repeatedly we have nothing to worry about, while we’re being subjected to constant abuse, threats and violence for thoughtcrime. It’s so frustrating that the violence is not only ignored but actively condoned: women deserve it for not complying, for refusing to be silent. It really is the same old story.

  • Erik

    Alienating allies is not a way forward. When I have tried having a civil discussion with some about trans issues, I have been attacked as “Cisgender” (yes, it is used like a weapon), “Gay privileged”, or told to die because I am an older white man. None of these are exactly good ways of saying, “Hey, please respect me as I am”. I will forever fight for Inclusion and Respect for ALL people, but others may not just take the namecalling and insults as healthy discussion. “Die Cis Scum” isn’t exactly a viable way to Equality.

    • FierceMild

      “I will forever fight for Inclusion and Respect for ALL people…”

      Whenever I see something like this I can’t help but wonder inclusion in what? Inclusion in government? No one is more included than men (the group to whom transwomen belong).

  • Hekate Jayne

    Text of the email that I sent to Michael Lambert, library director:

    Mr. Lambert,

    Even though I am on the east coast and not a patron of your library, I am writing to ask that you consider removing the art exhibit that is currently on display at San Francisco public library by the degenderettes. 

    You may be unaware that the term “terf” is applied only to women, never to men. There is not one single case of a woman killing a trans woman, it is men that murder them. Yet, transwomen routinely threaten to rape and kill women that protest allowing transwomen into our private spaces based on them being biologically and physically male. (If you would like to see proof of this, please visit These threats are well documented and there are a lot of them).

    So the art exhibit that you are displaying and helping to fund is nothing more than a bunch of weapons that are being displayed as intimidation at women for refusing to acknowledge biological males as women and refusing to quietly allow them into our private spaces, onto our sports teams, etc. 

    In our country, 3 women are murdered every single day by males closest to them. Men routinely target women for violence because we don’t behave in the way that they want us to, like Elliott Rodgers, and most recently, Alek Minassian. Dana Rivers is in your area, he is a trans woman that murdered 2 lesbians and their son. 

    This art exhibit is nothing more than men threatening women who refuse to bow to their demands. It is almost unbelievable that a group of men are being permitted to display axes and baseball bats in a library as weapons to be used against women that have never threatened or attacked them. 

    It is not violence or threat of violence to transwomen that women want to distance ourselves from transwomen. Take a look around your library. Those t-shirts with our fake blood on them, the bats and the axes. THAT is why women want to keep our spaces private to only women. 

    A bunch of weapons displayed by men for use on disobedient women is offensive. I hope that you remove it.



    The reply from the library………..

    We appreciate your feedback. The Library provides a venue for community groups to exhibit and spark dialogue on timely social issues. The exhibit in the Hormel LGBTQIA Center showcases artwork created by a local community organization, the Degenderettes Northern California chapter, who are using their artwork and performative art activities to bring visibility to the violence that occurs against transgender people and to generate conversations about this often overlooked issue. 


    We have altered the exhibit, removing artwork that could be interpreted as promoting violence. Now looking at this exhibit as a whole, with both the artwork and the accompanying descriptive text, the exhibit is within our guidelines.


    For more information, please see the attached photograph which describes the purpose of the exhibit. 


    Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention.



    City Librarian’s Office

    San Francisco Public Library

    100 Larkin Street, Suite 600

    San Francisco, CA  94102

    415-557-4236 – Office

    415-557-4239 – Fax

    • regressive

      FFS they sure do love their “timely social issues”, some librarian is really proud of coming up with that phrase. You’d think that violence against women would be considered a timely social issue, but nah. The world is on its head when this display is portrayed as being about “misogyny” and violence against transwomen, when anybody with a brain sees that it’s a celebration of the misogyny and violence that transactivist MRAs direct towards women.

      • Kiwipally

        Is “timely social issues” is the new “precious bodily fluids”?

  • bradleyscreek

    Thank you for bringing this all together so well! In addition to the violence threatened against TERFs we also have the furious sexual demands, entitlement, and harassment by transidentified males (Trans-cels) of lesbians for not wanting to have sex with biological males who claim a mystical “female” identity. Their social media whining reads like Incel screeds.

    I think why this madness has reconnected me with other radical feminists after a few decades is that the velocity of this Orwellian transgender reality denial is really, really scary. It has echoes in how quickly non-Jewish Germans during the Weimar and early 30s were propagandized into hating Jews (or at least, denying the abuse of Jews in order too just survive) when the majority hadn’t been anti-Semitic beforehand. It seemed like crazy, fringe ideology and behavior in the late 20s and early 30s, until by 1933, it wasn’t. (See Babylon Berlin for a good illustration.)

    As women and feminists, we’re used to patriarchal gas lighting, but it’s the kind that’s evolved over millennia. When it happens over a period of five years, the level of cognitive and visceral denial required of and imposed on bystanders is so great that it inevitably results in violence unless it gets pushback, and fast.

  • Dan Copeland

    How on earth did we sleepwalk into this? It is astounding that US tax dollars in 2018 are paying to “teach” library patrons that violence against women whom disagree with you is not only acceptable, but commendable.

    Call me a left-wing nut, but I can’t agree that threats of violence and death are ever progressive, artistic, or “just”—not even when your baseball bats are painted pink and the women you target don’t agree with you, or won’t consent to sex. I can think of a few other groups that believe access to women’s bodies (and control of women’s speech and beliefs) is a fundamental right, and that withholding sexual consent is on par with “violence.” NO ONE is entitled to sex, however oppressed they may feel. This is not the “equitable” and “progressive” gender revolution that was sold to me and had won my enthusiastic support. It is something far more sinister, and increasingly familiar in light of the recent terror attacks on women in Santa Barbara and Toronto.

