The woke left is a lie — all of it: the politics, the mantras, the pronoun pins

Yesterday, Mel Magazine published an apparently sincere article wondering why “woke bros” turn out not to actually be so “woke.” The truth any honest person knows is that one’s dick tends not to be politicized. We are attracted to those we are attracted to, regardless of what we might say on Twitter about “trans rights,” “fat positivity,” “racial justice,” or faux-judgement of the #metoo’d. The only thing that is true about the woke is that they are phonies. They want attention and power, not justice, and certainly not the truth.

Mel Magazine asks the question: Why won’t “Bernie Bros, male feminists, and ‘good guy’ liberals” who “all support sex work” pay a young man with a fondness for sexual objectification and a fetish for women’s clothing for sex? But the real question is, “How deep is Mel Magazine’s head up its own ass?” and “How long are we going to keep up this charade?”

Like, 3000 words, apparently.

Here’s the story: “Violet, a 25-year-old transsexual with dollish cheekbones and a primary colour wardrobe” wanted to give his friends “a ‘last chance to fuck’ while also raking in as much money as [he] could before [he] hit the Big Apple.” Wow! Generous! You both want your friends to pay you for a thing they don’t want, but also impose your sexual fetishes on them. What a good, good friend; with good, good politics.

The “journalist” interviewing “Violet” shares his interviewee’s affinity for imposing sex on people who are in fact heterosexual men who therefore prefer sex with heterosexual women. Last year, Sessi Kuwabara Blanchard published an article at Vice complaining that his heterosexual male friends didn’t want to sleep with him, writing:

“I’m single this Valentine’s Day, and I feel like shit. I feel undesirable, and I feel powerless to change that. Most of all, I want to know why the guys I crush on, namely cis, straight, male 20-somethings, won’t fuck me.”

When Blanchard discussed this problem with his friends, they tried to ease him into the truth, letting Blanchard know that pestering his male friends about this would only make him feel bad: “They said the guys I like won’t fuck me because they’re straight.” Blanchard wrote this off as “transphobia” — his friends were *gasp* “implying that heterosexuality is male attraction to women,” meaning he didn’t “make the cut.”

Despite Blanchard’s insistence that “desire is fluid,” the categories of “gay” and “straight” exist for a reason: this describes the vast majority of people’s sexual preferences. And there is very little politicizing can do about this.

A hard-to-hear reality I’ve made clear many times is that the crux of transgenderism, for many who identify as trans, is delusion. And that trans identity rests on others — the “woke,” as it were — playing along. When we use preferred pronouns, we participate in this, as we do when we refer to trans-identified males as women, and trans-identified females as male. Many claim this is simply an issue of being kind, respectful, and polite, but, in the end, these lies hurt trans-identified people, as well as the rest of us. The result is a group of males left wondering why, despite being told they are literally women, are not viewed as or treated as literal women. And women are left without rights, boundaries, or the ability to speak the truth.

The woke, I’m sorry to tell you, are liars. This is not a coincidence; it is the basis of their politics.

The answers to the questions asked by the woke are easy. But they pretend there is some long, deep discussion to be had about, as Blanchard puts it, “what it would take for someone to want to fuck me.”

The question is wrong, of course, and intentionally so. And the answer is obvious. If we were to engage with the truth, Blanchard and Violet would be less hurt by the answers. Instead, we’ve decided the lie is what is “nice.”

As a perfect example, Blanchard’s article at Mel Magazine is titled, “Why Won’t Woke Boys Pay for Sex?” In his Instagram stories, Violet posts, “If you’re someone who supports sex work at an intellectual level, would you ever hire a SWer yourself?” Oooh, clever! Naturally many of these men will say, “Yes! Of course! I would gladly demonstrate my very progressive politics by dehumanizing a woman who clearly was molested as a girl and has been told by men like me that the most empowering way to process this is to objectify herself, and engage in sexual acts with men who don’t care about who you are as a person, or about your well-being!”

Violet says he assumed his peers — “millennial-zoomer cusps with art degrees and hard-ons for progressive politics” — would be “prime clients.” After all, these were “youngish liberals” who claimed to “support sex workers and the decriminalization of their profession.”

Blanchard helpfully points out that which is true: johns are not just lonely, ugly, old men who are desperate for physical affection and love, but can’t find it, so are forced to exploit abused women. In reality, all sorts of otherwise eligible bachelors, married men, powerful men, men with girlfriends and families and kids, pay for sex.

“Some research shows that clients of sex workers tend to have their first experience of paid sex when they’re young, hot, and in their 20s, despite having more opportunities for sex than their more aged counterparts,” Blanchard writes. “In two different studies, three-quarters of arrested johns and slightly less than half of online clients using sex work review websites first paid for a sex worker when they were between the ages of 18 to 29.”

