Lesbians are being excluded from the Vancouver Dyke March in the name of ‘inclusivity’

Lesbians are being harassed and bullied out of their own spaces and events by trans activists and their allies.

The Vancouver Dyke March 2018 (Image: @LaraAntipova5 )

We arrived at the 2018 Vancouver Dyke March in superhero costumes and t-shirts with the word “Lesbian” written overtop a drawing of a uterus shaped like a superhero crest.

Having chosen “lesbian heroes” as our theme for this year’s March, we carried homemade signs that featured lesbians we admire — our lesbian heroes — pioneers who have made significant contributions to lesbian culture or allies in the ongoing struggle for lesbian sexual autonomy.

Many of these women are on the ever-growing list of lesbians considered enemies and “bigots” due to their views on gender, female space, or our right to gather separate from males, among peers, and to determine for ourselves who those peers are.

The roster of lesbians whose names have become taboo, forbidden, and synonymous with hatred is notable. Lesbian feminist historian, Max Dashu, has been smeared as a “TERF” (trans-exclusionary feminist) and a bigot, no-platformed from the Witches Confluence in San Francisco after participating in the San Francisco Dyke March, along with allied lesbians, who carried signs reading “Proud to be Lesbian” and “Lesbian Visibility.” The works of women like Julie Bindel, Sheila Jeffreys, Janice Raymond, and Mary Daly are expunged from bookshelves, gender studies departments, and reading lists of LGBTQ centres. This makes them inaccessible to young lesbians wanting to know about their history. Protests are organized against spaces that carry the writings and stories of these lesbians — literal erasure (pun intended). Their crime? Analyzing how gender identity ideologies affect the material lives of women and women’s sex-based rights.

Our group — The Lesbians Collective — wanted to honour and make visible our lesbian heritage by featuring some of the lesbians that have been erased from our history. We made many placards featuring our lesbian heros and included a quote from each one. Many of these quotes spoke to these women’s own experiences with the gender constraints imposed on all of us. One sign, for example, read, “When I was little, I told everybody I was a boy. I didn’t want a boy body, I just wanted the things boys have,” paraphrasing lesbian YouTuber, Peachyoghurt. Another paraphrases lesbian journalist Julie Bindel, and read, “I have lost count of all the times men have asked me how do lesbians manage to have sex without a penis.”

While we were gathering near McSpadden Park, where the march was to begin, we were approached by two members of the Vancouver Dyke March board. They told us that our T-shirts and placards excluded transwomen and since this was an “inclusive march” we would have to remove them if we wanted to participate. We were additionally told that if any of our signs, banners, or t-shirts included the venus symbol — representing  “woman” — (the two interlocked venus symbols have always meant lesbian) or “XX,” symbolizing the female sex chromosome, we would also have remove them. We were warned to not touch anyone and keep our hands to ourselves. Nothing was offered in terms of how our inclusivity and safety would be protected.

We respectfully declined to follow their demands to get rid of our signs and T-shirts, and proceeded in a calm, respectful, and peaceful tone, and joined the march. During the march, board members, organizers, volunteers, and their supporters — male and female — surrounded us, yelled “TERF bigots;” pointed a megaphone at us, chanting, “Tranwomen are women,” “This is an inclusive march,” and, “There is no room for hate at the Dyke March.” One particularly aggressive trans-identified male ran through our group repeatedly, yelling “Get your ‘Fuck TERFs’ pin!” in the faces of individual women in our group, and trying to hand out said pins, which we refused. Others formed a human barricade in front of us, separating us from the rest of the march, which had the effect of insulating us within the crowd of people who were harassing us, and shielding the rest of the march from witnessing this harassment. The yelling and hostility became increasingly frenzied as the march progressed and as more onlookers joined in. We were grateful it was a relatively short distance from the beginning of the march to its end destination. Notably, not a single person intervened, but approximately 10 more women quietly joined us. By the end of the march, we were 50 strong.

