What’s Current: 19-year-old man charged with the rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon

  • Earlier this week, Eurydice Dixon was raped and murdered while walking home through a park in Melbourne, Australia.  Police responded by warning “people” to be vigilant when walking home alone. 19-year-old Jaymes Todd — a stranger to Dixon — has now been charged. Dixon is the thirtieth woman  who has been murdered in Australia this year.
  • The first-ever inventory of sexual abuse cases in Canadian schools has been released, revealing that  nearly 1300 kids were victimized by school employees over the last 20 years. The perpetrators were overwhelmingly men preying on girls.
  • Shah Hussain — who stabbed Khadija Siddiqui 23 times in 2016 because she rejected his advances — has had his conviction for attempted murder overturned by Pakistan’s high court. Outrage over the acquittal has led the country’s Supreme Court to step in and  review the case.
  • The New York Philharmonic is considering changing their dress code so that women can wear pants. Currently, they are the only major orchestra in the US that requires female musicians to wear skirts.
  • Argentina is one step closer to decriminalizing abortion. Congress voted 129-125 in favour of a bill to legalize abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy.
Lisa Steacy
Lisa Steacy

Lisa Steacy is an Assistant Editor at Feminist Current. She has a B.A. in Women & Gender Studies from the University of Toronto. However, the women she met in her five years as a frontline worker and collective member with Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter deserve almost all of the credit for her feminist education. She lives in Vancouver with her partner and their cats.

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  • Alienigena

    “If patience, kindness, being loving and forgiving, is so fucking beneficial, then Why are the hateful, murderous males always doing just fine? And they are still murdering, raping and terrorizing women and girls?”

    I cannot give this enough of a ‘thumbs up’. So true.

  • Alienigena

    ” Police responded by warning “people” to be vigilant when walking home alone. 19-year-old Jaymes Todd — a stranger to Dixon — has now been charged.”

    This is sort of on par with women constantly being lumped in with sexual minorities in the LGBT++ communities. Thereby implying that women automatically have interests in common with these groups or that their perspectives and experiences are equivalent to members of these marginalised groups, so a TIM can stand in for a biological female because ‘what’s the diff?’. Women make up half the population of the planet and while they are also members of other ethnic, religious, racial, sexual minority groups they are a majority group within the human population (when sex ratios are not skewed by femicide). I know that media outlets like Democracy Now can’t stop referencing LGBT++ groups in the same breath as women, even in the context of stories that talk about women trying to escape domestic violence (from biological males) by migrating to the US or about their being expelled from the US because domestic violence is a ‘private’ issue. I wish leftist media would quit conflating women with LGBT++. Women leaving their home countries because of male violence are biological females. Their concerns are not identical to those of the LGBT++ community. Women’s interests are being lost because LGBT++ interests have taken centre stage. What is also offensive is how shabbily the ‘L’ portion of LGBT are treated because they are biological females and because they don’t centre biological males in their lives.

    • Can’tUnseeIt

      RE: ” Police responded by warning “people” to be vigilant when walking home
      alone. 19-year-old Jaymes Todd — a stranger to Dixon — has now been

      This is a joke? Right? What woman needs to be told to be vigilant when walking home alone day or night? And “people” as if women aren’t most often targeted. By the time a girl is seven years old she knows to spin her head in every direction when walking alone anywhere. By the time you’re nineteen you feel like a bobble-head from the hyper-vigilance required to stay safe.

  • Maria Gatti

    You should, as while I think that piece of shit was every bit as disgusting as you do, I am squarely against the death penalty. Please go back to progressive thinkers from the Enlightenment on. The question is not so much of mercy as of not to descending to the level of such killers.

    Progressive people the world over, including feminists, have rallied against the death penalty for at least two centuries. It has been classist and racist in its application.

    • Hekate Jayne

      I am totally fine with you thinking of yourself as better than me, more progressive then me. I am also totally fine with my “application” being viewed by you as “classist and racist”, while I am neither of those.

      It’s an impossibility for me to “descend to the level of such killers”. I don’t know of any woman that does. Women don’t routinely kill or rape.

      What anyone thinks of me is the least of my concerns. My concern is the safety of women and girls.

      I have no interest in sanctimoniously or self righteously taking the “high road”. Especially since this is routinely advice given to women in an effort to keep them more easily in the control of males, whom are never directed to do such noble things. And yet, males are thriving.