What gives? “The numbers suggest that more of Violet’s followers should have been down with paid sex,” Blanchard writes. Yet none of Violet’s supposedly woke bros came through.

Both Violet and Blanchard feign confusion. Positioning this as a question only of men’s willingness to “support sex workers” by paying for sex, rather than acknowledging the fact that they were pursuing heterosexual men who did not believe their own hype about “transwomen” being actual, literal women.

Surprise! That pronoun pin didn’t do what it promised. Surprise! The mean old feminist “TERFs” were right, after all.

Somehow, the stupidity of this fake question drags on for almost 2000 more words. Violet is angered that some of these “leftist male hotties” insisted they “respected women,” and therefore were not willing to pay for sex. “But,” he asks:

“Isn’t ‘respecting women’ paying them to do their job? It seems that some of these men’s theoretical recognition of women’s ability to make decisions for their own body ends up being overridden by skepticism of a sex worker’s ability to consent.”

No, you fucking tool. No man actually believes that porn and prostitution is about respecting women. We all know, full well, that this is degrading, exploitative behaviour, and that no healthy woman would voluntarily choose to fuck strangers, day in and day out, who treat her like shit. Woke politics is a lie. All of it. These mantras are lies and the people who repeat them are liars. And the sooner you admit that, the sooner you can start living an honest life, get mentally healthy, and build healthy relationships with others. Trust me: the truth and authenticity is joyful — it will change everything about your life in a positive way.

There is a reason that men who watch porn feel ashamed about it, and there is a reason that even those men won’t all go so far as to pay for sex: it feels wrong, because it is wrong. It is not normal to want to coerce someone who doesn’t want you into fucking you, and pretending to enjoy it. People who do that are sadists. And despite a culture that enthusiastically and endlessly insists that sadism is normal, healthy, and sexy, most people know in their gut that this is not so, but they just can’t say it anymore, thanks to third wave feminism and the new woke left.

Violet and Blanchard claim the problem is that these “woke bros” have been brainwashed by their second wave mothers, indoctrinating them into “white feminism” (revealing their deep disdain for women and women’s rights). They also speculate that these men’s failure to pay to fuck men in women’s clothing is about protecting their masculinity: “Paying for sex is a ‘beta move’ to some self-proclaimed ‘woke’ men,” Blanchard writes. In other words, men like a challenge, and they like to feel special — like anyone else, really. “So much of it is them feeling cool and valuable, earning the attraction of someone,” Violet explains, calling this “a super 1950s kind of vibe.” But it’s not. Most healthy people don’t want to feel replaceable — like their partner would just be with literally anyone. They want to feel special — chosen. They want to feel seen. Human. This is not a bad thing.

Here is the truth that “woke” sloganeers who say things like “sex work is work” and “transwomen are women” won’t tell you: no one wants to be objectified. We don’t want to be just bodies — empty vessels without personalities, desires, hopes, thoughts, and dreams. We want to be seen as our whole selves. We want to be loved and understood and cared for, for who we really, truly are. People like authenticity, despite what you see on Twitter and Instagram. It matters to people deeply. But for whatever reason, the new new left has decided the opposite is true: phonies are celebrated, lies are repeated, and those who repeat the lies and politic in a completely inauthentic way are encouraged.

This is why the left is failing, and this is why so many of us who are not on the right, but who are sick of the left, are bailing.

Violet goes on to tell numerous stories about his “hot lefty woke bro” buds who, despite their politics, still mysteriously won’t pay for sex or won’t date him. Violet seems angry that these men are actually kind of decent, in their real life behaviour. They actually want actual relationships with actual women. (I would argue these men are not really “good guys,” considering the shit politics they profess, but hey, they are young, and maybe will grow out of hypocrisy eventually, and stand up for something real.) But the new woke left wants to release people of any morals or ethics whatsoever — true liberation, for these folks, is a hedonistic fantasy of disembodied sadists. Righteous!

Violet and Blanchard’s purpose in these articles is to try to bully the men they find attractive into fucking them, using their politics as blackmail. And honestly, I support this strategy: if you, woke bros, really do believe “transwomen are women” and “sex work is work,” put your money where your dick is. The personal is political, is it not?

Meghan Murphy

Founder & Editor

Meghan Murphy is a freelance writer and journalist from Vancouver, BC. She has been podcasting and writing about feminism since 2010 and has published work in numerous national and international publications, including The Spectator, UnHerd, Quillette, the CBC, New Statesman, Vice, Al Jazeera, The Globe and Mail, and more. Meghan completed a Masters degree in the department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University in 2012 and is now exiled in Mexico with her very photogenic dog.