When we asked a board member what they planned to do about all this hostility and harassment, we were told that no one was in violation of any Vancouver Dyke March guidelines (except us) and that anyone had the right to protest hate speech (except us, apparently), and informed us that “TERF” is not hate speech.

In response to our show of lesbian pride, the Vancouver Dyke March board published a statement after the event, labelling us a “hate group.” The lesbians who originally began these marches out of a desire to celebrate lesbians and to have a space of their own, separate from men, would no longer be welcome in LGTBQ spaces or events today — even the Dyke March itself. In  2018, the Dyke March has become an event where lesbians who refuse to accept males either as peers and/or sexual partners are told they are not welcome, branded a hate group, and harassed and threatened if they defiantly and peacefully participate anyway. All under the dubious rubric of inclusivity. One must ask how “inclusive” it is to ban lesbians from the Dyke March?

Lesbians are being told to accept males as female, and therefore to accept men as “lesbians.” Those of us who reject the notion that a man can be a lesbian and continue to maintain our sexual boundaries are labelled hateful bigots on account of being “trans-exclusive.” But there is no such thing as a “trans-inclusive” lesbian — lesbians are, by definition, adult females exclusively attracted to other adult females. If a female is attracted to male-bodied persons, she is heterosexual. If she is attracted to both males and females, she is bisexual. These are perfectly fine things to be, but do not make a woman a “lesbian.”

Similarly, there is no such thing as a male lesbian, as, again, a lesbian is an adult female attracted to other adult females. This has always been true. We did not just invent that definition — it has always excluded males. Eons before trans-identified males and the trans movement, lesbians were exclusively attracted to females. Lesbians have always and will continue to exist. This has always made men angry and continues to today.

We are not only told that we are oppressing men by refusing to consider them as sexual partners, but we are no longer allowed set our own boundaries or define ourselves as female. Yet heterosexual men (who are also monosexual, meaning they are attracted exclusively to people of one sex) who claim to be women are allowed to call themselves “lesbian.” We have even been positioned as “privileged” above these men — men who, themselves, cannot change their sexual orientation, but expect us to change ours.

These are age old fights. Women’s right to gather, organize, or live their daily lives separate from men has never been tolerated, never mind accepted. The right to say “no” to male sexual partners has always been met with extreme reactions from men. Decades of radical feminist organizing, along with the recent #MeToo movement, have resulted in men being held to account, but at the same time, we are seeing  women publicly maligned, harassed, and even threatened with rape and death for defending their own sexual boundaries. Today, the same old imposition of heterosexuality, misogyny, rape culture, and disregard for women’s boundaries has been rebranded as social justice. Where is the justice in that? Defending men’s sense of entitlement to our sexual orientation and our bodies, stripping us of our ability to define ourselves and our boundaries is not a progressive way forward. Indeed, this entitlement is no different whether it comes from Harvey Weinstein or from Reily J. Denis.

In trans activist and social justice circles online and in the real world, it is commonly and openly agreed that using the word female or female specific language is “exclusionary” and proof someone is a bigot — an oppressor. There is now a concerted campaign to make the word female and all female language forbidden. This is the literal erasure of women.

But it doesn’t stop there. Being branded a “TERF” forever guarantees a “shoot now, ask questions never” approach tied to a “you asked for it” attitude where, increasingly, any and all retaliatory behaviours are considered justified. A fundraiser for Baltimore Pride was held this year, called QueerQrush. The event description read:

“#QueerQrush is an ALL INCLUSIVE dance party that’s welcome and open to everyone that wants to come! That does NOT include you if you participate in racism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, misogyny, sexism, bigotry, or general creepiness. This is NOT a safe space for abusers and any of the above behaviours will NOT be tolerated…

…TERFs will be hung by their necks.”

So, while racists, actual sexual predators and abusers, and, ironically, misogynists are merely told they will not be tolerated, women branded as “TERFs” are threatened with lynching.