    Heterosexual persons assigned male at birth have long advocated for the corrective rape of lesbians (and their broader “right” to women’s compliance and sexual consent). But threats of violence and rape against women have never been protected on grounds of self-identification, nor have they been normalised and glorified by public libraries. Until now.

    Trans rights and protections are vital, but they do not encompass the right to threaten, coerce, or mutilate other marginalized persons. Gay women, disabled women, and women of colour do not openly carry or display bats and axes to defend against “attackers”, despite the real material threats of rape, abuse, and assault directed at them daily. I am not aware of a single documented case of physical harm done to a transwoman by a lesbian or feminist woman whereas, even now, Dana Rivers is being tried for the shooting and stabbing murder of a lesbian couple and their child not ten miles from this library’s doors. These are not the actions of an oppressed group on the defensive. #terfisaslur #timesup

    P.S. Free speech, including speech I don’t agree with, should be vigorously protected, but the Supreme Court has established that hate speech inciting physical violence or creating a clear danger is not protected. Moreover, SF Public Library has made it clear that free speech is not their priority in this case. In the past 72 hours, they have selectively deleted the Facebook reviews and comments of hundreds of women that feel targeted, intimidated, or endangered by the weapons and threats still on display in this library as “art.” SF Public Library, if I have learned anything from your “educational” exhibit, it is that lesbophobia and misogyny in the West never dissolved, they merely evolved.

    And I see them clearly now.

  • martindufresne

    Thank you Meghan for a balanced, intricate analysis of a definitely worsening situation.
    In a recent interview, the transactivists who created these materials say they fashion themselves after the “Droogs” in Anthony Burgess/Stanley Kubrick’s film “A Clockwork Orange”… A terrifying dystopia of anarchist thugs giddy on their gratuitous “ultra-violence”.
    I approached the editor of the SF Chronicle, Audrey Cooper, about this exhibition and she passed on my open letter (below) to Mark Lundgren, their San Francisco editor. Please consider addressing your thoughts to him and inviting him to peruse the SFPL Facebook page for critical comments.

    Dear Mayor Farrell,

    I visited your fair city some 40 years ago and generally found it an enclave of peace and goodwill. But things seem to have greatly changed according to an “art exhibit” approved and funded by the San Francisco Public Library. It is a direct, illustrated incitement of violence against women for rejecting men.

    Please take a moment to read the following account of the SFPL “Degenderettes” production at I entirely agree with the author, since this group has been parading with its baseball bats and other weapons at a recent SF Pride parade. Hundreds of people have protested this exhibit on the SFPL Facebook page. Thousands have signed on to a petition asking for it to be taken down. To no avail.

    I hope that you will take the time to respond to my letter and let me know how you intend to take action to bring the SFPL Board of Commissioners to accountability, in the wake of your other great initiatives to make SF a better city.

    The relevant issue here should be understood to be such overt threats of violence against women, lesbians and feminists, presented uncritically in a public venue such as the SFPL.


    Martin Dufresne
    Montreal, Canada

  • FierceMild

    My public library carries Japanese anime porn. When I complained to the Librarian she acted like I was the problem and told me it was in the adult section.

  • Hanakai

    Amen to that!

    Stop saying “assigned at birth.” Nature creates one’s sex by the sorting of chromosomes, XX or XY. Humans do not arbitrarily assign a sex, jeeze. Stop using the language of the oppressors.

    Stop referring to natural-born women as “cisgender.” Good grief.

    And stop referring to the perverts who buy sex as clients. The are sex buyers.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I agree that the average person doesn’t support this or believe ‘transwomen are women.’ But no one’s speaking up…

    • Hanakai

      It is my impression not only that the average American does not believe that sex can be changed, but that they also really do not like the whole normalization of trans ideology by the media. Average people find the idea of cutting off the penis or breasts to be highly distasteful and crazy. I would go even further and say that Donald T-Rump was elected in part because of widespread revulsion for the trans-movement and distaste at the idea that trans ideology was being pushed by the media in a way that influences children. The Democrats were seen as the party of identity politics and the party that embraced trans degeneracy.

      I have yet to meet an adult who thinks it would be cool if one of their children decided to go trans and mutilate his or her body. Normal people do not think amputating healthy body parts is sane.

    • stmccrea

      Well, apparently, speaking up can be pretty dangerous! I am actually surprised and relieved to find a space where such discussions are allowable. I enter into such discussions VERY carefully in most places, because it’s very easy to be trashed as “transphobic” in an instant.

  • Dan Copeland

    Susannunes, I happen to agree with you on this. I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to use the term ‘cis’, and if sex is “assigned at birth”, how do parents in China and India know which children to abort–such that males now outnumber females by 70 million?

    That being said, I don’t believe it’s possible to win the war on women all at once. The recent wave of incel coverage has got people worked up about violence against women, /whomever/ the perps happen to be. I believe it’s best to press that advantage without overplaying our hand.

    I find I’ve made major headway this week by emphasizing the real physical danger posed by persons that feel entitled to women’s compliance and sexual consent (be they incel or trans). I’ve been careful to use ‘transwoman’ instead of TIM, or ‘dude’ or ‘man’ in my posts, because calling transwomen ‘men’ just makes people stop reading, and write you off as a ‘bigot’.

    I’ve been told that the civil tone of my arguments has made people ‘want to listen.’ Not everyone agrees that transwomen are men, but most people agree that violence against women and girls is wrong. It’s not ideal by any means, but it’s something.

    I don’t believe we can make a dent in this movement with an all-out onslaught of anti-trans talking points. I believe we need to guide people there. Gently. Dismantling the weakest talking points first (starting with TERF and the cottonceiling), then advancing to the harder stuff. We need to regain ground one reasonable step at a time. The same way it was taken to begin with.