      Thanks so much for the instruction, though. Perhaps you might try preaching to the males. I look forward to finding out how that works for you.

    • acommentator

      “It has been classist and racist in its application.”

      If so, then the response should be to work on ensuring that all of those who deserve the penalty get it, not to let off some people who richly deserve it because others who deserve it got off.

      To me, the death penalty is the only moral penalty for particularly heinous murders. It is immoral to me to let someone live who has committed a particularly heinous murder (torture, rape, children, something like that). There is no justice there for the victims. And the things that make the murder qualify for the death penalty go without any punishment at all if all you can do is lock up the murderer.

      The Connecticut Supreme Court recently threw out the death penalty. There was no doubt about the guilt of any of the people on death row. You had a couple guys on there who had tied a couple of teenage girls to beds in a home invasion and set the room on fire using gasoline. Another guy in there had ordered the murder of an 8 year old boy who had the misfortune to had accidentally witnessed a murder the guy committed.

      Your statement that executing people like that amounts to “descending to the level of such killers” is incomprehensible to me. I can see no equivalent whatsoever between executing people like this after a fair trial and the murders of innocent people.

      • Hekate Jayne

        About the “couple of guys” that tied those teen girls to their beds, doused them with gasoline, and then set them on fire. Are you referring to Chesire?

        That was especially heinous. Those 2 picked that family because one of them had just happened to see the youngest girl and her mother at a grocery store, and he wanted to fuck her. She was 11 or 12.

        Of course, he raped her repeatedly before setting them on fire. And when he talked to the police, he spoke About it like he had consensual sex with an adult.

        I still think About them. They went to a fucking grocery store and didn’t know that this murderous shitbag was following them, that he had followed them home.

        They need to be put down. End of.

        • acommentator

          “Are you referring to Chesire?
          That was especially heinous.”

          It was.

          But then, all of the people on death row in CT had done worse than simply murder (!) someone. One did not get the death penalty for simply murdering someone. Indeed, the CT Supreme Court ruled (properly) in another case that the ambush of a police officer did not qualify for it because he had died almost instantly in a hail of bullets. Under that law there had to be more than ordinary suffering.

          And there were white guys and minority guys. It was a fair system, and should have been easily upheld as constitutional. Except, as with the poster above, the Court bought into “progressive” arguments and over turned it.

          • Hekate Jayne

            Male lives are precious, even when they murder women and girls.

            I take your word that the system was fair.

            I used to be interested in prisons because of the unfairness of that particular system and the unabashed cruelty of it. There is just so much wrong about it, the way that the prisoners are treated, and so many people that shouldn’t be there. And then I read the prison rape statistic that says that 1 in 8 male prisoners will be raped by other males. So male prisoners have a 50% better chance of escaping male rape than women do walking around in the free world.

            Discovering that males in prison have a better chance of escaping male violence than women killed any sympathy that I had. Dudes love their patriarchy, and prisons and all of the shit that comes with it is just a single cog in the patriarchal wheel. Males can work it out amongst themselves, it is not my problem. Whatever minimal changes they make only seems to benefit males, anyway, what happened with the death penalty is evidence of that.

            And for clarity, I am not big on revenge. I just happen to think that if a male is so fucking confused about what rape is, that he is unsafe, and he is going to stay unsafe. The only way to guarantee the safety of women and girls is to get rid of them.

            It’s endlessly amazing to me that I take shit for saying so. My opinion hasn’t killed a single person. And yet, males that actually commit heinous violence against us are excused with a ton of “reasons”. Getting rid of those males is self defense. Nothing more and nothing less.

          • Wren

            I find it deeply disturbing that we cannot have a conversation about this on a radfem site without being sanctimoniously shamed.

          • Hekate Jayne

            If I wanted to be accused of being emotional or being told what I can or can’t talk about, I would talk to males.

            It is sad that women will police us so the males don’t have to.

          • FierceMild

            I agree. Talking with others helps me clarify my own view. Some people have put more thought into their positions than I have and some people just come at every topic differently to how I do. It makes me a better thinker and forces me to be more articulate.

    • Wren

      “Please go back to progressive thinkers from the Enlightenment on. The question is not so much of mercy as of not to descending to the level of such killers.”