This is an extreme example. However it has become common place, in postings of events that are supposedly inclusive, to insert direct threats of violence towards women branded as “TERFs” who dare to show their face. “Punch TERFs” has become a common and wholly acceptable rallying call of sorts among queer activists. This has resulted in real-life violence against and bullying of women, including rape and death threats from trans activists and their supporters, many of whom don’t even understand who and what they are fighting. They just know what they have been told: that we are “TERFs.”

You will notice that self-identified “transmen” (who are born female) are not campaigning to bully gay men into dating them or sleeping with them. Transmen have not invented a term like the “cotton ceiling” to refer to the “problem” of gay men who refuse someone of the opposite sex as a sexual partner. This has the damaging effect of making well-intended lesbians feel there is something wrong with them when there is nothing wrong with them — they are just ordinary lesbians.

There is no “jockstrap ceiling.” This is because gay men are allowed to define themselves as adult males attracted exclusively to other adult males. Notably, it is lesbians who are under attack for attempting to maintain the exact same sexual boundary.

If gay men value their sexual autonomy, they must stand with us as we defend ours. Where are they? Why are they not speaking out about this? Surely all gay men are not in agreement with the deeply homophobic stance that says lesbians must be “inclusive” of males. We are under attack and gay men have been silent for far too long.

Everyone has the right to set their own sexual boundaries. No one has the right to define our boundaries for us. But that is exactly what is happening to lesbians right now and we can not afford for the rest of the world to be silent.

Women have sex-based protections — protections rooted in the biological reality that we are female, and that, under heteropatriarchy, we are targeted and discriminated against on that basis. Women fought very hard for these rights. It is for this moment, when all women’s sexual boundaries are at risk, that those protections were put in place.

You are wrong if you believe this trend only affects lesbians. The erasure of lesbian culture is the destruction of female culture. Saying lesbians must include males is clearly homophobic and embodies rape culture. But it also carries the additional consequence of making any woman’s sexual boundaries dismissible. If saying “no” is bigoted, what right does any woman have to reject a sexual partner? No woman is safe if the sexual boundaries of lesbians can be trivialized and rebranded as hate speech. It is shocking that a group claiming to be progressive, “feminist,” and in solidarity with the LGBTQ movement would take such a position.

We call on women to stand with us. If lesbians lose their sexual autonomy, you lose your sexual autonomy. It is time for female and male allies alike to join us as we stand in solidarity with lesbians at Pride events and Dyke Marches around the world who are saying they have had enough. Our sexuality is not fluid and our sexual boundaries are non-negotiable.

We are female. We are strong.  We will never stop resisting.

We are The Lesbians.

Danielle Cormier is a long time radical feminist activist, and currently one pissed off lesbian.

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  • Zoë Lafantaisie

    Thank you for writing this Danielle and for resisting the male rights movement disguised as trans ideology. I fully expected to see Mr. Oger’s name in your article as he is the voice of open misogyny and lesbophobia in BC. Much love and solidarity to you and your sisters in BC.

    • Layla Alexandrovna

      The ogre was the first to spot the group as they were getting ready. He smirked and scuttled by, saying hi. Too shocked for pics unfortunately.

      He rushed away and a few minutes later, his two minion board members rushed out to police the group.

      One tim transbian informed he did not have a uterus so nor should any of this group of women be allowed to wear t-shirts with uteruses on them.

      I don’t think the other person was a lesbian either.

      • Zoë Lafantaisie

        Thanks for letting me know that Layla! Glad you were there to take note. I guess The Ogre is more comfortable behind a keyboard or with his dominator Hayley Heartless (LOL – I can’t believe the aptness of that name and he wears it so proudly!) So he has his “brown shirts” doing his dirty work for him eh? Typical mafia goons?

  • northernTNT
  • Meghan Murphy

    I am fairly certain conservative men have long been quite interested in what lesbians (and gay men, for that matter) are doing with their lives…

  • drab analysis

    Trans people used to be a tiny minority of actual gender dysphoric people. Now it’s a big fad and social contagion and the crossdressing autogynephiles calling themselves trans today call that small minority actually dysphoric people who just want to live their lives “truscum.” It’s a huge mess. I agree with you about the handmaiden allies, though. Half the people identifying as trans now will probably detransition within the next ten years, but those allies are never going to back down and admit they might have been wrong.