    • Tinfoil the Hat

      Thanks for the mansplanation. We just can’t do feminism without you.

  • lk

    “Disagreement is not violence. This should not have to be said, yet apparently we must.”
    Say this a thousand gazillion times. Criticism around transideology is difficult partially because ANY criticism or disagreement (no matter how respectful or small) is branded as being a type of violence.

    “One wonders if they would display bloody shirts with the words, “Kill bitches” or “I beat Muslims” next to a display of baseball bats and axes.”
    Imagine the liberal rage if the library had a similar display that said: Die Trans Scum. I punch trans people.

    That picture with that tweet by Mr Bryne: This is what gay liberation looks like. #pride #yesallterfs.
    So gay liberation will be achieved by punching women? What? So violence against women will help end homophobia?…..omg….

  • Kiwipally

    He may not have a personality disorder. He may simply be an abuser.

  • Bev Jo

    Thank you so much for this, Meghan! Some of us are trying to reach everyone possible with power, including the group of people now campaigning to become the next mayor of SF. (When I called the current interim mayor, I was given the number of the library commission and my call was never returned.)

    I think we should contact every California representative, including the governor. I hope that at some point, someone with power will be threatened and insulted by the trans cult so they realize how feminists have been treated for years and will be able to do something.

    Unfortunately, I can’t share your excellent article on facebook since I was locked out for 30 days for making a mild comment on the SF Library page. Everyone else I know got a reprimand.

    • Meghan Murphy

      Damn! So frustrating… Thanks for your efforts, Bev Jo.

    • Hanakai

      So, allegedly ultra-liberal San Francisco gives free speech rights to misogynists and deluded men who advocate violence against women, but curtails the free speech rights of a sane woman?

      Governmental action, and the library is a branch and function of government, that denies your free speech rights is unconstitutional. The ACLU has been blinded by trans ideology and porn, but then the organization was always male-dominated and ruled by male values, but you might see if you can find a feminist civil rights lawyer, as you may have a case against SF library for screwing with your rights to freedom of speech and expression.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Thank you for your support! I am so glad to hear you are gathering and forming groups irl!

  • Meghan Murphy

    Indeed, men’s lies are destroying women’s history and activism. It’s so depressing.

  • Hanakai

    I have found that the mantra, “The world is mad and people are stupid” to explain most human phenomena.

    The young woman apparently does not know the difference between humans/mammals who reproduce sexually and fungal spores. People are stupid.

    • Purple Barnacle

      What I find quite interesting, in a sense, is that TAs on the surface seem to have a good knowledge of biology. You have to phrase your arguments carefully or they’ll bring fungi, seahorses or clownfish into the conversation. But at the same time they’re effectively claiming there’s no difference between human males and females. Their ideology is just full of contradictions, as it’s bound to be since it’s not based on material reality.

      I’d never heard this mantra, it’s definitely appropriate.

      • stmccrea

        That’s the one that baffles me completely. If gender is a social construct (which it is), then why are we insisting on assigning/resassigning genders to everyone, and in fact inventing new genders, meanwhile focusing on alterations of sex organs or simply asserting one’s “preferred gender” as a means of gaining “membership” into a gender which we just agreed was a social construct! And then trying to force everyone to OBEY the social construct that we’re critiquing because “I was a man born in a woman’s body!”

        If “sex” and “gender” are different things, and “gender” is a construct, why not break down the construct and quit acting like our socialized gender roles are something that defines our behavior? I really don’t get it. It is totally contradictory to its own premises.

        • la scapigliata

          I agree that gender is unnecessery, artificial and bogus, and it survives purely through willful ignorance and hipocrisy. But. Gender serves an extremely important purpose of oppressing and justifying violent subjugation of women by men. It provides an excuse for violence against women. Without gender, male supremacy would be exposed as a crime, rather than be touted as something natural, that women in fact enjoy/invite/deserve. Men who are profiting from gender hierarchy will defend gender with everything they’ve got, because if gender goes, they lose the massive unfair advantage on which they’ve built their self-worth as well as their empires.

  • cin

    I am close to Boston and wonder the same thing

  • Tinfoil the Hat

    PUA means “pick-up artist.” There was a book about how to become one. It was foul. It spawned a whole new genre of women-haters.

    • Lady Dark Helmet

      Thanks, I know what pick up artists are, I just wasn’ t thinking about the acronym. And while I haven’ t read that book, I have no doubt that it was foul given the stuff it was probably based on.

    • stmccrea

      Sorry, but it’s not a new game. These jerks are just saying out loud what’s been going on for centuries. A certain kind of man feels entitled to use women however he chooses, and lying, manipulating, pouting, threatening, crazy-making, and whatever tactics seem to “work” are all AOK. The ones just interested in “pickups” are actually less dangerous. The ones who use these tactics to get you into a relationship can be devastating or even deadly.

      Read my book, Jerk Radar, for more on these points.

      • Tinfoil the Hat

        Oh, you don’t need to school me on men and their ways, but thanks anyway.

        The only thing “new” about this was when the term PUA was coined, and men latched onto it with pride.

      • calabasa

        “The ones who use these tactics to get you into a relationship can be devastating or even deadly

        This is true, but it’s not because they’re PUAs, it’s because they’re born psychopaths or narcissists. PUAs for the most part don’t realize they’re emulating men with personality disorders.

        Except, of course, for rapists like Roosh, who ARE those men with personality disorders.

  • M. Zoidberg

    If you ever want to read about how fucking pathetic some of these “pick-up artists” (PUAs) happen to be, read The Game by Neil Strauss (don’t pay if you can help it). Emotionally stunted and insecure men are easy prey for cults. PUA is the cult of fast pussy, completely divorced from terrible things like emotion and commitment.

