PODCAST: Dagny of The Pique Resilience Project on detransitioning

A key concern many share about the issue of “trans youth” is that minors are too young to make such a big and impactful decision to transition, and that they could, as adults, realize they made a mistake only after it’s too late. Detransitioners — that is, people who transition to live as the “opposite sex” only to later transition back to living as their biological sex — are controversial in the realm of trans activism, and often not heard from in terms of discussions around the trans trend.

Dagny, 22, is one of four founders of The Pique Resilience Project, an initiative created to spread awareness about detransition. From the age of 15 to 19 Dagny identified as non-binary and as a transman, before transitioning back to living as a woman. I spoke with her recently about her experience transitioning, then detransitioning, and about her perspectives on how the transgender trend is impacting youth.

Dagny will be appearing on a panel alongside myself and Dr. Ken Zucker on May 9th at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, BC. Tickets to #GIDYVR Still Talking: Gender Identity and Kids are available at Eventbrite.

PODCAST: Dagny of The Pique Resilience Project on detransitioning
Meghan Murphy

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