  • Susan Smyth

    Thanks for this Danielle.

  • unfashionable

    This is not a race or class issue. All lesbians and all women are in this together.

  • Layla Alexandrovna

    Amazing Danielle. Thanks so much for this excellent essay.

    It was a privilege for me to stand as an ally with The Lesbians and all the other women who made this action possible.

    We will never give up our sexual rights and our women’s rights.

  • Layla Alexandrovna

    There are many small and large actions allies can do. Speaking to your local reps and govs is a start, even if only via email.

    Looking at the laws that actually pertain to human rights is another approach. Are these codes being carried out fairly for all the protected categories or only for ‘trans’?

    Stickering and graffiti have also become popular as an underground action.

    Start bringing up the subject with the ppl you know and see what their reactions are. Most will be appalled when they begin to understand the truth behind the cult but will at first imagine it has nothing to do with them.


    Don’t give up! 😀

  • Bronwyn Williams

    I can safely say ALL radical feminists are way more than ‘pissed off’ about this. The next gay pride/dyke/ lesbian gathering I hear of, I’ll being joining in, in solidarity. This idiocy has gone way too far, and the lousy fuckers are rapidly getting their ‘rights’ enshrined in law. And, the cognitive dissonance shown by their unquestioning ‘allies’ is astounding. The Emperor has no clothes, people! Wake up and see the truth!

  • Robert Lindsay

    “In a short period of time I have deduced that these fervent MtF’s are extreme, overt NPD narcissists. They demonstrate ALL the benchmarks and then some: manipulation, psychotic rage, self-delusion and grandiosity, believing the social rules and laws are for everyone else but them, gaslighting. Most male narcissists are also misogynists and sexual deviants.”

    Thanks for this comment. First of all, there are two types of TIM’s:

    An early onset type that looks like an extreme form of male homosexuality. For instance, almost all early onset TIM’s are only attracted to men. Early onset TIM’s who are only attracted to women are extremely rare.

    A late onset type of autogynephilia preceded by a long period of cross-dressing. These are about 1/3 straight, 1/3 bisexual, and 1/3 gay. And the dynamics behind the autogynephilia is different for each group. It’s complicated and I won’t go into it. There is a strong association between autogynephilia and heterosexuality. The straightest TIM’s also score highest on autogynephilia. The gayest TIM’s have little or no autogynephilia.

    So when making comments about the psychology of these groups, we need to look at the two different groups.

    As far as the first group goes, I think of gay drag queens. There is a well known characteristic personality of the drag queen, and it’s not a very healthy person at all. I’m not saying gay men are not mentally healthy. I am only referring to drag queens. All sorts of weird psychopathology going on there. I wonder how well early onset TIM’s line up with drag queens.

    The psychology of these TIM’s has been studied extensively. I’m not sure of the results, but the woman’s statement above about high levels of narcissism or even overt NPD do not seem to be far off target. These men are all wrapped up in themselves to a high degree. That’s why they transitioned in the first place! They can’t stop thinking about themselves whether they are male or female. It’s pathological narcissism or solipsism. I would also not be surprised to see high levels of sociopathy/psychopathy in these early onset TIM’s. Drag queens seem to be rather sociopathic. The rage is obvious.

    Misogyny, I am not sure. I had a late onset TIM on my website who was a real SJW loudmouth. His history made no sense in the context of his transition. He had been a very masculine man before transitioning, but this is often the case for the autogynephiles. Further, his posting showed (I know you don’t believe in this) a very typical male mind, with male interests and a male way of formulating arguments. No woman writes like that. So this man’s brain was still very male, yet he was insisting he was a woman. It was just bizarre. He took the position of an extreme feminist, always elevating women over men. In fact, I would call him a female pig. He completely hated men and he thought women were sent from God. So I doubt if misogyny is operative in this case.