    • Lady Dark Helmet

      Oh, of course it’ s pick up artist! I know about them, and frankly I am not dying to know more about this crap because it makes me sad to know that people like this exist. And I am a misanthrope, so my opinion of humanity is not that high to begin with!

    • will

      “read The Game by Neil Strauss (don’t pay if you can help it). ”

      Or pick it up while in your nearby corporate bookstore (Chapters or the like), flip through it to get the gist of his hate, stick your chewing gum between the pages, and put it back on the shelf.

  • Tinfoil the Hat

    That asshole Scalia said it outright: women are not covered by the equal protection clause of the US Constitution.

  • Jen Miller

    Powerful article. It drives me mad that the “progressive” sections of society are so blind or indifferent to this vile behavior.

    • Serai 1

      Oh, you cannot – repeat, CANNOT – expect support from the “progressive movement”. They have ALWAYS been sexist assholes, going all the way back to the 60’s when the men made all the plans and the women were expected to just get coffee and let themselves be felt up between breaks. They will ALWAYS throw women under the bus. Do not expect support from that front. We’re on our own.

  • Tessa Anne

    amen to that. It does;t matter if we use a nice tone or a direct tone. Cede to their language or not. Either way we’re ‘TERFS’. We need to men to speak the truth – the whole truth. Because we can’t without being vilified.

  • acommentator

    FWIW, I have been out of law school for almost thirty years, but I still think that is the part of academia where radical feminism is taken most seriously. People like Catharine MacKinnon are recognized scholars whose writings are engaged with, not dismissed out of hand.

    The feminist legal critique of pornography, for example, will be included in any detailed study of the First Amendment. Study of abortion rights will include feminist critiques of Roe vs. Wade (such as the argument that it should have been founded on equal protection principles, not privacy).

    Much of feminist legal theory (and some law) comes out of the Second Wave, which therefore is discussed there, though of course aspects of it may be criticized.

    So one thought might be to see if there are any feminist legal groups at a local law school. If there are, it is highly likely that there will be radical feminists among them, and other women who may not identify as radical feminists but who nonetheless are familiar with radical feminist writing and interested in discussing it. That might lead to connections with others who have graduated, are teaching, etc.

    Just a thought . . .

  • Tessa Anne

    I’m in Australia. Here ‘sex’ is not a protected characteristic for vilification/inciting hatred, but in some states and territories ‘sexual orientation’ is.

  • -Jane Don’t-

    Yep, and music in general!

  • corvid

    “I find the art world kind of…frustrating in general. Lots of navel-gazing BS that I can’t stand.”

    Oh definitely. I’ll be blunt: there is no room for actual radicalism in the art world. The obvious reason being that it’s a playground for the wealthy and powerful.

    Art therapy sounds like a great path for you. I wish you all the best in pursuing that.

    • Hekate Jayne

      One thing about this whole thing that I find kind of pathetically sad and funny at the same time is the male idea of art.

      I mean, dude goes to home depot, buys an ax, paints the handle pink, and suddenly, he is fucking Picasso. Other dudes agree, and tax payers fund it because this is a piece of artwork that the public needs to see!

      I understand that the bar has to be set pretty low for males across the board, but especially so in creative areas because they have real trouble creating anything, it seems. But this seems really low, even for males.

      Doesn’t stop them from patting each other on the back for this GROUNDBREAKING ARTSY FANTASTIC ART, though.

      • corvid

        Lol! So much of what men do is a scam, amirite.

      • Dana

        This problem is likely worse with men than it is with women, but it’s a problem all across the board, and I have to say I am not always impressed with what radical feminists put out there either. It’s good that they try–it’s good when anyone tries to make art, if they’re not making it to threaten someone else *stares meaningfully at MTT lurkers*–but they’re a product of their surrounding culture, and the surrounding culture says art is Individualistic and Mysterious and an Identity and Only The Artist Knows What It All Really Means. Except art is a form of COMMUNICATION, and if I can’t tell what the fuck you’re saying, you didn’t really art at me.

        (“you” here meaning “people out there in general”.)

  • Liliana

    Love the way you break it down Meghan Murphy. It is good writing that gets the point across and it doesbnot sound convoluted like so much academic writing does. I showed this to my religious, conservative anti-feminist mother today when she asked me what I was reading. I handed her my phone and she put her glasses on and sat down to read it all. Just said “wow…” afterwords. I think she reached peak trans ! lol

    • Meghan Murphy


  • Meghan Murphy

    It is a real gift (to me, also!) to know how many women are on side, that’s for sure.

    • Bev Jo

      Yes, me too. Your and Gallus Mag’s work is helping show how many of us there are and really is hopeful. We can’t tell on facebook because of the banning.

      Samantha Bee’s latest tv show referred to facebook allowing horrific racism while banning feminists who criticize men. I was surprised she did that, but very glad she did!

      • Fubar

        It was seeing the violent tweets by these crazy trans women who think they are actually biological women that led me on this path. One thing led to another, I started following feminists and feminists allies, and here I am. I believe the sisterly solidarity is growing in the minds of women worldwide. I stand with women–females, regardless of their beliefs or political persuasion, it doesn’t matter. This is something that crosses party lines, states, countries and continents. Women deserve to be free from harassment and abuse. Women deserve to be liberated from the shackles of patriarchy.

        I have never been a stereotypical woman, but I have always been a female. By the logic of these insane gender theories, I would have been encouraged to become a trans man because I never owned a doll or Barbie. Everything I owned and played with would have been considered a “boys” choice. That’s insane. They were my choice because that’s who I am. I am a woman and I stand with my sisters.

  • Lady Dark Helmet

    LOL, re-reading my comment to you I feel like I should apologize because it seems like I was being flippant and sarcastic, while in reality I just wanted to thank you for your answer and explain why I didn’ t think of pick up artists when I read “PUAs”. Sorry if it came out wrong, I’ m not used to not being snarky and written comments are awful for that to begin with! O_O

  • Lady Dark Helmet

    Well, of course, the going their way part is only about treating women like human beings instead of sex dolls made of meat! In that case women are welcome, they just have to be hot and do whatever these assholes say!

