What’s Current: Israel becomes 8th country to adopt the Nordic Model of prostitution law

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  • Israel has become the eighth country to adopt the Nordic Model as it implements the Prohibition of Consumption of Prostitution Services Act. Nordic Model Now! states:

“The law imposes fines for consuming prostitution and attempting to pay for it. The aim is to reduce prostitution by prohibiting the purchase of sex as part of an integrated process that includes public education, and the expansion of services for the population in prostitution – including trauma-informed care and practical help to rebuild their lives, while recognizing the harmful nature of prostitution and the damage it causes.”

  • Harvard University announced Monday that it will lift a blacklist on single-sex student organizations following a lawsuit by fraternities and sororities who said the blacklist amounted to sexual discrimination.
  • Over 500 cases of child marriage have been reported in Bengal since mid-March following the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. Officials report that most underage girls were married off by families who lost income due to the shutdown.
  • A Labour MP has apologized after accusing JK Rowling of using her history of sexual abuse as a “justification for discriminating” against transgender individuals.