    I thank Meghan for her analysis of these men as men in drag, which is what they are. Their rage and violence is not so much special to them as it is simply a marker of BEING MALE IN THE FIRST PLACE. We males are aggressive, violent, and tend towards high levels of rage. This is also the case with the many death threats that TIM’s issue, the threats with weapons, the “art displays” of weapons to be used to kill TERF’s. Only men could act like this in large numbers.

    This website made me realize that the bad side of women, despite being a nasty thing, is SIMPLY NOT VIOLENT. The aggression is all verbal and psychological. I noticed that the women on this site, who are some of the angriest women around, almost never issue violent threats of harm, death or use of weaponry. Why not? They’re women and women just don’t do that! Women seem to have some built in phobia, horror, revulsion or distaste for physical violence – it bothers them at a gut level.

    I was at another radfem site that is much more radical than this one. They wanted to put all of us men in camps. Some were asking how we could get rid of the men in the camps. Incredibly, these women, some of the angriest on the planet, were insistent that no physical violence could be used against these men. They couldn’t bring themselves to murder these guys. They was an almost innate revulsion to it. They finally decided that women would simply stop taking care of these men, and most of them would die of self-neglect because men can’t take care of themselves.

    This is what really clinches it for me that these TIM’s are men and not women. If TIM’s were really women, there is no way in Hell that they would be this physically violent in terms of threats of bodily harm, use of weapons and death threats. Women just don’t do that! Instead we would see a lot of angry rhetoric but little or no use of even threats of physical violence.

    I would like to point out that clinicians state that TIM’s are some of the most pathological people we see in mental health. There is no other disorder that has their high levels of pathology. And the pathology is all over the place – anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders – if there’s a disorder out there, a TIM probably has it. People treating TIM’s have grown tired and even hostile towards them over years due to their lousy personalities. It was noted long ago that TIM’s seemed to be pathological liars. As it got known that only people who answered a certain way on tests were cleared for transition, most TIM’s started reconstructing their histories in exactly that way. In fact, clinicians are urged to be careful when looking at a personal history of a TIM, as so often their life story is made up out of thin air. TIM’s have also been very hostile towards the clinicians who worked with them, often showering them with hatred and abuse.

  • Chelsea Tornade-Hoe

    A lesbian friend of mine has said that allies can join in by lining the sides next to them while they march, this preserves the point of lesbian visibility they still have their visible group, but we can be there in great numbers to support. I think this is a good idea we need to protect lesbians!

  • Meghan Murphy

    Self defense against violence is one thing, but advocating violence to ‘deter future violence’ is not, imo, a good strategy. You’ll note trans activists defend their violence based on the claim of ‘self-defense’ and to protect themselves (despite the lack of actual threat, of course). I would avoid resorting to what will likely be perceived as or intentionally misinterpreted to be their own tactics or something that can be used to defend their own violence and violent threats.

  • Meghan Murphy

    No one has advocated that trans identified people be excluded from the march, so your argument here is purposeless and constitutes a derail from the issues lesbians are trying to address here.

    Also, the existence of biological sex is real. It is a fact. It doesn’t reinforce anything, as it just is.

  • Jani

    Oh fucking no. I feel sorry for you. You’ve got that maniac Trump as president and every time he comes on the news here it’s just another episode of craziness. I sense that there is no organised and powerful opposition to his madness. It’s like we’re moving into an era of instability and chaos. These trans people, I suspect that only a small minority are genuinely transsexual. Mostly it seems like disturbed people behaving like characters from a dystopian novel, men dressing as women and going on violence sprees. Crazy people and naive lost souls become followers of the unhinged leader or the unhinged opposition. It’s awful. Just awful. Where America goes, we follow. It’s frightening.

    • TwinMamaManly

      I keep thinking “A Clockwork Orange” when I see troons on the rampage….

