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But what about the good women?

Lately, powerful women have been getting a lot of bad press. But not all women use their power for evil or to grab non-consenting penises. Man Who Has It All interviews some of these Good Women to find out how they learned to see men as human.

Good guys and bad guys

We have to let go of a comforting illusion — that there is some bright line between men who rape and men who don’t rape, between the bad guys and the good guys.

Gay men aren’t special

Powerful men need to be accused by dozens of women before there is a chance their careers will be affected. Kevin Spacey’s career seems to have come to an abrupt end on the word of one man.

11 ways men can respond productively to #MeToo

#MeToo has encouraged some men to post about their misogynist behaviour online, but they need to move beyond social media confessions.