  • Meghan Murphy


  • Hekate Jayne

    He has made “major headway”! In only a week!

    He is obviously just what us ineffective ladies need!

    I am giving dan a lot of shit. When the first sentence is WE have been “sleepwalking”, I just don’t get where dudes get this.

    WE have not been doing anything. MALES have been ignoring our voices, and we have been fighting this male bullshit for thousands of years. So to insinuate that women are ineffective, or somehow lacking in our efforts, or that we are getting it wrong is a fucking insult.

    Women are strong. And we are effective. We leave males in the fucking dust in every single area, and we surpass them while they have their boot on our fucking necks. And that frightens them. Well, it frightens the ones that aren’t taking a fucking nap.

  • Marla

    Oh that’s great, TERF is now being assigned as an orientation. Well, who didn’t see that coming?

  • Elise

    As said by a (lucid male) commenter on an other forum I read, following the Toronto attack, they are sadly the new ones among terrorist groups.

  • Elise

    I checked the French consitution. Discrimination on the basis of sex or sexual orientation is not explicitly forbidden, only origin, race, opinion and religion are listed.
    However the constitution does say that the law guarantees equal rights for women and men in all fields.
    Sex is not taken into account to define hate crime, only ethnicity, nation, religion, sexual orientation.

    • Wren

      In the U.S., if sex defined hate crime, half the male population (or more) would be in jail for beating a woman. It’s a lovely thought.

  • Serai 1

    It’s a terrorist campaign more than anything else. As always, in age after age, these woman-hating bigots take on the mantle of righteousness in order to terrify women into silence, to keep us from stating our demands and fighting for our rights. THIS is why the 70’s feminist wave was angry, loud, rude, and stubborn – because BEING NICE GETS YOU KILLED. We need to go back to that anger, that loud, rude, stubborn RAGE. We should never have abandoned it.

  • Serai 1

    They’re used to getting whatever they want, so they bully and threaten and terrorize when anyone dares to refuse them. That’s how you know they’re really just MEN.

  • Serai 1

    When speaking of the Goddess, Morning Glory Zell once said, “Mother Earth protect us from Yahweh in drag.” That’s how I feel about these so-called “activists”. They claim to be revolutionaries, but they’re just Yahweh in drag.

    • Dana

      The irony, of course, is that the Church of All Worlds enthusiastically and unquestioningly supports the trans narrative and also supports the shaming of all-woman, “WBW” Dianic groups.

      I don’t know if MG herself went along with that. She never had much to say in the online channels I frequented when I was in the church. But Oberon sure does, and so do most of the rank and file, enough to steer the church’s general direction.

      It wasn’t why I left–I left when I was still largely unaware of/uneducated about the politics of genderism–but it’s one reason I stay away, even though I love SOME of what they stand for.

  • Serai 1

    Please do not tar us all with the same brush. I’m a liberal and I think this is disgusting.

  • Adam King

    You are literally saying people’s identities are not okay. That is literal violence.

    • Meghan Murphy

      I’m gonna go ahead and assume this is satire.

    • FierceMild

      Punching someone (a TERF, perhaps) = literal violence
      Challenging someone’s statemtent (no you’re not a woman, you’re a man) = disagreement

    • M. Zoidberg

      No, it’s not “literal” violence. You need to go back to school and learn the meanings of words.

      For instance, woman is a biological human female with sex characteristics that allow for the gestating of a fetus.

      Violence against trans-identified males is committed by other men. Yet, here you are, spitting at a bunch of women on the internet simply because we know that words already have their meanings, and they are not whadderverthefuck you want them to mean.

      Seriously, get your ass back to school. You sound like an idiot.

    • Cassandra

      Nobody has any obligation to agree with someone’s identity.

    • No, it’s not. (PhD in communication here.) “literal” means that’s what’s really happening, without question. “Violence” means physical assault. Hitting someone is literal violence. Saying someone deserves to be hit is, at most, a threat, and if in a theoretical context, not even that. Otherwise half the trans-identified cultists in SF would have been tried for “literal violence” (ie assault of women) ages ago. You can’t have it both ways. If saying women who disagree deserve punching, raping, and killing, then definitely we didn’t light the fire and people who appropriated women’s identities did. And need to be imprisoned every time they “literally” commit violence. Which good luck finding a venue for such a legal case.

    • Serai 1

      You are literally using the word “literally” wrong. That is literal ignorance.

  • Dana

    Thank you. I’ve been saying this too. In fact, I’ve started referring to them as “centrist liberals” or “liberal centrists” (preferring the first one) to get the point across. As a *further* matter of fact, I’d hazard a guess that most of the people currently calling themselves “leftists” or “socialists” are more liberal than not, they are so obsessed with individualism. Every single political movement in this country cannot be individualistic, sorry (not). We need a counterbalance to all this f?!king navel-gazing.

  • Dana

    They can only erase our history if we let them.

    I do not intend to let them.

  • Omzig Online

    I’ve been looking for a Radfem meetup, too!

    Anyone know of one in the US south/southwest?

    • calabasa

      Meep meep!

      Fellow southwestern radfem here! 🙂

  • Dana

    Ironically, the term “incel” was created by a woman. She’s pretty pissed off that men have gone and run away with it, too. She came up with the term as a way to get people, primarily women, together online to discuss how difficult it is when you want a sex life (with someone besides yourself) and can’t have one, and next thing she knew a bunch of stupid man-babies had hijacked the term as a pretext to abuse women.