  • Alienigena

    From a height perspective and breadth of shoulder perspective (I realise some women have broad shoulders, I do), voice (not surgically altered) and a foot and hand size perspective they are generally much bigger and more intimidating than biological females. And most importantly many still have penises. That they claim they can seemlessly fit into change rooms and other intimate spaces is just ludicrous. And as others have pointed out they seem to have a very entitled attitudes. That health care systems are being used to feminize the features and bodies of these bio males is offensive too because there are limited public funds in countries with universal health care. Mental health services would probably be a better fit in terms of helping a segment of the trans (e.g. autogynephiles) population.

  • TwinMamaManly

    And only XX chromosome carriers allowed. And you have to wear a pink uterus hat.

    • Jani

      And ovaries dangling on springs, like those “Martian” things kids like to wear on their heads.

      • TwinMamaManly

        I think we just killed a bunch of troons, (an ugly of troons? A heinous of troons? What would be the collective noun?) by even daring to claim woman have uteruses and ovaries!

  • acommentator

    “You collude with the rigid binary that oppresses us all when you refer to trans women as “male” or “men.””

    The fact that you describe recognizing reality as “collusion” captures the nature of your thinking perfectly.

  • Meghan Murphy

    Women’s violence IS often justified because it is in self defense or in response to abuse. But the commenter was advocating for male violence. Either way, strategy-wise, in this particular context, it’s a bad idea.

  • M. Zoidberg

    Y’know, this little fad is going to fizzle out when your trans-identified male buddies cause enough damage (harassment, assault, rape, and murder of actual girls and women), right? Autogynephiles are using you and actual people with dysphoria to hack women’s social and sexual boundaries back to the stone-age.

    And don’t even bring up “trans brothers,” because y’all TRAs aren’t demanding that gay men should sleep with people who have vaginas.

    Let me ask too — what do you think of Dolezal? The black community completely rejected her claim that she could simply “become” black because she “feels” black. Rightly so. So what’s so different when TIMs do it? What makes them so special?

  • Meghan Murphy

    Happy to discuss, of course! I will admit it makes me uncomfortable, but that doesn’t necessarily determine what is right or wrong.

  • Wren

    “There is a longstanding feminist tradition of nonviolence and pacifism, not usually questioned, that is easy to take for granted.”

    Yes, this really frustrates me. I think we are programmed to say “all violence is wrong!!” and we aren’t even allowed to evaluate that edict. Any time we suggest rethinking it, or even merely discussing it, we are smeared as unethical, dismissed permanently, or at the very least the conversation is shut down by someone with air of sanctimony. This scenario happens everywhere, even here on FC if the subject of the death penalty is mentioned, for example.

    I think there are four subsets of violence: legal violence, illegal violence, immoral violence, and morally justified violence. Of course some violence is legal but immoral, such as raping your wife (in some states in the US the law is still murky), some violence is morally justified but might be prosecuted (killing or using violence against an abuser outside of a situation of self-defense, for example the young teenage prostitute who killed a john and was sentenced). Personally I am more interested in a theoretical discussion about the use of violence as a moral issue rather than the legalities of whether or not it is reasonable force, and that’s what I was getting at. If women had no fear of legal repercussions for violence (much like men have enjoyed for centuries), what acts would be morally justified and what wouldn’t?? If we are never allowed to explore the borders of this moral question, then we will never have clear answers. Again, this is just as a discussion, not a promotion of violence, but I definitely believe that women are taught that we can’t even discuss this because we might just learn that we are morally authorized to use violence strategically against our oppressors. But hey, it’s just talk 🙂

  • LordofLight

    Don’t have much to add to this excellent piece or many insightful comments, but one thing that worries me about the strain of entitled transactivism of which the author speaks is how it will affect not just women’s rights, as has been noted, but many other social gains over the past 50-odd years. Conservatives can — and in fact, have — used the extreme, irrational behavior of the modern trans movement as an argument against the left’s push for equality across the board. We’ve already seen an attempt to erode various gay rights and civil rights by the current scumbag administration in the White House, and when you have a “leftist” movement that advocates or justifies literally beating women for disagreeing, not to mention violating their boundaries, it gives the opposition a lot of ammunition.