      This is patronizing. We women have every right to bemoan the lack of justice for those who are tortured and murdered and to express our rage without being told we are unenlightened, cruel people (seems like Hekate’s point is completely lost on you). Seriously, go give your lectures elsewhere.

    • M. Zoidberg

      There are people, mostly men, who are monsters. There is no reasoning with them — they are monsters, and will do monstrous things if given the opportunity. Those people need to die.

      The “no death penalty” philosophy was once mansplained to me by a date who said that “we must be better than our enemies, and hold the higher moral ground by not doing to them what they would do to us.”

      Now that’s all fine and dandy for Mr. upper middle-class man who has only ever experienced crime as an abstract concept… but for the rest of us who have experienced crime, it gets to a certain point where compassion has to be in the form of an execution date. Monsters are not meant for this civilised world. Might as well send them on their way sooner than later.

  • Maria Gatti

    Yes, those crimes are far more rare, and almost never physically violent. It is a ludicrous equivalency.

  • Candice Smith

    not defending adult female teachers preying on young boys, but I suspect most of these cases are actually boys molesting their female teachers. same thing with female doctors preying on male patients…..

    • Hekate Jayne

      Teenage boys are more than capable of raping and murdering girls. And women are socialized to give into males and prioritize their wants, needs and demands, and boys find out early that women and girls are for their use.

      Males know this, which is why when there is a female teacher in trouble for having sex with a teenage boy, they laugh and say “why couldn’t MY teachers have been hot and fucking me when I was in school”. The only time the say that it is abuse is when they can bludgeon women with it.

      Teenagers can drive and work. Young girls are held responsible for everything, yet males are somehow life long infants.

  • Clock Town

    There are several articles on The Age about Eurydice Dixon. Depressingly (and predictably) instead of focusing on the fact that yet another young woman was raped and murdered by a man, many of the reader comments are of the “not all men” variety.

    • M. Zoidberg

      >>”many of the reader comments are of the “not all men” variety.”

      Because it’s always men’s feelings above women’s autonomy and safety. Can’t have a bunch of men going around with hurt feelz… What a world!!

    • Mexican American Lesbian

      Sometimes I wonder whether most of these men saying not all men are rapists themselves. Seriously, how many times have we told them “Yes not all men, but yes all women!”.

    • Frilly Prosecutor

      @zoidberggreatpowerful:disqus Absolutely. It’s a dangerous world for women anyway, but it’s women’s job to placate angry men or risk further danger. Must also soothe their feelings because men oops I mean women are such unstable, emotional creatures and there’s no telling what they might do when their feelings get hurt.
      @mexican_american_lesbian:disqus I agree. I remember one time sitting in my office at work and genuinely wondering (despite how well I got on with my male colleagues) how many of them might actually be paedophiles/rapists/abusers. The number of women I know who have been raped or suffered other kinds of abuse is in the double digits. I include myself in that number as I was regularly sexually assaulted by my vile, hulking great brute of a brother (fortunately not raped, it never got further than groping me, grabbing my breasts, things like that).

      *I’m not a bloke btw, It just amuses me to use an avatar of a pretty boy in frilly clothing to dispense justice to creeps in frocks pretending to be women.

  • Mexican American Lesbian
  • Mexican American Lesbian

    You’d be genuinely surprised how common it is for women to prey on men, though as @mariagatti:disqus says, it isn’t as violent.


  • Hekate Jayne

    Anyone that believes that women go around “raping” males has never talked to a male, or heard a male, lol.

  • Wren

    It’s disgusting that your father does that. It makes my skin crawl.

  • TwinMamaManly

    I agree entirely. And yet I had one particular male still obtuse enough to argue that the violence and misogyny in video games and porn were harmless. He suggested the only way to make the streets safe was to lock up these “mentally ill” individuals. The terrifying thing is the the vast majority of these perpetrators are not mentally ill – they are ordinary males who take an opportunity, or they may have a personality disorder which is effectively untreatable. I told him the only way to have safe streets is to have a male only curfew. But then we have the issue of violence perpetrated within the home and other private or semi-private spaces, which is where the vast majority of sexual violence and other violence is committed.

  • Wren

    Excuse me? Did I say I support the death penalty? My point is that we have the right to discuss it. And this point is clearly lost on you as well since you just told me “don’t even write about it”. Really, read more carefully.