  • Bev Jo

    That is such Important history for all to know! Also, over 80% of these men identifying as women and lesbians do not have surgery and are quite capable of raping in the usual sense. Or just going back to their het male lives after the thrill wears off.

  • Bev Jo

    These men control the media and almost no one even knows about the triple murder, even in Oakland.

    They are re-writing history. All I can hope is that they enrage someone powerful, but for now, almost everyone supports them. The most problematical is the support they get from women, while those of us protesting are targeted, banned, threatened, etc.

  • Bev Jo

    But also where we had an extremely strong Lesbian Feminist community. Some of us still exist, but are under siege and threat.

  • Tara C

    Trans activists remind me of that scene in the Handmaid’s tale when Jthe woman who will be taking and adopting Janine’s baby is sitting behind mer mimicking the pain and effort of childbirth in an attempt to appropriate the experience as her own.

    I can imagine some of these trans activists doing the same thing. Wearing fake pregnancy bumps throughout the surrogate mother’s pregnancy. Going into “labour” at the same time as the surrogate. Reacting with explosive and violent denial if anybody dared to say “yeah, but it wasn’t really you who gave birth to the baby”.

    Actually, one doesn’t need to imagine such a thing. Anybody heard of “couvade”? If not, check it out on wiki.

    • Wren

      I also feel this happens whenever I see that a couple “had” a baby through surrogacy. No, YOU didn’t HAVE the baby. The woman that you paid to rent her womb did! Anyway, The Handmaid’s Tale is certainly a condemnation of surrogacy as well, although probably no libfems will acknowledge this.

      • shutupandknit

        THANK YOU!

        Sadly the “libfems” are busy ogling over the gay couples who just want to use her womb. She’s entirely too stupid to value her body. Gestation is something you should only risk if you value having and raiding the child. Obstetrics is still a risky venture, women should not be so cavalier about how they choose to use their bodies. There is so much data about how women don’t give/get enough maternity leave for the essentially (minimally) 1 year process their bodies go through to properly heal. Post-parted healing and self care is ignored so that women can go back to work.

        For years as I see these famous gay couples talk about “surrogate shopping” I would practically retch at the images of the Handmaiden’s Tale go through my head. And I’m not talking the tv series. Surrogacy is another way to keep poor women indentured and leaching their bodies for the benefit of others.

  • FierceMild

    I live in one of them. I’ve been campaigning.

  • Wren

    Thanks for mentioning this! I didn’t realize there had been any recent progress. It seems Illinois is poised to be the 37th state. Fingers crossed!

  • Lady Dark Helmet

    Ah, ok! I just felt like I was being a sarcastic jerk, but in fact it was one of the few times in my life in which I wasn’ t!

  • Kangstrom

    It’s a perfect example of the old classic “Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them.” When we don’t accept trans as women, we are laughing at them. And many of them create such parody of women that they are ridiculous. In response, they threaten to kill us.

  • Tobysgirl

    I didn’t say anything about the greatest threat to them. I do not see them as gender-nonconforming in any way whatsoever. And they can claim whatever they want, it does not mean I have to go along with their absurdity. And I am well aware of the danger they pose to lesbians, to all women. We are speaking here specifically about the degenerates, I assume, and they are just a bunch of ugly, nasty, cowardly fascists.

  • Mica Hind

    I don’t think the analogies are correct. “I punch TERFs” could more accurately be linked to “Kill Nazis” or “I beat religious extremists.” Equating Anti-Trans radical activists with all women is massively disingenuous.

    Maria MacLauchlan had already assaulted Wolf’s partner when she, herself, was attacked, she had been filming the activists and had already been asked to stop, this is because anti-trans activists often dox transwomen, putting them at risk of violence, with such hysterical and hateful sites as ‘Gender Identity Watch.’

    Like all political activists, there are always some who use the language of violence, often openly. This includes trans-activists (whether assigned male or female at birth, I should point out,) feminist activists (both cis and trans) racists, antifa, religious groups and atheists.

    Transfolk are constantly at risk of violence, so slogans like these help empower people who are often some of the most at risk in society. I don’t condone it, but I do understand it. To be honest, I find more trans-men utilising violent language and slogans in this manner, possibly because it helps them feel more masculine, I don’t know. However since anti-trans bigots target transwomen almost exclusively, its not surprising that they see them as ‘violent perpertrators’ – especially when they continually hound them and campaign for the removal of their rights as women.

    • Meghan Murphy

      Maria didn’t assault anyone. Filming people in a public place is not violence. Feminists do not spend their time ‘doxxing’ people. Nor do they ‘target’ ‘transwomen.’ Stop this nonsense. We are fighting for our rights and spaces, which are under attack.

      I’m sure spoiled men do feel ’empowered’ by threatening women who disagree with them with violence, but too bad.

    • therealcie

      I don’t deny that trans people are at risk of violence. However, branding women who disagree with any aspect of the trans activist agenda in a way that puts them at risk for violence does nothing to help trans people. I get branded a “terf” for the fact that I don’t think it’s wise to physically transition people who haven’t yet reached adulthood and for believing that abolishing rigid gender roles might mean that fewer people feel the need to physically transition. I don’t hate people who have transitioned. Yet the people whom this article talks about would be more than happy to do violence to me. I don’t think that’s an okay way to think at all.

    • Zoë Lafantaisie

      Every single thing you said is the exact opposite of the truth. Nice try!

    • fadremxvx

      ‘”I punch TERFs” could more accurately be linked to “Kill Nazis” or “I beat religious extremists.”‘ False. Anyone who disagrees with or even questions genderist ideology is blacklisted as a “TERF.” And the majority of those who are labelled “TERF” are women, specifically those who recognize gender as the tool of sex-based oppression (patriarchy) and speak out against it.