    On a related note, “you sound just like the far-right” is one of the lamest arguments ever. I’m sure plenty of Republicans agree with Isaac Newton on gravity; does that mean I should walk off of a tall building and expect not to fall?

  • Jani

    Yes, Julie Bindel put it very well when she attended a meeting in Bristol when she referred to one of her opponents as “posh boy”. I noticed that many of the trans protestors were young white males with hipster beards. Very much like the guys who staged a counter protest against feminists who were protesting about a lap dancing club. When I heard the protestors on the video chanting “neow t-aah-fs on aah t-uuh-f” I just laughed at their silly, weedy posh accents. But on a more serious note, these are the people who will be in positions of authority in the next 15-20 years or so and it’s so fucking scary how ignorant and prejudiced they are. They’ve also grown up in porn culture, another crucial component of the anti feminist hegemony. White middle class and upper middle class males in control of everything from the legal system to popular culture. Plus ca change.

  • Jani

    It’s ridiculous. You don’t have to look very far to hear comments like: if men can’t have porn, or can’t have prostitution, they’ll go out and rape “decent” women; or she was asking for it, wearing that skirt; or when they say no they really mean yes; or all women have rape fantasies. And now we have, “you can’t say no because I say you’re a bigot so you don’t have any right to say no”. These men are psychos.

  • myrto

    Gay men care about one thing and one thing only: themselves. Nobody’s claiming that gay men should lick pussy (although there are some cases of trans-identified females whining that gay men aren’t interested in them) and even if that was the case, gay men would simply laugh in their face.They’re men and they get to set their sexual boundaries and nobody objects to that. So frankly I expect nothing from them. They simply don’t care. We’re on our own.

  • Oh, i hope you are right about that, Maverick. I also see small cracks in their fortress of self-righteousness. May the light get in soon!

  • Christian

    All semblance of sanity is gone.

  • JingFei

    Did you seriously say that you were “afforded privilege” over Trans women for being born female?? That is the most ridiculous first world statement, and I find it shocking you purport to be this truly woke individual, yet have no concept that being born female the world over is certainly NOT a privilege over those born male.
    Good lord. That Kool Aid you’re all drinking must be laced with vodka too. I for one am sick of being screamed at, insulted, threatened and alienated by the Woke army and Trans activists because no, I do not believe a penis is a “female organ”, I refuse to dismiss material reality for feelings, and I find the Cotton Ceiling absolutely disgusting.
    My partner and I didn’t immigrate from countries where being a lesbian is dangerous, only to come to Canada and told by social justice warriors that our sexual orientation includes penises afterall, and now “anyone who FEELS like a lesbian” IS a lesbian and to tell them “no” is “literal violence”.

    Wake up.

  • JingFei

    But of course! You should see the men encroaching on lesbian dating apps. FULL beards. All they have to do is “identify” as a “Non-binary, butch Trans woman” and voila! Any lesbian who calls bullshit is immediately vilified for rejecting him.

  • Jani

    Yes, I’ve heard about all that with the NCCL as it then was, and it’s horrific. Cyril Smith was a paedo but it didn’t come out until after his death. Leon Brittain’s family had enough wealth and power to ‘clear his name’ but of course he’s dead now too. There were some allegations concerning boys and senior politicians, goings-on at Dolphin Square and possibly a death of one of these boys, but he’s not here to tell his story. Witnesses were dismissed because they were just runaway street kids being used as rent boys so they didn’t stand a chance against the figures of the British establishment.

    I feel certain that anti censorship campaigners included a number of paedos and people who were ‘sympathetic’ to paedos. They were basically challenging the Obscene Publications Act and it was probably very easy to sneak in on an anti-censorship agenda that could gain affiliation to the NCCL, as I suspect they employed a lot of idealistic namby-pambies who experimented with a bit of ‘free love’ at uni in the 60s and thought that opposing censorship was more about Lady Chatterly’s Lover than child pornography and child sexual abuse. Sexual offences against children were hushed up and as we now know — abuse going on in children’s homes etc — was swept under the carpet. It’s quite clear that there were networks of paedos who used these kids. Jimmy Saville, of course, we all know about him now, but he was “Sir” Jimmy Saville doing all that work for charity, blah blah. And nobody at the BBC knew???!!!! Of course they did. He had to die for the truth to come out.

