What’s Current: Pregnant women in UK prisons set to be released to curb COVID-19 spread

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  • Pregnant incarcerated women in the UK will be temporarily released in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19.
  • Australia announced a $100 million increase in funding to domestic violence support services in response to a spike in abuse.
  • UK police are encouraging victims of domestic abuse to make a “silent call” by dialing the emergency number and entering a numerical code to alert police without placing themselves at risk.
  • Reported instances of domestic abuse in Brazil increased by 50 per cent over the past week.
  • The number of visits to New York City’s website for survivors of domestic violence more than doubled since the start of the month.
  • An Italian nurse who strangled his doctor girlfriend used the pandemic as a defense, claiming he “killed her because she gave [him] coronavirus,” despite testing negative.
Genevieve Gluck

Genevieve Gluck is a writer and advocate for women's sex-based rights and creator of Women's Voices, an audio library dedicated to bringing awareness to feminist texts and speeches.