  • Wren

    Anecdotally it makes no sense either (not saying this is hard evidence, but there’s always corroboration or the research is suspicious). I’ve known a few men who were legitimately abused by their female partners, meaning she was controlling and verbally abusive, but never did they fear violence from her. (I have known gay men who were physically abused by other men, however). Even the puniest man can fight back against any woman other than one who is a black belt MMA or is abnormally large and powerful. I have never had a close male friend or boyfriend ever confess to me that they were sexually abused by a woman, but of course, EVERY SINGLE FEMALE FRIEND I’ve ever had has an assault or abuse story. All of them. Am I to believe that I have lived in an alternate universe? I don’t think so.

  • Wren

    “and drew all sorts of odd conclusions while seeking to pursue some sort of controversial narrative in an effort to be be published.”

    Yeah, I agree that is probably the motivation, other than possibly “research” funded by MRAs.

  • Hekate Jayne

    So we aren’t allowed to talk about it? And we are all rage and emotion?

    Wow. You sound just like a dude, lol.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Congratulations on making a discussion about MVAW about how males have it so “poorly”.

    As usual, you are making sure to center males, and basing that on a pure bullshit “study”.

    Your masters will be proud.

  • FierceMild

    Thanks. It was comparatively mild and I did split his lip for him, but that didn’t save the girls and women he went on to rape.

  • FierceMild

    I am opposed to the death penalty as a rule. In events clearly motivated by predation I think the death penalty should be entertained. This is not emotion (though such happenings do outrage me) it is a political position.

    I am also interested in why you believe that emotion is inherently bad when speaking on political topics.

    • will

      “I am also interested in why you believe that emotion is inherently bad when speaking on political topics.”

      I’m also interested in how specifically she defines “vengeance” as opposed to “justice”. I guess when women are in pain it’s vengeance; if a dude is in pain it’s justice???

  • FierceMild

    It also references itself heavily if you follow its links.

    • TwinMamaManly

      Circular reasoning. Downgrading to an F.

  • FierceMild

    The paper you keep citing claims women experience rape at a rate of 19% does that honestly seem correct to you?

  • Meghan Murphy

    Do you think men live in fear of women ‘sexually assaulting’ them?

    • TwinMamaManly

      I think a lot of men probably dream of it…..

  • TwinMamaManly

    Why shouldn’t we react with “rage and emotion” to the unchecked and unfettered pandemic of sexual violence and murder inflicted daily on women, girls and children around the world? The men inflict their “rage and emotion” on us without any qualms. Being sane and rational and reasonable and calm had got us barely anywhere.

  • TwinMamaManly

    It’s not vengeance. It’s removing dangerous, predatory and damaged human specimens from the gene pool. We do this with all sorts of apex predators, why not our own kind?

    When there are people out there eating babies and raping toddlers and tying little girls to clotheslines to torture them – they need to be put down like the vermin they are.

  • TwinMamaManly

    Was it a bunch of incels fantasising?

    I couldn’t think of ANY woman who would go to such lengths for a “ride”.

    The insanity and absurdity of such crap floating around online really exasperates me.

  • TwinMamaManly

    Not to mention the blindingly obvious inherent physical strength and size differences between the sexes.

    Has anyone come across a study on the differences in sex in enacting the flight/fight/freeze response to danger?

  • Tobysgirl

    I live in a state (Maine) that abolished the death penalty in 1867. Yes, we have violent crime here, and I have no idea how we stack up statistically. Whenever people freaked out that I was going to live in NYC, I would point out to them that there are more people in Manhattan than in the entire state of Maine. Very few murders are stranger murders, though those have increased, mostly drug-related murders. We seem, like most places, to harbor men who kill their female partners and sometimes their children. One of the most disturbing murders in recent years was a young woman who had a history of mental illness, declared herself trans, was given testosterone (provider should be sued, but presumably the victim’s family knows nothing about transgenderism), and went into a grocery store and stabbed a woman to death. Last I read, she was referred to as a she instead of he, and she apologized for her actions and will spend a long time institutionalized.

  • M. Zoidberg

    >>”pure rage and emotion

    Yeah, we’re allowed to be angry. Men need to learn our rage is real (like when Hekate knocked the shit out of her abusive ex.)

    Some men will learn with a good smack, but many won’t, and that’s when you have to put death on the table. No sense wasting time on a man who can’t learn.

