What’s Current: Poland plans to introduce ‘register of pregnancies’ requiring doctors to report miscarriages

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  • The Polish government is planning to create a “centralized register of pregnancies” requiring doctors to report all pregnancies and miscarriages to the government. The proposed register would take effect in January 2022, a year after Poland’s near total ban on abortion was introduced.
  • An Italian female journalist is filing charges against a man who allegedly slapped her bottom on air as she was filming after a football match. The incident came as Italy’s Serie A players were wearing a red mark on their face as a sign of solidarity against harassment.
  • Birth rates among Israeli Bedouins have dropped from one of the world’s highest to the national average in only two decades. Researchers attribute the trend to rising education levels in Bedouin women.
  • Officials from the UN Human Rights Council call for urgent action to end violence against women and girls caught in the war-torn Tigray region in northern Ethiopia.