      “…this is because anti-trans activists often dox transwomen, putting them at risk of violence, with such hysterical and hateful sites as ‘Gender Identity Watch.'” Uh, what? No. Radfems certainly will expose violent TRAs and TIMs, but that’s after they have *already been* violent. Meanwhile, TRAs and TIMs will stalk, harass and abuse women for such crimes against humanity as misgendering them or, I dunno, simply existing. (Also, maybe look up the history and etymology of the word “hysteria.” It’s misogynistic and woefully ironic that you chose to use that.)

      “Transfolk are constantly at risk of violence, so slogans like these help empower people who are often some of the most at risk in society.” Conflated, falsified statistics have catalyzed this myth that “transfolk are constantly at risk of violence” to a further extent than are females, and it’s been done as a way to silence the conversation about violence against women. Those who are concerned about the violence that trans-identified people are subjected to should be targeting those who and that which perpetrate the violence–males, gender, patriarchy–not the women who are speaking up for themselves and other women. Also, hundreds of women and girls are getting beaten, raped, tortured, and murdered every second. So using the <50 annual deaths of trans-identified people as an argument for the silencing of women talking about sex-based violence is pure, concentrated misogyny.

      Additionally, anyone who is "empowered" by violence isn't empowered at all. Confidence ≠ empowerment, and any confidence derived from violence is disturbing at best and dangerous at worst.

      "However since anti-trans bigots target transwomen almost exclusively, its not surprising that they see them as 'violent perpertrators' – especially when they continually hound them and campaign for the removal of their rights as women." These "bigots" you're referring to are the women who are demanding their *own* rights as women, as humans, to be accepted as women, as humans, to live without being chained by gender, to not live in fear of sex-based violence–meanwhile, "transwomen" are men who believe that a woman is the group of feminized behaviors, commodities, and personality characteristics attributed to women: literally just gender roles, arbitrary and damaging stereotypes. "Transwomen" are not women, and their claim that they are is inherently misogynistic. The enemy here is gender, is patriarchy, *not the women who are trying to live healthy, fulfilling lives in spite of it.*

  • Meghan Murphy

    Why is it offensive to understand what ‘male’ and ‘female’ mean? Do you also feel offended when people tell you the earth is round?

  • Meghan Murphy

    You have literally made no arguments in defense of your claims. Try again.

  • Zoë Lafantaisie

    She is speaking for herself and many other women who agree with her. How is libfem a sneering epithet?

  • Zoë Lafantaisie

    Did you hear about Chelsea Manning’s dramatic threat of suicide yesterday? I agree, the ones who threaten are having tantrums.

  • Meghan Murphy

    These articles do not prove you can change your biological sex. Sorry.

  • Tessa Anne

    the thing is, in most countries there is already a position of ‘balance’ achieved under law – where males who ‘identify as women’ can be legally recognised as female under certain circumstances (e.g. with sex change surgery or at least psychological assessment). I think that is also bogus, and contrary to reality but the fact is that is where we are in most places and trans activists are trying to push past that to this ‘self identification’ nonsense. Feminist have already accepted a ridiculous position – trans are trying to push more, against fairness and reason.

  • TwinMamaManly

    Gosh! Thank you for coming here and mansplaining to us how it is.

  • M. Zoidberg

    Don’t be obtuse, shitbag.

    “my life partner ceased to be a woman long ago”

    She’s no longer alive? She’s a… g-ghost??

    You certainly can’t mean that your partner is a man now, because mutilating a body to be the opposite gender doesn’t change that person’s sex.

    Let’s not get too simplistic.

    Lol, I think it needs to be dumbed down even more:

    Man = Man
    Woman = Woman
    Man ≠ Woman

  • I am a bit nervous, because I am an ‘old’ Political Science-grad feminist and have decided to finally do my Law degree at 39. I just *know* this issue is going to come up at some point, and I am legitimately scared of what the repercussions might be for arguing that sex matters in law.

    I wonder out loud whether to just toe the line in undergrad and wait till I get the degree, or risk not being able to get it, or, if I decide to practice, it might even threaten my ability to do that. That’s what seems to be happening these days. It’s bonkers that academic institutions and professional boards can muffle thought like this.

    I don’t really plan to practice law (it’s mostly just a bucket-list thing), so not terribly bothered. But even I am feeling anxious about this, and I never, ever believe in keeping my mouth shut. Ha.

  • Meghan Murphy

    I think your friend group is representative! More and more people are becoming fed up with all this nonsense. So long as brave women keep speaking up, more will join us xx

    • Yeah, that’s the thing… this stuff shouldn’t require bravery. It continues to boggle my mind.

      I am still quite careful with my words, because my daughter is embedded in this shit (she means well, and will come around) and it could damage my relationship with her (even though I push her a little, I know how not to go too far), and fledgling business, and all that stuff, but I am gently doing my part until I can afford to be shoutier. I don’t hide it (post under real name, don’t care), but I am still a bit too scared of these people to be brave like you & others on here, Meghan.

      Still it absolutely amazes me to see college politics become what it has. I was a student politician back in the day (only 20 years ago) and the biggest issue was fighting for women’s spaces/women’s officers day in day out… this is just next level, sophisticated shit……

  • yrba

    Lol. This dude doesn’t know that well over 99%of people have genitals that match their.chromosomes. We, and he, don’t need tests. For almost everyone, unless someone has ambiguous genitalia, is to look in one’s pants. That will tell you if you’re female or male.
    The statement that sex or gender is “assigned” at birth is likewise ignorant.
    Sex isn’t assigned. It is *acknowledged* at birth, for almost every one. Only in the case of babies with ambiguous genitalia, or who’ve been tested for their chromosomes and found to be intersex, are some “assigned” a sex at birth.
    Gender is the product of the way we are.socialized *by other people* from birth, onward. We have no say over our socialization, including of our sex role socialization. Psychologists tell us 80% of our neuropathways have been laid down by age 5. We are almost entirely hardwired by that age into the sex role that we have been treated as by others.