    >>”wrongly convicted

    4.1%, as stated in a Newsweek article. Fine, imperfect racist and classist system… still 95.9% who deserve to have their light go out. Guess we’ll just give them a pep-talk about respecting life and send them on their way when over-taxed prison systems can’t afford to hold them any longer?

    And how about the 38% of women globally who are wiped from existence by their male intimate partners? No justice, no recourse… guess we just have to learn to forgive them, like “good” women, right? Because that’s a woman’s cornerstone — to be all-forgiving?

    >>”It is expensive

    Bullets are cheap.

    >>”My mother, his sister, was adamantly opposed to the death penalty.”

    Good for them? I’m sure it made the dude who murdered your uncle happy as a clam to know they were so forgiving.

    >>”Nobody is “mansplaining” to you.

    Hey, were you on my date? No?! Then stuff a sock in it.

    • Hekate Jayne

      I am so, so sick of saying that getting rid of murderous males is not about revenge. It is about safety of women and girls.

      It’s practical. And is just self defense.


      That is letting love and worship of males dictate actions. I am really not interested in that. Not even a little bit.

      But hey. I don’t want those murderous males living by me, but if women that want to be kind to them want to financially support those dudes and have them living in their house, that would be their kind, merciful choice.

  • Hekate Jayne

    Are you trans?

    Every time you bring males into the discussion, which seems to be every single time, so that you can defend them, you sound like a male.

    You sound like a male that is pretending to be female and calling himself lesbian.

    • Jani

      I’ve come across at least a few MRAs masquerading as “women” on various forums that specifically discuss issues affecting women. The way this character is pushing this “women are rapists too! I’ve got proof! You can’t accept it because you’re all a bunch of man-haters” kinda puts me in mind of those trolly types

  • Meghan Murphy

    Power dynamics matter when we are talking about rape. The fact of rape shapes women’s everyday lives and their ability to move about in public spaces. So yes, of course women’s fear of rape matters. Men do not fear women, in general, and I think this false equivalency where you say ‘women rape too’ is misleading. What even do you mean when you say ‘rape’? Do you really, truly believe that ‘being forced to penetrate a woman’ is a real, common thing that happens regularly and that traumatizes men in the same way that being penetrated against your will does?

  • Meghan Murphy

    You seem to be implying that women are frequently raping and sexually harassing men and it’s simply not true.

    • Mexican American Lesbian

      Lies. Read my sources instead of repeating dogma.

      • Meghan Murphy

        I’ve suspected for sometime that you are actually the commenter named “Rich.” Can you confirm or deny?

        Your comments are often MRA-y and hostile…. Apologies if I’m wrong, but the similarities are a bit uncanny….

        • Wren

          Oh. Snap.

  • Jani

    OK, I’ve read back. My comments were directed at whoever keeps referring to that nonsense article about women “raping” men and my reply ended up in the wrong place. I think we have the measure of ‘him’ now. Many of us here are survivors of rape or sexual assault or sexual abuse or sexual harassment or domestic violence, or a combination of sexually abusive behaviours, so it’s pretty awful to see someone post on a thread below a news item about a woman who didn’t survive “oooh what about the menzzz… menzzzz get raped too…..” blah blah blah.

  • Meghan Murphy

    “Simply standing up for my male relative who committed suicide because of rape is not MRA-y Meghan. Sorry if this is rather personal to say in public.”

    But that’s not what you were doing, really… You keep doing this ‘women do it too’ thing and have also claimed that ‘racism is several orders of magnitude worse than sexism’ because ‘Rich white woman gets to live in big house whereas people of color live in shacks in other words.’

    I mean, claiming racism is ‘worse’ than sexism because of ‘rich white women’ and that women ‘prey on men’ is pretty MRA-y… There are endless abusive men of colour and rich men of colour. ‘Rich white women’ are still abused by men. It doesn’t have to be a contest, and the fact that you are making it one, using these ridiculous and easily disprovable tropes is suspect to me.

  • Frilly Prosecutor

    Rachel, I’m so sorry. That’s just horrifying. And what you said about brushing it off resonated with me, as I’m sure it did with many of us reading your comment, because that’s what we’re conditioned to do all our lives, minimise offences and assaults against us, brush things off as if they don’t matter. I really hope you can find a way to get away from him for good and be safe.

