What’s Current: Saskatchewan introduces legislation allowing police to inform women about men’s violent pasts

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Clare Wood was murdered by George Appleton in 2009. He had a history of domestic violence that she was unaware of
  • Saskatchewan is the first Canadian province to introduce “Clare’s Law,” which allows police to inform women if they’re dating men with a criminal history of abusing women.
  • The UK Labour Party threatened a female member with disciplinary action for calling a trans-identified male a man.
  • A Florida man has been charged for posting video of himself raping his two-year-old daughter to the dark web.
  • Hundreds of millions of women are believed to be “missing” in Asia and Eastern Europe as a result of “extreme preference for sons” and female infanticide. More than 20 countries’ sex ratios are “severely skewed,” with as few as 80 girls to 100 boys.
  • Senator Yvonne Boyer wants the government to study the historic — and reportedly ongoing — coerced sterilizations of Indigenous women in Canadian hospitals.
Natasha Chart
Natasha Chart

Natasha Chart is an online organizer and feminist living in the United States. She does not recant her heresy.

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  • Can’tUnseeIt

    I hope Lockhardt doesn’t live to see the light of day. How would you like to be Mrs Lockhardt in the moment they showed her the images of her husband raping her babies? Fucking men. Just can’t think with that dangly thang always placed front and center in their brains.

    • Bleeps3

      Interesting Politico article about the porn wars recently and how everybody gave up on it. Jeff Sessions apparently said in a private meeting that the JD doesn’t have enough resources to fight child porn (let alone do anything to protect kids from Big Porn’s predation). Seems like fighting child porn should be one of those issues Americans on all sides could agree on…

      This guy never seeing the outside again should be the bare minimum punishment in a civilized society. Raping a toddler can be and has been deadly. Attempted murder, and many other charges should be tacked on.

  • Ashley Braman

    Yeah its amazing the news wont talk about the 4% of the world population missing… Or that males are the problem. And how males think no one will notice if they start saying males are womxxn and change the stats. Bet soon enough 4% of males will be troons in mock womxxn and they will be saying “oh no, no girls are missing, we are the girls”

  • lk

    Re: Clare’s Law

    I think this law sounds amazing. Ignorance truly is not bliss..I think women knowing about men’s dv past could help women know which men to avoid. I dont know much about Saskatchewan, but I wonder why their DV rates are higher than other parts of Canada.

    I usually avoid the comment section on most stories, but I glanced through the comments..its interesting how many of the comments are about how DV is not a gender issue and that women commit DV crimes at the same rate as men. Why do people want to bury their heads in the sand about this? Why do we insist on acting like the majority of perpetrators of dv are males?

    One commenter complained about how because of feminist there are womens shelters, but not men’s…his comment: “Domestic violence has been coopted by the feminists as a female problem only. How many shelters are there for men removed from the family home after a domestic dispute? Zero. For women? Every place in Canada.”

    Re: UK Labour Party
    “describing the remarks as “offensive”, saying “abuse of any kind, whether direct attacks or pejorative language which may cause offence is not acceptable and will not be tolerated in our party.””

    Oh goodness, so referring to biological males as “man/he/him” is offensive and abusive? LMAO!

    “This is a space for all women regardless of how they identify.” What does this sentence even mean? Identity not trump reality. I am a woman because of biology, how I choose to identify does absolutely NOTHING to change the reality of what I am: a human female.

  • Blazing Fire

    Yes. Growing up, I heard & read tales about abused wives who prayed (for years/decades) and finally “transformed” their violent husbands (who were just victims of alcohol & devil, ya know /s) and are now a happy family (?? how so?? After you lost all your health & money?). I had heard these since early childhood, and had no idea how getting beaten by a man would feel. It didn’t sound too bad coz the wives were able to kneel & pray & do their chores (or so I thought). And OTOH, in our schools, at that time, teachers were allowed to beat difficult kids. I was Not a difficult student, and so had got beaten only a couple of times in my entire school life (for forgetting homework and trying to cover it up). So my idea of how “getting beaten” feels came from those couple of little smacks on the hand/face. I was thinking that men beat the same way!!!!!!! (Now I can’t believe I was THAT dumb). Only after my marriage (to an educated guy in a very good job) did I learn what exactly a man beating a woman is….. and boy, was that an awakening? oh yes!

    The women who dismiss DV are perhaps thinking that DV is a little smack that your teacher/parent gives (though I had NEVER dismissed DV victims even before my experience – I always had compassion for them, though I was clueless about the extent of their real suffering till I faced it myself). The men who dismiss DV knowingly do it – I feel.

    And as you said, the folks who mix up real abuse with disagreement (those who are really confusing the two – not those who know what they are doing and intentionally mislead) also may need a real experience to open their eyes

  • Blazing Fire

    And that response to your comment… LOL’d at it. Looks like someone here pored over your comments with an electron microscope and found ONE GOTCHA!!!!!

    It’s obvious what you mean, but yeah let’s twist, turn, squint and find something that might mean something else in one angle which in turn would mean something else in another context which would imply something else and so on till it ends up meaning something nonsensical, and trash your post.