    Even in the rare case of males or females who have been raised as the opposite sex, the parents still know the sex of the child, so they are still socializing the child into the sex role stereotypes of that sex. Someone can’t just wipe that away at age 5 or later. Or even age 3. That’s now how socialiZation works. We’re socialized by others, and the main socialized, the parents, know the baby’s actual sex.

  • stmccrea

    Too many conservatives and right-wing extremists do the same as well. The problem is not liberals/progressives, it is the substitution of emotional outbursts for fair and responsible negotiation of power issues, and the use of right/wrong “reasoning” to justify violence at both ends of the “political spectrum.” And of course, the most powerful suppressors are laughing all the way to the bank while “liberals” and “conservatives” waste their time and energy beating each other and themselves up while they are manipulated by the real leaders of patriarchal oppression.

  • BeeWall

    Creative solutions to the potential rape of women and girls? Explain, please.

  • Zoë Lafantaisie

    You have no right to label me. I am not a cis woman, I am a woman. And I know I can’t be a trans woman because only men can be transwomen. You focus on vaginas and then accuse me of being focused on vaginas – that textbook, classic gaslighting.

    You’re pretending you don’t know the difference between male and female, man and woman. Trans-identified men who have a surgical hole made from their inverted penis is not a vagina. If you know anything about women’s bodies (which clearly you’re having a challenge with) you will know that our reproductive organs are far more complex than just holes.

    We do not assign sex, it is observed. I will not stoop to answering your ridiculous, offensive, misogynist “questions.” These are judgements and put downs disguised as questions. I am a woman because I was born a woman – it’s pretty easy to understand once you get off the kool-aid. In your case I would strongly advise doing so and maybe learn to respect your mother a little more – you know, the one who birthed you through her actual vagina.

  • shutupandknit

    Many “libfems” don’t see surrogacy as an issue. Their rationale is that their bodies are capable and they aren’t using it for that function, so they rent out their wellbeing to a couple gays or infertile couple.

  • stmccrea

    Very well said!

  • stmccrea

    I don’t agree that gender as a concept necessarily HAS to cause violence, but the way gender and gender roles have been defined most definitely justifies and reinforces violence toward females, and toward non-conforming males as well.

  • stmccrea

    Still waiting for that answer I’ve still never gotten…

  • Meghan Murphy

    It’s shaming to be honest? Get over yourself.

  • Meghan Murphy

    In reality, gender has nothing to do with what someone’s body looks like. You’re confusing sex with gender.

    No feminist thinks people should be ‘treated as freaks based on how they feel.’ Stop with this nonsense and make an actual argument based on what feminists are actually saying.

  • Virginia Howard

    Hysterectomy. It’s called a hysterectomy.

  • Virginia Howard

    Gender is the performance, biological sex is the material reality.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Disagreeing with trans ideology doesn’t lead to the harassment of people who are gender non-conforming, supporting rigid gender roles does.

  • Meghan Murphy

    No one is gender binary. No one identifies wholly with gender stereotypes. No one fits in this system. People feel they *should* or they *try to* fit in the system, but no one is a stereotype.

    Trans ideology is the notion that gender is innate, and that it’s possible to be ‘born in the wrong body’.

  • stmccrea

    Unfortunately, that fringe element you mention has a lot of political power, as evidenced by these bizarre attempts to ban lesbians from the “Dyke March” because their views don’t line up with said fringe element’s political agenda. That’s the real point of the article here. I don’t think anyone is advocating violence against trans people or advocating not allowing a person to identify themselves however they see fit. The problem comes when the views of one element in this struggle feel empowered to subjugate the needs and viewpoint of others who are ostensibly their allies in the struggle. I could still identify as a woman despite my sexual organs, and yet allow that there are some “woman-only” spaces where I might not be welcome due to my status as being born a man. There is only a contradiction if my goal is to dominate the group I want to gain entry into despite the needs of those who are part of that group.

  • Meghan Murphy

    You’re conflating sex with gender. Gender = gender roles/stereotpes, sex = bodies.

    I think you’re a bit behind the times/simple re: homosexuality, even. FOr some, it may be innate, for others, a choice. The point is: who cares. Choosing lesbianism or not doesn’t make it any less legit.

    Trans has nothing to do with homosexuality, in any case. Homosexuality is about who you are attracted to/fuck/have intimate relationships with. Trans is about delusion or a desire to have a different body. It has nothing to do with material reality.

  • Meghan Murphy


  • Meghan Murphy

    You are wrong, sir. Gender is about stereotypes and roles. You just don’t understand what gender is and how it works, but think you do and refuse to listen to those who actually DO know what they are talking about. Do you know why this might be? I’ll give you a hint: GENDER.

  • marv

    ‘The more important thing is how we, as human beings, treat one another.’

    Show us some evidence then that you live by your word. You have made many comments on FC consuming the labour time and energy of the moderator. Are you contributing money to the labourer? Or are you exploiting her by expecting the work to be free, like male society does with housework and childcare? Treating fairly or stealing? It’s a choice.

  • JingFei

    TL;DR: “Yeah a small minority of Transactivists are advocating violence against women BUT OMG! Their identity! Trans people’s feelings are so much more important! What if they feel bad? What if they get offended?”

    Dude, you know 0 about this. It’s a waste of time to talk to you.

    Come back when actually care about real violence against women.

  • Meghan Murphy

    lol. “Neutral party” my ass.

  • calabasa

    “If you are raped do you worry about the harsh decision to possibly end a life?”

    So much, this. Twice I have had this worry. Once I had an abortion, when I got pregnant by my abuser at 19.

    Not something a trans woman’s really gotta worry about.