  • Meghan Murphy

    lol @ “Komplex and Klassy”

  • Frilly Prosecutor

    I’ve read all the comments made here about the death penalty and feel there are a lot of cultural factors involved in the different sides arguing pro and against. Capital punishment was outlawed in the UK long before I was even born, as it was in most of the rest of Europe (and all EU countries). The majority of us in Europe grow up believing that capital punishment is barbaric and uncivilised. Add to that, we see on the news the violent crimes committed in the US, such as regular mass shootings, which appear to prove that the death penalty clearly isn’t a deterrent to criminals – but I have to acknowledge that at least it prevents them committing any further crimes.

    My view was always that capital punishment is state-sanctioned killing, and I just don’t trust my government not to frame innocent people with horrendous crimes. However, I also can’t agree with letting rapists/murderers/paedophiles live out the rest of their lives in comfort either. Why do they deserve any humanity or mercy when they didn’t give their victims any? When I read about such crimes, the details often make my stomach churn. Every day we know we could easily be the next victim, even in the “safety” of our own homes. Men like this can never be rehabilitated, they will never be fit to be in society. Keeping them alive is a waste of resources, especially when one considers the widespread poverty and hardship endured by innocent people. So when I think about that, I start to agree more and more with capital punishment. In the UK, rapists and/or murderers might only serve eight years of a “life” sentence then they’re let out and commit more crimes. What pathetic sentencing. I agree with fluffywhitedog, if there’s no capital punishment, at least ensure these men suffer. Stale bread and water. No healthcare. A lifetime of hard labour. Let them break rocks till they drop.

    • FierceMild

      There used to be an answer to this. It was banishment either from the tribe or from the area. This won’t work with our current population levels. Banishing some dude from one place will just make him someone else’s problem, that’s if he bothers to comply at all. Imprisonment isn’t the answer either. Locking people up doesn’t rehabilitate them, it doesn’t restore anything to society, and it contributes to the abuses of the capitalist system.

      Some crimes are lesss egregious than others. Thieving isn’t the same as assault and hitting someone because they threatened you is not the same as hitting someone because you find hitting fun. I think crimes committed for the pure joy of predation or to cause terror should be punishable by death.

      I realize that apprehension and conviction aren’t 100% accurate, and that people of colour are more likely to be prosecuted than whites. The whole system sucks. I’m not saying that the only change we need is to the death penalty; we need a full overhaul of society including crime and punishment.

  • FierceMild

    Do drama and throwing around patently untrue accusations usually result in people giving in to you? Perhaps you are a man after all.

  • FierceMild

    Similarly tantrum-is upon occasion, but much more sensible in general. I get the impression Rich is hot-headed as opposed to clueless.

  • Jani

    I live in a country which does not have the death penalty. I didn’t take part in that discussion. It’s not my issue. I don’t mean that facetiously, but it’s not my cause because it’s not applicable in my country.

    I have spoken about gun ownership in the US after the mass shootings. I find the pro gun culture in the US very perplexing. I live in a country where gun ownership is very tightly controlled and very few people own guns. So, gun crime is low. But some women in the US feel that gun ownership protects them. I’m not convinced but then I don’t live in a culture that is pro guns and has a powerful gun lobby. I watch the news in aghast when I see the reactions to these mass shootings. Mostly it’s the pro gun lobby that shocks me. As for individuals who feel that owning a gun protects them, well, what can I say? I’m not living in their culture where guns are a reality. Sure, we have guns that are held illegally and used in violent crimes and people are killed by guns too, but the statistics are nowhere near what we see in the US. So, I’m happy with the gun controls we have.

    As for the death penalty, we don’t have it. How people should be punished is always up for debate. We have had some serial killers and sex offenders commit suicide in prison but typically most people see that as a cowardly way out. People want these criminals to suffer rather than have a swift and humane exit, and I tend to agree. I don’t believe sex offenders can be rehabilitated. It doesn’t work. I don’t think they should ever be allowed back into society. And I don’t believe they should have any privileges in prison either.

  • Wren


  • Frilly Prosecutor

    This guy’s sexual fantasy is that he’s so crap in bed that he drives a woman to suicide?! Now I really have heard it all.

  • Maria Gatti

    Forced to penetration, under normal circumstances, sounds like a macho porn fantasy. The only cases where I’ve actually heard of it was in wartime, especially civil war, where teenagers were forced at gunpoint to rape women and girls in their families, or be killed. The point of that was to destroy families and societies – and all of this is brutal patriarchal rule.