    It was really hard to report any kind of sexual misconduct or assault back then and my own experiences went unreported but when you were a kid back then you didn’t know who to tell or even find the words for it. I felt that if I had reported things I’d be punished for even knowing about such things or how dare I accuse someone, etc. We’ve made at least some progress since then but I fear it’s becoming undone by the porn industry. Bad enough whatever it is, but this “teen” shit and “step daughter” and “babysitter” categories are very unsettling especially as I know for a fact that false ID is provided by pornographers for girls under 18. And to think that men in their 50s and 60s will sit and wank quite merrily to this stuff.

  • Jani

    Spot on!

  • Lorah Yaccarino

    I’m wondering who currently are the heads of the Vancouver “Dyke” Board? Does it embody all trans members? Are the board seats attained by a vote? Lets see some names..Lets write some letters Lets vote them OUT

  • TwinMamaManly

    Can women have penises too?

  • TwinMamaManly

    But abortion rights aren’t a women’s issue! That is literally transphobic, literal violence…there, now you’ve done it Asclepiadeus, you’ve killed a troon.

  • One to Nothing

    “They aren’t cosplay clothing that turns you into a comic book character.”


  • One to Nothing

    So the Venus symbol is unacceptable, but wearing high heels and makeup is rebelling against gender norms? Referring to XX chromosomes is bigotry, but getting surgery to implant breasts is progressive? Calling my vagina a vagina is phobic, but claiming to be a lesbian with a penis is inclusive?

    • TwinMamaManly

      Absolute insanity….

  • marv

    White nationalism is a white male colonialist and supremacist construct. It’s inherently racist.

    • Fair Dinkum

      Nope. You can’t morally limit the right of free association to people who agree with your politics. When you do that, you’re claiming an absolute right to control all space.

  • not all lesbians have a vagina fetish

  • I’m an asexual trans woman and I personally wouldn’t want to march for the rights and privileges of elitist transphobes… but yeah I agree with U that those who do… should not be denied participation in solidarity.

  • pandora50

    “Trans people, by nature of their very being, shatter our culturally constructed gender norms, expectations, and patriarchal structure.” This is a full on lie. Trans identified males conform completely to constructed gender norms. They do no abolishing. They equate a woman with pink, dolls, frills etc, all the typical stereotypes. Gender non conforming Lesbians are those who do the shattering and many other women who refuse to toe patriarchy’s social constructs.

  • Meghan Murphy

    At least you admit to being a men’s rights activist.

  • Fair Dinkum

    It is so gratifying to see that there is still common sense in the feminist movement.

  • Cangle

    Better reading this the second time around! I’ve got to memorize the full “don’t call me cis” paragraph! Hear hear.

  • Lisa Evans

    I haven’t read much about the whole issue of “woman bigots”. It amazes me how many woman are falling for this crap. Comparing themselves to African Americans who actually have been the victims of bigotry for years. The more I read, the more I am disgusted. It seems to me that all the want to be politically correct people seem to not realize that the people who are complaining here are not woman, nor gay, they are STRAIGHT MEN. The fact that they want to intrude and take away everything they can from woman isn’t a big surprise, it’s been going on for centuries. I personally don’t care what anyone thinks of my biases or non biases. I know who I am, a woman with a vagina, who bore two children, and who has experienced a tremendous amount of discrimination for being what I am, a woman. I have always been inclusive of the gay community, because it’s always been about accepting someone for who they are, not attempting to intrude on the rights of woman, especially lesbians because they don’t want to date a man with a penis. It seems pretty clear to me, or are the facts something we are choosing to exclude from our lives in leu of being politically correct, or current??? What a sham…